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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Joanathan Otto free ebook on 15 Truths and Lies on Using Cannabis as Medicine

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Joanathan Otto

If you or someone you love suffers from an autoimmune condition, you need to hear Elizabeth Crutchley’s story.
For decades, Elizabeth struggled with Crohn’s disease, an increasingly common autoimmune condition.
Her Crohn’s got so bad there were days when Elizabeth couldn’t leave the house -- or even move.
I was having flare ups where the pain was putting me on the floor”, Elizabeth said.
But pain was only part of the problem. Worse, were the pills.
I was on so much pain medicine” said Elizabeth. “Twenty-three years of narcotic pain medicine, to where it shut my liver down. I spent a month in the hospital with a biliary bag because pills shut my liver down.
On top of wrecking her liver, the pills left Elizabeth in a stupor. She spent days in bed. And when she did get out of bed she shuffled around with a cane and walker.
It was no way to go through life.
Fortunately, Elizabeth’s story doesn’t end there.
If you saw Elizabeth today you’d hardly believe she’s the same woman who was once gripped by the pain of Crohn’s disease, stumbling through life in a pill-induced fog.
Today, Elizabeth has her life back.
She’s smiling. She’s walking. She’s having fun with her kids. And she’s gone from taking 34 different pills per day to taking just one.
So how did Elizabeth transform her health and get her life back?
She did it with help from medical cannabis.
And if you or someone you love suffers from Crohn’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, lupus, myasthenia gravis, or another autoimmune condition, then you need to know the facts about this amazing healing plant.
The good news is, my friend and colleague, John Malanca, created an e-book that cuts through the myths, misconceptions, and downright lies surrounding medical cannabis.
So you can discover the TRUTH about what this plant can do for your health.
This free 22-page eBook is called 15 Truths and Lies on Using Cannabis As Medicine.
You’ll discover why medical cannabis is so effective at helping autoimmune conditions as well as hundreds of other health problems.
And you’ll be exposed to the ugly deception, greed, and fear that some very powerful corporations and even government agencies are using to try and stop you from accessing medical cannabis… and you’ll see what you can do to fight back.
You heard Elizabeth Crutchley’s story at the top of this email.
Elizabeth thought her life would be forever defined by Crohn’s disease, pain, and all the things she couldn’t do.
But then Elizabeth tried medical cannabis and it changed everything for her.
What could medical cannabis do for you or someone you love?
With love,
Jonathan Otto

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