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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Regarding the Israeli-Iran Document Dump

By Anna Von Reitz

Nuclear weapons are obsolete.  They have been obsolete for decades.  They are sitting around in rusting towers all over this planet connected by MS-DOS software that was in use thirty years ago. 

Does everyone clearly understand that?  It's possible that they could be deployed, but then, it's possible that I'll take up table dancing, too.  

Defense systems have moved waaaaay beyond nuclear weapons, so far beyond that the biggest controversy about nuclear weapons today is how to safely dispose of them.

Iran is not stupid.  Iran has some of the best mathematicians and scientists in the world.  Iran knows that nuclear weapons are obsolete, horribly expensive, pollution nightmares, and under international sanctions.

It would be like sneaking around building contraband whale oil lamps. The whole idea of Iran coveting nuclear weapons is ludicrous. 

These documents are as phony-baloney as all the other False Flags we've seen in recent days--- just a different kind of False Flag.  And another example of Certain Parties trying to gin up World War III with anybody for any reason. 

Iran hasn't engaged in a war outside its own borders for over 200 years, so the idea that the Iranians are war-mongers being pitched by the Israelis is ironic to the point of tears. 

And yes,  Iranians may very well be shouting, "Death to America!" --- because like nearly everyone else, they are confused between "America" and "the British Territorial United States".    

We've been victims, folks, and we've been chumps, confused as the Iranians about who we are and what we are doing ---- but like one Old Texan said today --- "I'm great and I'm getting better."  

And we won't be fooled again.  
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  1. Why can this women have her own blog? I love Anna but I am also tired of her

    1. So STOP coming HERE already. The rest of us love and appreciate all her sacrifices and hard work. You troll! Just DRY UP.

  2. Thank you for this valuable information. Thank you for confirmation of things we knew all along. I've been lied to but I'm great and I'm getting better! I don't need a box to think, not inside the box nor outside of it. I'm free.

  3. Patricia Dow- Thank you!! If they want to TRY to get better information, let 'em go elsewhere and get it- I am getting so sick of these crying, howling, wounded queers that can't get what they want WHEN they want it-Well, Henry Huccum says 'F' 'em!! Anyway, Freewill, Popeye, Olive Oyl, and Anna, thank you for all and everything that you bring and TRY to inform us all, it is immensely appreciated, unlike the other crybabies- And, 10:09 a.m., why don't you go bend some pipe someplace, preferably over your head- Maybe slam your head in a door- It will only hurt 'til the pain goes away...........