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Thursday, May 10, 2018

McCain: Patriot? Traitor? Honest? Liar? RepubliCON? DemoRAT?


Published on Aug 10, 2016
Sub for more: | An audio recording has surfaced proving that U.S. Senator John McCain collaborated with the North Vietnamese by recording a “Tokyo Rose”-style propaganda message that was broadcast on North Vietnamese radio in 1969. For many years, American former P.O.W.s who were in the “Hanoi Hilton” North Vietnamese prison with John McCain called him a “Songbird” who collaborated with the enemy against his own country. Stewart Rhodes joins Gary Franchi to discuss the implications.

Vietnam Veterans Against McCain 


Published on Jan 18, 2008,
The group Vietnam Veterans Against McCain attacks Senator John McCain's heroism as a POW in the Vietnam conflict; this is making some waves in the news due to McCain's presidential candidacy. The documentary "Missing, Presumed Dead the Search for America's POWs" however focuses more on Senator John McCain successfully blocking the release of classified POW/MIA documents. Here is a DVD extra from that documentary. A DVD of the documentary may be purchased at

McCain Badgers Chair of Families 
of POW/MIA Coalition

Published on Sep 23, 2008
In 1992, McCain sparred with Dolores Alfond, the chairwoman of the National Alliance of Families for the Return of America's Missing Servicemen and Women, calling her a liar and forcing her to near tears during a Committee hearing on POW issues.

 USS Forrestal Survivor
Cliff Ashley 


Published on Apr 22, 2008
NewsClip24.TV's interview with Cliff Ashley, 1967 USS Forrestal Fire surivivor as he recounts the event in this 10 minuet interview shot for the documentary film USS FORRESTAL. The burning Ballet.

 Remembering the USS Forrestal disaster

Published on May 15, 2015
Gary Thompson, 67, of North Ridgeville, was a sailor aboard the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal when a missile accidentally fired by an aircraft on the flight deck set off a series of explosions and fires that killed 134 crewmen during the war in Viet Nam

Forrestal fire
The Burning Ballet Doc. Film Clip

Published on Feb 7, 2007
An interview clip from the upcoming 40th anniversary film documentary, Forrestal: The Burning Ballet.
The 80 minute film was made totally by navy vets that that survived the event or were attached to one of the Aircraft Squadrons in 1967. Features multiple interviews
and a second DVD of full plat camera footage and 3 US Navy Forrestal Docs. Due for release Feb 15th 2008.


  1. just some dude with dslMay 10, 2018 at 6:20 PM

    McCain is getting off easy. He should be serving time in Gitmo enjoying a cock sandwitch. He makes Benedict Arnold look like a patriot... Good Bye scumbag! Trump wont be at your boring funeral, he will be eating a steak and enjoying life. You loose!!!

  2. John McCain went through a military court and was sentenced to death for Treason. He received a Presidential pardon because his father was an Admiral in the Navy.John McCain is a real scumbag United States Traitor.

    When our troops in Afghanistan had no money for food John McCain through Obama gave $20 billion dollars to ISIS Terrorist in Syria. That was just a few years ago so good ole John McCain is still at his works of Treason along with Obama. Both scumbags.

    If they hadn't sealed his records he never could have run to be President of the USA after being convicted of Treason. Scumbag of the highest order. Ken T.

  3. Let us not forget Jane Fonda who was responsible for the torture of many of our guys who wrote little notes and stuck them in her bloody hands, asking to get the info to their families. Instead, the bitch turned all those notes over to the bloody Vietnamese who made sure these needy captured soldiers suffered even worse offenses. How is it that Fonda has gotten away with this traitorous action all these years? She also should be arrested and tried for treason - especially in respect to doing it in a time of war.

    1. Great post, all true except for one thing according to the Gov., they say we were not at war as it was a police action. To me when two sides are shooting at each other using military weapons, it's war. I say you are correct but the Gov. would say no. They sure have a way with words and always for their benefit. They should hang her anyhow. Ken T.

  4. Both of these traitors need a f'n firing squad- YESTERDAY-

  5. Hang and shoot them both, and anyone else like them, and be done with it-

  6. McCain, President of ISIS.

  7. 2:34 p.m.- Thank you!!