Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Real Agenda Concerning Our Currency Exchanges

Re-post from a reader concerning signing an NDA .............

Friday, July 14, 2017 

The   Real   Agenda   Concerning   Our   Currency   Exchanges

The Rothschilds have been in power for over three hundred years as they have plundered major moolah from some of the richest nations on earth. They take their orders from the satanic warlords of this planet and they will stop at nothing to keep their $$$ and power from getting into the hands of the people of the earth. Let's not forget that the Vatican and the Queen of England have both been working with these plunderers for hundreds of years as they, too, have taken their share of the wealth from us hard working stiffs for over 100 years in the form of income taxes.

Ok - so we know that the dark ptb are demonic in nature and refuse to change and that evil will stay on planet earth until Christ comes back to set up His kingdom here on planet earth which, according to The book Of Revelation and The Book Of Daniel, isn’t too far away from now.

And we also know that the currency exchange is very real and will soon be upon us. How does this fit in? 

My reasoning is this:

Since the Rothschild Family own and OPERATE every central bank on the planet and set EVERY BANK POLICY under the sun, there has to be a method to their utter madness. If these thousands of currency exchange redemption centers exist and will be fully staffed at the time of our exchanges, one has to be smart enough to read between the lines and notice the nefarious but brilliant plan that could go into effect.

Since we were all designed by Our Father God in His spirit image and given a body and a soul, He also gave us all a brain to think with and we are expected to use it wisely.

The Rothschild Family didn't spend trillions of dollars out of the goodness of their hearts to construct thousands of redemption centers fully staffed for us to exchange our currency if they didn't believe they could confiscate the vast amounts of wealth from us.  This is only my opinion. 

The Zim Gold Backed Bonds are the quintessential keys in all of this.  We have been hearing from people like Kent Dunn who says that the Zim rates are astronomically high and at face value. If we sign an NDA, we could call the shots at the available rate set at close to $125,000.00 per note. Since the funds will be in digital format, this to me isn't hard to fathom.

I understand the reasoning in accepting such a rate is that we know we will never see another opportunity to receive this vast amount of wealth ever again in our lifetime. I get it.

The point here is that I feel we are being setup by the cabal in being told about the enormously high rates so that when we have agreed to the NDA requirements, the banks will eventually confiscate them! 

My advice to all is DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SIGN AN NDA because, if you do, you could lose it all over a short time. Once one signs the initial NDA binding document, guaranteed there will be subsequent mandated second and third part documents which bank regulators will force one to sign since the signing of the original document is legally binding. These people mean business! 

Remember Cyprus a few years back when the banks froze all of the peoples accounts and stole over 60% of their funds? 

Use your brains and don't be greedy as you will have enough $$$ if you accept the street rates for your currencies. And, if at all possible, transfer your $$$ from your bank to insurance policies where your money will be safe out of the hands of the cabal.

God bless and trust God, if you belong to Christ.  Then He will protect you and your funds as you begin to help those who desperately need financial help.

Jackie Blue

Thank you Jackie Blue!!!  OO


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