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Thursday, December 6, 2018

ECETI: Bill Gates Announces Plans To Use ‘Chemtrails’ to ‘Solve Global Warming’ -

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Bill Gates Announces Plans To Use ‘Chemtrails’ to ‘Solve Global Warming’ -
Geoengineering/Chemtrails have been going on heavily since the 90’s. They are a combination of heavy metals, aluminum, strontium, barium etc. These are accumulative, create autism, dimension, destroy the immune system as well as cause organ failure. The aluminum blocks the uptake of water and nutrients in trees, coats the leaves creating dead trees and fires like never seen before. It is a war on creation. The raw data shows beyond a shadow of a doubt we are moving into the munder minimum a min ice age. Climate change is real however we have been lied to as the source and the raw or real data. All planets are undergoing atmospheric changes. According to Global Warming and Al Gore the poles would be melted by 2013.
So what is the real agenda? Population Control. The same people behind the inoculations that left 45000 people in India with polio when only 12 cases were on the books and what to bring you bioengineered mosquitos are behind the chemtrails. Time to wake up. The adjusted data or fudged numbers are what the bought and paid for scientists are using. 


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Many who have come to the ranch have met my brother Jay and his girlfriend Sophia. They could really use our help.


Vaccine pioneer admits adding cancer-causing virus to Vaccine
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The #TrumpEffect is sweeping Europe. 
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What happened to Al Gore’s prediction the poles will be melted by 2013.
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