Monday, October 9, 2017

Selling What Isn't Theirs

By Anna Von Reitz

On top of all the other odd news I am in receipt of, there are people going around trying to sell (with a straight face) -- "Water Districts".
They think that because they bought the "Water District" from some one or another of the bankrupt levels of a fraudulently operated governmental services corporation that they now own the water in say, part of California. Or Nebraska. Or North Dakota.
And having been honestly deluded themselves, they are now wandering around trying to sell Water Districts to investors.
Trying to sell a Water District is like trying to sell The Big Rock Candy Mountain. Or Dog Patch, USA. Or any other totally made-up mental construct.
A "Water District" doesn't actually exist.
It's only an "administrative service area" created by a bankrupt corporation and has nothing whatsoever to do with actual water, which belongs absolutely and irrevocably to the people of the actual state.
Which brings up the fact that none of the wildlife refuges, ranges, game management areas, parks, monuments, or other "federal lands" in the western states and elsewhere are federal lands in fact. They are areas under "federal management".
Read that -- these corporations have had the job held in trust to manage--- take care of and protect--- our lands. They are filling in the function of the King's Gamekeepers, and the people of each actual state are the "kings" in this country.
All the "federal government" has or has ever had is a "proprietary interest"--- a caretaker's interest.
That is what is so absurd and wrong-headed about the STATE OF OREGON or STATE OF NEVADA bringing suit against the Hammonds or the Bundys or any other American.
The Bundys own Nevada. They are the landlords.
So, their state, Nevada, contracts for care-taking services from the State of Nevada and the State of Nevada contracts for care-taking services from the STATE OF NEVADA, and somehow in the mix, the STATE OF NEVADA thinks it has a mandate allowing it to protect the State of Nevada against its employers---- say what?
Read that---- both the State of Nevada and the STATE OF NEVADA are acting against the Nevada State and people, under the pretense of working for them. They are attacking their employers because they don't know who they work for.
It's like the landlord getting shot by a lackey he hired to guard his property.
Go figure. We've got crooks working for us. Or fools. Or both.
This is only made possible via the mammoth administrative fraud we have detailed ---- all based on identity theft and merely "presumed" political statuses and deliberately falsified public records.
We bet that the moment that the Bundys accept the Oath of Office of Ms. Navarro and give her Notice of Liability and Harm and demand civilian due process----not "martial" law due process--- she will go flying off that bench like a squirrel caught in church during the Hallelujah Chorus.
Turns out, not only can you not own or control our water by buying a "management service area" defined by a defunct federal care-taking agency franchise, you can't own or control us by buying a state of state, either.
Buyers beware.
These guys rooked us out of quadrillions of dollars and set us up to take the blame for all their bad behavior. They won't blink as they try to sell you made up names and hokum as assets.
Thought for the day---- don't take any wooden nickels, and pass on the "water districts", too.

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  1. I don't care what anyone says. s long as there are chem-trails nothing will change. Until all the pilots, mechanics, paper pushers and all the rest that are a part of this genocidal acts of war campaign are arrested, charged and convicted for treason, conspiracy to commit treason and genocidal war crimes, nothing has changed or will change until then Period!
    Nothing else matters, because if this madness keeps on we will all be dead along with the planet before much longer.

  2. I'm not seeing enough dead things to know the damage of chemtrails on birds, fish, wasps, grasshoppers, worms, moles, people, our young ones who play outside in the sprayed grass, the paint on cars, the rain on our clothes, in our shoes, effect on door knobs of houses and cars, our gardens, and livestock in the pens and fields.

    They will give more statistics of people dying from car crashes, but no one is mentioning hospitals with a lot of sick people with virus or diarrhea, nor is there an abnormal number of people with bronchitis, or flu symptoms or an uncontrollable cough, there isn't an exceptionally busy crematorium or funeral home. I barely see a funeral procession these days unless they have a different route.

    It's not adding up...even the poison food, it's not adding up.
    I know what the internet says.
    I haven't grabbed a test tube to catch chemtrails when it reaches my walking path.
    My dog is closer to the ground all the time, and I don't see a huge number of dead pets, or birds that fell from the sky. Nothing to add up to these monthly complaints about chemtrails.

    There are air elementals called Sylphs, and I've seen some people point to them can complain about their presence. Anything that's not puffy and fake from those machines that make condensation, and they call it chemtrails. Sylphs transmute chemtrails, and they are beautiful, even more so when they are on parade (as I like to call it).
    But people look up in the sky and look for something wrong, and as Ian Lungold said, what you pay attention to; you become aware of.
    Chemtrails are sprayed often on some days, and there are some days I see nothing, and I haven't analyzed the chemicals in a chemtrail and the people I see aren't sick from the food and air.
    Go figure. bugs still moving around, spiders still building webs.
    It's not matching up to the complaint. Sorry.