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Friday, May 11, 2018

Proof that Our Federal Government Was Usurped By Foreign Corporations

By Anna Von Reitz

With many thanks to my Soul Brother John-Henry Hill who complied a short and to-the-point documentation and proof of exactly WHAT has been functioning "as" our government since 1868.  I have seen these documents and others like them pertaining to all sorts of variations of the names United States of America and United States, but these are the Big Muggly-Wugglies that prove beyond any reasonable person's doubt that yes, indeed, what I have been telling you for years is true and part of the public record you can look up for yourselves.

The main entity that the rats (Scottish rats) set up in 1868 is recorded here at John-Henry Hill's brilliant website, together with all the links you need to go see for yourselves.  If you ever need to "prove" that a commercial corporation was substituted for your national-level State of State Government in 1868, look no further: 

For those on the email list I am attaching your very own copy, so you can print it off and cherish it for posterity.  Given our vermin's proclivity for burning books and obscuring records, make a few copies and flash drives for posterity. 

Thanks to the friends who inspired me to address this topic.  Given what is coming out next, it is indeed fortuitous to put all questions about the incorporated nature of the Beast to rest.


  1. I saved those 5 images!
    Verified them, as well. . .
    'Nuff Sed!

  2. "If you look closely, every town and city in the U.S. is a corporation; as are the various departments within each town. It is INSANE!" ~ John Henry Hill

    Extremely insane, indeed. It's as if mankind has totally distanced itself from the responsibility for self, for life and it's original mandate thus losing power over its future. Corporate mankind, dead entities, disinterested in organic life, it's only unglory namely profit and power and insatiable greed. Corporations = An embarrassment of the ultimate psychotic.

  3. The John Henry website doesn't render well in the IE11 browser making it unreadable. He may want to fix that.