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May 4 2018

Now that North Korea seems ready to fly the straight and narrow, China is starting to become a problem again.

On Thursday, the Pentagon confirmed lasers were fired at U.S. pilots by Chinese nationals.  The attack happened near an East African military base.

(Question:  So what is China up to in that location that they do NOT want the united States to find out about, photograph, etc.??)

Dana White, Pentagon press secretary, said a diplomatic protest has already been filed with the Chinese government.  White stated, “These are very serious incidents. There have been two minor injuries. This activity poses a threat to our airmen.” She also stated the U.S. government has made a formal request to the Chinese to investigate these attacks.

The Chinese have already called the accusations “groundless,” so there is not exactly a high hope something will actually be done with the request other than it being tossed into the garbage can.  

History Repeated

In April, a formal warning was sent by the Federal Aviation Administration regarding lasers.  The warning expressed concerns over reported high-power lasers near Djibouti, close to the Chinese military base.  Pilots were told to approach the area with caution and to report any incidents to the FAA.

Dialing back things a bit further, something similar happened in 1997 when Bill Clinton was 'president'.  At the time, a Russian merchant ship allegedly used a laser to attack a Canadian surveillance helicopter. The two men injured in that attack were U.S. Navy Captain Jack Daly and Canadian pilot Captain Patrick Barnes.

If you don’t recall hearing about it, you are not alone. The Clinton administration did everything it could to keep the attack quiet so as not to disturb the “peace.” ??

Considering what we now know about the Clintons involvement in the Uranium One deal and the excessive speaking fees Bill Clinton gets, he was actually looking after his own bank account.

China best be careful, though, because Clinton is no longer in the White House.

Trump has already proven he is more than willing to take both economic and military action to squeeze any country bold enough to mess with the United States of America. 



  1. re Uranium One

    And when will LaVoy Finicum a man with true integrity making men and women proud to be called American be vindicated? ... AND who died at the hands of the gang mentioned in the following article? Sorry Pentagon you're complaining about shit; can we at least sort out the injustices and insecurity that our dear people must suffer locally and domestically? We are waiting for redress Pentagon. White hat Generals your real job would have been to protect us and not attack Syria and fight on behalf of Israel, Zionist Banksters and European Black Nobility. Let's export Peace and not weapons or violence.

    Here’s the proven Deep State conspiracy that will hang ’em all!

  2. just some dude with dslMay 5, 2018 at 4:28 PM

    This could be fake news.

    1. 4:28pm - and if it is NOT? THEN what???? You're so quick with your quip comments - tell us something worthwhile, won't you?

    2. just some dude with dslMay 10, 2018 at 6:40 PM

      Points of view, bro... Just because I read a post that claims China is using lasers on our aircraft doesn't mean its real. I would lean toward that narrative but who benefits from this information? Some out there just accept it and suggest using DEW weapons on them. So right away there's a knee jerk reaction to attack. Is that perspective helpful Anon 1:35? Fake news can kill.

  3. FBI Lasers trained on passengers inside LaVoy Finicum's truck

    from Shawna Cox cell phone video:

  4. Maybe it's time to put a D.E.W. {direct energy weapon} on China's ass, and see how they'd deal with that....