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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

#GITMO: 100 DEPLOYED! WW3 FFs Alert: R_ssia, Iran, Adm. Stearney Murder? #GITMO

  You Are Free TV

12/03: Today Q assures us that Treason is priority #1 and that Gitmo is receiving 100 troops for a 400 day deployment! However, the am-BUSH of HgwB’s lying (that’s for sure!) in wait in the Capitol will postpone the Huber Dec. 5th Congressional hearings. Meanwhile, the Banksters with Israel’s help were diverted from executing an FF to start war with Iran and Admiral Stearney, commander of the US Naval Forces in Bahrain, appears to have been murdered attempting to either prevent the event or...? All of this while Theresa May and the British Royals pay Poryshenko/The Ukraine to face off with Russia in an attempt to create a WW3 nuclear FF that NATO would be “forced” to become involved with. George HW B_sh's Cardiologist was murdered while riding his bike outside of the Houston Texas Medical Center on July 21, 2018: Prescott Bush involvement in Coup against Roosevelt: The intentionality of GhwB being ritualistically buried in Houston, TX, a city away from the murder of JFK: Jeffrey Epstein Civil trial to begin tomorrow, December 4: The FF's being planned to create WW3 and the m_rder of Admiral Stearney: Robert David Steele comments on the Admiral's death: "ROBERT STEELE: I am told he was murdered by Bahreini security services at the request of the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) element attached to the fifth fleet. I have no direct knowledge. My source tells me he was murdered because he explicitly opposed the planned false flag attack in collaboration with the Israeli Navy simulating an Iranian patrol boat missile attack on a US naval vassal." You can read more at: Sh_ria is here, in the USA, as MN becomes increasingly Islamist. An Iranian ex-Muslim Christian Pastor was arrested for sharing his faith testimony in the Mall of the Americas:

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