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California Residents Vaporized by Star Wars Tech

Thursday, May 3, 2018

All US citizens and military need to listen to this!

US Airports implement the 'Mark of the Beast'
Dr Mount

Recommend viewing to be updated on current events in relation to US and the coming Christian persecution​

Every thing you do, every where you go 
your information proceeds ahead of you
Nothing is 'private' any more
ALL resources have your information!
Apparently Trump as President is
NOT going to make a positive difference for 
Americans or Christians - or for
military needing medical care
We will remain SLAVES


  1. The entire voting system is a sham and a fraud and has been since day one. Yeah, the dog and pony show continues with the one with the so called most vote wins, but it really doesn't matter who wins. The Deep State continues to rule and call the shots.

  2. Israel is trying to trap US and Russia into WW3 with Iran. Clear evidence of tampering with jets identification...

    Jake Morphonios On US Masking Israeli Fighter Jets  --
    Israel's Dirty Syrian Air Strike Secret Revealed --

  3. People - If, indeed, a 'nuke' was dropped any where on this planet, the military can check for the radioactive signature via samples to tell exactly who made it and where it was made, so that would prove or disprove whether it was actually Israel that nuked Iran. Most likely it was NOT Israel - but the signature will surely tell what nation did it - IF a nuke job was actually done or IF the 'nuke' story is once again phony propaganda. Many of the middle eastern nations are very concerned about Iran and its nuke capabilities, and for that reason are siding with Israel to put a stop to Iran's manufacturing nukes process.

  4. 12:02 p.m.- As far as the 'shallow' state goes, they won't call the shots for very long- Olive Oyl, you are absolutely correct, and it is entirely possible that it was Syria, or an Isis led faction, also, the way things happen nowadays, Khomeine could have staged it to start a war with Israel, seeing how he enjoys blaming them for everything-We all know that Iran lied about their nuclear capabilities, and never ceased their ability to make nukes, even as the U.S. told them what would happen IF they didn't cease making nukes- This is where 'the Uranium One Scandal' comes into play, Hillary, and a few more 'lovelies' sell 20% of U.S. uranium to Russia, so they could in turn give it to Iraq for their nuclear program-Anyone involved in that scandal will receive life in prison, or the death penalty-Please correct me if I am wrong in my assumptions and information, Thanks for all and everything you do for us!

  5. Olive Oyl, I apologize for the mistake above, I meant IRAN- Damned oversized fingers- Arthritis is a bitch-Terry and Jody-