Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Truth at Last -- A Message to General Dunford

By Anna Von Reitz

Instead of restoring and recognizing the actual civil government owed to this country after the so-called Civil War (which was never declared and never ended by a peace treaty and therefore just an illegal commercial mercenary action on our shores)  the generals (Grant, Sherman, et alia.) took over, conveniently pretending that the Municipal Government of Washington, DC, was the civil government they were answerable to under the actual Constitution.  (It wasn't.)

This set up the "US Congress" --- operating as the Board of Directors of a commercial corporation and as the plenary oligarchs in charge of the Municipality of Washington, DC, as the rulers of their own little kingdom --- the Municipal United States.   You know this organization as the STATES OF STATES, like the STATE OF OREGON  and STATE OF NEVADA that have viciously prosecuted the Bundys, the Hammonds, and others.  

And it also left the Generals --- operating as the Board of Directors of another corporation -- as the military dictators in charge of the Territorial United States. This originally meant the District of Columbia and the Insular States like Guam and Puerto Rico and American Samoa.....but they quickly established "State of State" franchises --- which they called "States in the Territorial System".  Fake States.   

According to all these criminals, it left us, the actual states and people as "occupied territory"--- albeit, "occupied" by our own goddamned traitorous "representatives" and military officers, using our resources including our sons and daughters as fodder in foreign for-profit commercial "wars". 

I can only guess how disgusted the veterans reading this will be when they understand how grossly they and their families have been betrayed and dis-served by this coalition of criminal self-interest between the military leaders and the politicians.  

And how all the Beltway Scum are still screwing around at this late date, dementedly trying to make this gigantic 150 year-old Cluster F continue to function----as if that were desirable for anyone in their right mind on this planet.  

Now, the Municipal United States is in Chapter 7 liquidation and is going away.  By next June, the planners say that the STATES OF STATES will disappear and be replaced by the United Nations version of this same crappola: THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA with its "STATES" ----- OREGON, IDAHO, and so on, just more "franchises" of the "UN Corporation"---- a nice, Nazi-sympathizer organization started during World War II in Vichy France.  

And where does this leave Donald J. Trump, the CEO of this outgoing Municipal Government organization?  Out of a job.  Unless he wakes up, re-instates his own birthright political status, and accepts our Bond and enters into The Office of the President of the United States of America--- and helps restore the actual land jurisdiction government owed to the people of this country. 

And, the Territorial United States corporations are in Chapter 11, Reorganization, hence all the rumors that General Dunford will be taking over as "President" of "the Republic" (Inc.)

We are sorry, but pardon us,---- the military leaders are now up against it to answer for their despicable behavior over the course of the last 150 years. 

We are the actual, factual Civil Government owed to this country--- the lawful owners of the international land jurisdiction of the organic states.  And we are telling the military to stand down.  We are declaring the peace after 150 years of this criminality. 

The United States Civil Flag, not the war flag, needs to be flying over the Capitol Dome.  And that's the fact of the matter.  We are not at war.  We haven't been at war since 1865.  

And everything else that has gone on under color of law and darkness and deceit is just nothing but crime and fraud, embezzlement, betrayal, and gross negligence and dereliction of duty.   You all need to back off and back up and turn 180 degrees around.  

We are also informing the military Top Brass that far from being broke, the American states and people are the richest -- by far -- of all the people on Earth, and the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of every Territorial and Municipal Government and every corporation formed under the auspices of these governments worldwide. 
We own all the debt, all the assets, all the profits.  Worldwide. 

Dunford---- you think you need to borrow money from banks and foreign corporations and foreign governments?   That you have to borrow money from FRANCE???  

But wait a minute --- we own their debt.  We own FRANCE, INC.  and France, Inc., and guess what?  The Bank of France, too.  They are the ones in hock to us.  

Wake up, you great lantern-jawed lug! 

The banks are just Secondary Creditors pretending to "represent" us!  

We, the American states and people, are the creditors.  We are not "a" bank, we are "the" bank.  

And, once and for all,  we are not "occupied" by you, you are under contract to serve us.  Got that? 

Get your rump back in gear and moving in the right direction or we will happily invite the entire world to show up for a housecleaning party and provide the beer and pretzels for our guests.  

We don't want to hear you misrepresenting any filthy foreign incorporated entity as a "Republic" of anything but maybe the "Republic of Bull".  

We don't want any rumors of "Martial Law" because we have already been illegally and immorally subjected to "martial law" for 150 years and we are goddamned sick of it.  

Let us remind you of the Marine Code of Conduct which begins with this salutary bit of information: "I am an American."  

Not a "U.S. citzen" not a "Citizen of the United States" and certainly not a "citizen of the United Nations" either----- an American. 

We are all Americans.  First, last, and in between.  It is high holy time that you and the rest of the men sitting as Joint Chiefs started acting like it and cleaned up this whole mess---- the "UN" and the "US", too. 

One final note --- the Republics, all fifty of them -- are still here.  We didn't go anyplace.  We've just been commandeered and enslaved and betrayed by you Pinheads.  So do your duty.

Now that you know what it is.  

Help restore the actual American Government of the people, by the people and for the people, to full and proper operation as it is supposed to operate, and put this ugly history of criminality and fraud behind us.  

And if you need money to do it, you now know who is able and willing to pay your salaries, and your retirements, if and only if, you get your heads screwed on and come home and do the right thing by the American states and people and declare our peace to the rest of the world.  

The proof of what has gone on here, and what has to stop, is self-evident from the history and the presumptions and the behaviors of the courts and the verbiage being used and also from your own Field Manuals.  Take a gander at the first few sections of the 27-5 FM----and don't even try to deny it.  You and your buddies are caught in utter disgrace and must make prompt correction.

1. MILITARY GOVERNMENT-CIVIL AFFAIRS. , a. Military Government. The term “military government” is used in this manual to describe the supreme authority exercised by an armed force over the lands, property, and the inhabitants of enemy territory, or allied or domestic territory recovered from enemy occupation, or from rebels treated as belligerents. It is exercised when an armed force has occupied such territory, whether by force or by agreement, and has substituted its authority for that of the sovereign or a previous government. Sovereignty is not transferred by reason of occupation, but the right of control passes to the occupying force, limited only by international law and custom. The theater commander bears full responsibility for military government. He is usually designated as military governor, but may delegate both his authority and title to a subordinate commander. 

b. Occupied Territory. The term “occupied territory” is used to mean any area in which military government is exercised by an armed force. It does not include territory in which an armed force is located but has not assumed supreme authority. 

c. Civil Affairs. The term “civil affairs” is used to describe the activities of the government of the occupied area and of the inhabitants of such an area except those of an organized military character. “Civil affairs control” describes the supervision of the activities of civilians by an armed force, by military government, or otherwise. The term “civil affairs officers” designates the military officers, who, under the military governor, are engaged in the control of civilians. 

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  1. Excerpt from an article by Chuck Morse, “Is the ‘National Emergency of FDR’ Still In Place?” that: “This was a classic example of sleight of hand. In fact, Congress exempted all laws, based on the emergency of 1933 that were already in place. Rather than being based on the authority of the President under a ‘national emergency’ these federal laws have now been codified as a permanent part of the U.S. Federal Code. Included among the codified laws would be Section 5(b) of the Trading with the Enemy Act, which classifies the American citizen as an enemy of the government.” Therefore, although the “national emergency” technically ended on September 14, 1976, when the 93rd Congress passed H.R. 3884, the National Emergencies Termination Act (50 USC 1601, Public Law 94-412), because the last paragraph said that it didn’t apply to any “authorities under the act of October 6, 1917, as amended,” the classification of a United States citizen still stands as enemy of the government.

  2. “The US federal government, as well as many state and city governments, have been cracking down on individual property rights and sustainable living for some time."

    U.S. Man Sent To Prison For Installing Wind Turbine On His Property

    Florida it’s Illegal to Power Your Home with Solar Panels—Thanks to Lobbying

    1. Anon 10:25 pm: You have to remember, our nation has been held captive to a criminal crime syndicate corporation pretending to be the 'government' for well over 100 years. They have had control over the people because the TRUTH of the TRUE government of our nation was kept secret from the people, and though many were told about it, they were not interested in investigating the truth for themselves. That is not our fault - but theirs. Now that the cabal is being relieved of its control and power, the individuals to be put in place to replace them in efforts to get this nation up and running on an even keel will be working diligently to insure that the people are well informed of all efforts on their behalf, including teaching the truth about our nation's history. The crimes committed by the cabal in over the past 100 years will at some point be made public and we may even witness the trials and executions of these traitors. Many of the policies and laws put in place heretofore will, hopefully, be wiped off the books. People will now actually OWN their land, homes, cars, etc. instead of the crooked banksters who have up to now held the TRUE titles of these properties, giving the people mere paper copies of documents deceiving them about ownership. We have been merely 'renting' these properties while true ownership was vested in the control of the crooks. Have faith.

  3. Anna,

    The people have voted.
    They want the corporate United States
    They want a president.

    There is nothing else to say, and we have to live with the majority's decision.
    It is a free will planet.
    They choose control over freedom.

    Maybe in another generation that grows to adult, we'll see the change.

    This group is going to do the same thing over and over and expect different results.

    1. Anon 6:20 PM - I know you mean well, and you may well believe what you posted above BUT there is PLENTY MORE TO SAY! First, the TRUE HISTORY of this nation has not been published nor taught to the school children in this nation for well over 100 years. For the most part, college professors, teachers and the students have NO IDEA about the TRUE history of this nation nor about what a Republic government is all about. In particular, the people of this nation did NOT know about nor understand that the Republic was 'filed away' and a coup took place that brought in to being THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC, a corporation doing business on behalf of the board of directors (CON-gress) and the owners (see Anna's recent post). President Trump is a TRUE PATRIOT who was aware of and involved in the restoration of our TRUE government, the Republic, long before he showed up for the 2016 elections. We owe him allot for his patriotism and strength to go against the cabal accusations and threats. The 'people' don't know the difference - and that includes MOST ALL Americans because they have been deceived for years and years and years. They will have their 'president' and will vote for him - but in the meantime there are still steps to be taken to insure as smooth a transition as possible from the unlawful 'government' cabal corporation to the Republic government. Your statements are very negative. Try to be positive - your attitudes make a huge difference and the transition will be difficult enough without our negative thoughts and opinions. You will be blessed. Start praising our Heavenly Father for this victory! Blessings!

  4. Anonymous October 8, 2017 at 11:07 PM this is Anonymous October 8, 2017 at 6:20 PM