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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Trump Deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

Trump  Deserves  the  Nobel  Peace  Prize,  Says  South   Korean President

9 days after being sworn in as the 'president' of the criminal cabal USA corporation, only to commit treason against this nation and theft of the US Treasury in the trillions of dollars, caught in the act by none other than General Joseph Dunford, bozo was awarded a nobel peace prize'!!  FOR WHAT PRAY TELL?  What had bozo done FOR this nation and for the world in 9 days?  Demand should be made for bozo to return that Nobel Peace Prize, forcefully removed if necessary. 
By :
Upon receiving word that the widow of late South Korean President Kim Dae-jung wanted him to win the Nobel Peace Prize, current South Korean leader Moon Jae-in said that if anyone deserved the highest honor for bringing global peace, it was Donald Trump. “President Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize,” Moon said this weekend after a successful summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. “What we need is only peace.”

We imagine it will be a cold day in hell before the Nobel committee awards President Trump with the Peace Prize, but this was certainly not an instance of empty flattery. If things keep going on the track they’re currently on, Trump will go down in history as one of the greatest peacemaking U.S. Presidents of all time – whether the left likes it or not. There will be no historian influential enough to change the facts. The facts that show that Trump was able to do what three of his predecessors utterly failed to do: Bring North Korea to heel, get them to abandon their nuclear arms, and push them back into normalized international relations.

Perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Perhaps the cynics are right and Kim Jong Un is playing some kind of game in the hopes that he can escape economic sanctions without actually giving up his nuclear weapons. Maybe we’ll be talking about yet another North Korean nuclear test in September and yet another round of “Oh dear, what are we going to do with this madman” national security discussions the month after that.
Or, perhaps, we really are on the verge of something unprecedented and wonderful. The unfortunate fact is that we won’t know until we know, and we may not know for some time. That’s the long way around saying: What will be, will be.

But what we don’t agree with are those critics who think Trump is making some kind of monumental mistake by even trying this approach. We literally don’t know where these people are coming from, except from a place where they simply don’t want to see Trump succeed in any area of foreign or domestic policy. These critics try to couch their skepticism in language that makes sense – “Oh, he’s going to give too much away” – but there’s no meat behind those fears. 

Trump has said that complete nuclear disarmament is the only acceptable concession. If he doesn’t get that, then all of this was for naught. But for critics to pretend that something is “lost” by trying…well, we don’t get that at all. And we guarantee that if this were Barack (Barry Soetoro) Obama, they would be singing a much different tune.

After all, they handed him a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing at all… 


  1. There needs to be a report on Intimidation Tactics. I hope Trump will address this vital issue. Calling someone Anti-semite or islamaphobe are intimidation tactics for these mideastern groups who feel they have the right to rob and kill others, and when confronted to blame the victim. This has to stop. In effect, these mid-eastern tribes are Anti-American, Terrorists, Anti-white racists and other prejudices, yet the damnable PC Congress and Governors won't call them out on it. Why, because they get funded by Saudis, Israel, etc - the same countires the USA Free Foreign Aid gives Billions to each month. This is the doom of America if not corrected. Sweden is lost. Greece is lost. France and Britian and in the toilet and reaching for the handle. Enuf.
    When WW1 and WW2 were ended, those presidents removed all illegals from the USA to provide jobs for returning vets. We need to end these 'occupation' wars and bring our troops home and do the same.

  2. No he doesn't deserve a Nobel Peace prize as discerned from the viewpoint of particular context. We are all being deceived. Here's why. This is a black pill. Future proves past. i.e. Nothing has changed. It's not over until it's over.

    "Not many people in the world realize the big-picture of American’s grand geopolitical designs. New York has ingeniously deceived them. Most are blaming America’s retreat on its economic decline and reduced influence. What a brilliant move by New York and the Rockefeller empire. To understand the present it is important to know the past. It seems that many senior policy-makers have forgotten this lesson."

    Read all about the Rothschild / Rockefeller Fortress America’s Plan of Action

    Other articles of similar interest: The Saudi-US Nexus, A Geopolitical Timeline – 1900-1976 (Part 1 of 3)

    "Trust the plan" ? On whose authority and whose plan?

    1. QAnon is a Deep State Psyop -

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  4. getting the Peace Prize, FOR WHAT?!! is Twilight Zone on Steroids enough, but the real focus should be on the ones responsible for not only letting or allowing this farce event, but making it happen and supporting this joke and the scary part is that America went down for it. Trump has done more, good or bad, in the past year then the last several regimes have done combined and the sheeple are screaming to destroy this man. WTF? If nothing else, Trump has given the American sheeple a little more time to wake up and really see the man behind the curtain. The plot thickens and the hits just keep on comin. This is better then NetFlix.