Saturday, October 7, 2017

We Come to Warn you

Alien Warning Message Live on TV in UK - 
"We Come to Warn you about 
your Race and your Planet"


  1. Nope.
    They didn't say it in North Korea, so there must not be any danger there.
    They didn't say it in the united States of America so there must not be danger here.

    They said it to a few people, they might as well did telepathy or manifest their self in every living room.

    And if we are such a destructive species why is their existence dependent on us.

    As a collective we will never come to a hive mind agreement, this is a free will planet.
    We each evolve according to our own will, and if the planet is destroyed, energy is never destroyed, it transforms from one form to another.

    Tell the aliens to get a free education and then come back and tell us something.
    Or be willing to meet their maker since they are energy in energy form, or energy in physical bodies or physical vessels.

  2. This is ridiculous internet sillyness. The voice didn't say it was the voice of 'GRAMAHA' it was Vrillon. And the audio is horrible - you can't even hear what it's saying. The bad audio from other posts years ago was way better than this. This is just a repost from someone who doesn't know what they're doing or it is misinfo to try to obfuscate the original message like Youtube always does.

    It was Vrillon not GRAMAHA - it even sounds like they just applied any name that sounds like bad audio gibberish.

    1. You may well be correct. However, I NEVER heard of Vrillon nor GRAMAHA!!! NEVER got in to all that comic book stuff! And I don't put any credence in any thing that can't be proven or who can show up to the world in person and PROVE who they are and what AUTHORITY they have. It may well be a repost - for good reasons or for fun. You can always simply forget about it and move on!!!

  3. there is a massive amount lying being said about this alien message, first of all let me just say that this message occurred in FEB 1957 just a few days after my 20th birthday, it was on the BBC when TV was in it's infancy, so anybody saying that it was on Southern ITV is a barefaced liar, independent TV did not exist until many years later, also the man you see in the TV picture is CLIFF MICHELMORE who was the host of this current affairs programme and he was the one who did the talking before the alien Interruption, and the programme was called Tonight which ran 5 days a week, so the lie that Ivor mills did it was another lie, this TV picture has been coloured in which is another lie, because I have already said it was early days, and so it was because it was in Black and White, so when I saw replay this recording from the BBC Archives on JHAINES6 blog 5 OR 6 years ago they repeated the same lies, so I commented on it at the time but did not get an answer back regarding the difference of the date, the Alien message was real but not completely clear, and the only reason that I can think of is that a fake Alien message is more easily suspected of being a fake in 1977 than it would be in 1957, because they would have had the technology to fake it, but not in 1957 which is the real date, the only part that was not clear is was where the alien sad his name was VRILLON I cannot honestly say if it was GRAMAHA, if anybody is able to do their research and see if they can find many more Englishmen about my age of 80 or a few years younger, please do it, because I swear on my life there are many lies being told here, and I will repeat that it was a current affairs Programme, it was in BLACK AND WHITE and it was called Tonight, the name of the host was CLIFF MICHELMORE and the date was February 1957,some of the other details I may have forgot, but not these I remember like it was yesterday, but there is one thing that I do not Understand, and that is why is the BBC lying about there own ARCHIVE MATERIAL.MY EMAIL IS

  4. Funny how the aliens have a British accent. BTW it is Ashtar Command not Asta.

  5. Isn't it amazing how much attention this video message is receiving - what with all the really important things going on right now - especially in this nation. We had better wake up, prepare and be on guard at ALL times because when the SHTF, there won't be time to prepare. It will be either you got yourself together - or you don't.

  6. it does not matter if the shit hits the fan now or later, what is that saying, in a world of lies telling the truth is a revolutionary act, so when the US government shits on everybody's head, are we all believe it is only Hailstone's.