Military Tribunal Executions Destroy Evidence - WWII Nazis Destroyed America + Earth

 We The People See No Physical Hard Evidence of
Crime Syndicate Rule Being Dismantled.
No Evidence of Fear by Traitors
Trump Should Have Told Corporate Mercenaries To Cease & Desist Kidnappings For Victim-Less Crimes & Release of Victims for Corrupt Incarceration
Crime Syndicate Rule Persists, No Change in Weather
Rise Up Earth, Trump = Measure of Control
In The Matrix

Monday, December 3, 2018

Congressional Progressive Caucus Has Ties to Marxist Organizations


The Congressional Progressive Caucus has extensive ties to Marxist organizations, and it has also seen an influx of new far-left members. In this episode of Declassified, we explore the communist ties of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and its members. Thank you for supporting us! Please make sure you subscribe to Declassified and hit the notification bell, so you don’t miss any of our new videos →

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