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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

#Net4TruthUSA 321 — Border Report from Canada

USA Net4Truth

Latest Qanon posts 12-6-18 Pt2 : What do you want for XMAS?

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Paradise Lost #21 ~ Victims Speak w/ Deborah Tavares @ Stopthecrime.net


Paradise Lost # 21 ~ Extremely Graphic Content of Evidence - Paradise Lost #22 DEW Docs & Full GRAPHIC CONTENT Video..and Much More..


Paradise Lost #22 DEW Docs & Full GRAPHIC CONTENT Video..and Much More..


Chinese Fentanyl Gang - $1B Vancouver laundering scheme

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Latest Qanon Posts 12-6-18 : People awake are what they FEAR THE MOST

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Understanding the Q Clock - The Time is Now

Truth For Freedom

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President Begins Purge Of Main Stream Media

William Mount

HONOR DOES NOT MIX WITH DISHONOR, Nikki G. POTUS & FLOTUS not participating in this evil.

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Q 2553

POTUS FLOTUS not participating in this evil.
>>4166910 One man, who gave up everything, risking his life (himself/family), to fight for & defend, We, the PEOPLE. Bait expends ammunition. EVIL has no place here. 


‘They are undesirable & they must feel it’: Denmark to ship unwanted refugees to remote island

‘They are undesirable & they must feel it’: Denmark to ship unwanted refugees to remote island
Denmark will send rejected asylum seekers to live on a remote island. Located in the freezing Baltic Sea, the island is currently home to animal research laboratories and crematoria.
"If you are unwanted in Danish society, you should not be a nuisance to ordinary Danes,” immigration minister Inger StĂžjberg wrote in a Facebook post on Friday. “They are undesirable in Denmark and they must feel it!”
The island, Lindholm, sits in an inlet of the Baltic Sea, about two miles from the nearest shore. Around 100 rejected asylum seekers and criminal immigrants will be sent to live there, and will be required to check in daily with authorities there, or face jail. Ferry service to the island is infrequent, and one of the boats serving the island is reportedly named the ‘Virus’, a reference to the contagious animal disease research center currently occupying the island.
The plan was agreed upon by Denmark’s ruling centrist Venstre party, and the more right-wing Danish People’s Party, as part of annual budget negotiations.
While Venstre may have been looking for votes to secure its budget plan, the People’s Party is looking to take the hardest line on immigration.
“We’re going to minimize the number of ferry departures as much as at all possible,” party spokesman Martin Henriksen told TV2“We’re going to make it as cumbersome and expensive as possible.”...Continue article here

The War Drummer: The most important show to date - inthematrixx - master decoder - Anon - what is [P]

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DOJ Indicts Top Clinton Donors

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Do SERCO Spot Fix Betting Patents Play A Role in U.S. Mass Casualty Events? RCSI with David Hawkins

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[12.5] Later Q Update (Flynn, Huber) & Partial UFO Disclosure Psy-Ops

  Destroying the Illusion

Tucker Carlson debate on the migrants


7.6 Earthquake - Loyalty Island.


It's looking wild. God bless everyone, T

Best Activist Group In America Is Fereedoms Phoenix

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Freedoms Phoenix Tutorial - Know the Power

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Watch Free: "The Untouchables"

Watch Free: "The Untouchables" here

Federal Agent Eliot Ness sets out to stop Al Capone; because of rampant corruption, he assembles a small, hand-picked team..

The Untouchables

Q Cooperating Witness [Power Removed] House Cleaning

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BREAKING: Chinese Scientist Who Created First Genetically Modified Babies Has DISAPPEARED…

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Q Anon/News - Rapid Fire - In Pursuit of Truth Presents - 12.5.18

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Qanon 12/4/18 Attention on Deck


SerialBrain2 on D5 & The Surrounded Swamp

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WWG1WGA Watch Free: White Squall

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Tom Fitton: The Clintons, President Trump, & the Scandal of Our Generation

 Judicial Watch

On December 3, the Center for Security Policy held its annual Freedom Flame Award Dinner in honor of Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. Joe diGenova, founding partner of diGenova & Toensing, LLP and former United States Attorney, District of Columbia, introduces Freedom Flame Award recipient Tom Fitton. ========================= KEEP UP WITH JUDICIAL WATCH Donate today! ►https://www.judicialwatch.org/donate/... Subscribe on YouTube! ► https://bit.ly/2I26jgk Check out our website ► http://www.judicialwatch.org "Like" us on Facebook ► http://www.facebook.com/JudicialWatch Follow us on Twitter ► http://twitter.com/JudicialWatch

With A Heartfelt And Powerful Intensity


With A Heartfelt And Powerful Intensity
published on The I UV, on December 2, 2018
The quadriga is the chariot of the gods; Apollo was depicted driving his quadriga across the heavens, delivering daylight and dispersing the night.

Trump, Q and the Beauty of D5


Trump, Q and the Beauty of D5
Ok DS, today I am going to tell you a little more about the beautiful D5 move. It seems Q wants you to know more about it:
Q2540 Postponed. Well-played DS. Please allow us to counter. Q
You see, going from being an average chess player to a good one depends on your ability to focus on the position rather than the material.
Beginners tend to focus on protecting their pieces on the board and their moves are just a succession of short term tactical arrangements while the experienced player focuses on optimizing his position and achieving an ownership of the chess board that will inevitably result in the death of the opponent’s king.
When the experienced player detects this focus on material, he turns it to his advantage and sets up traps that the greedy and short term sighted rookie would systematically fall into, until he dies with an aborted smile and a distended belly full of the well-packed junk that were graciously served to him.
So you want to know about D5? Watch this 1990 Wojtkiewicz vs Kuczynski game where Wojtkiewicz wins in 25 moves (the YT title is incorrect but the video is accurate) video
As you can see, the first major mistake Kaczynski playing black makes is his 14. a5 move. He allows Wojtkiewicz to take the pawn and is forced to lose time and make the Queen d8 extra move to get the material back. In response, Wojtkiewicz, pretending to still care about his challenged pawn on a5 and to be interested in the b7 pawn, moves his Queen to b4 for (in fact) further positioning on e7. At this moment of the game, the highly strategic D5 position is unveiled but Wojtkiewicz skillfully temporizes and while his opponent is losing time focusing on material, he’s focusing on position. Kaczynski’s next moves show he is not seeing the position coming, he protects his b7 pawn with Queen C7 and, defeated by greed, falls into the a4 pawn trap. This allows Wojtkiewicz to finally play the 22nd d5 deadly move which, at first glimpse does not seem to be bloody but in reality only offers to Kaczynski the bad or very bad options leading to his unavoidable defeat.
That’s the spirit of D5: shiny objects strongly advertised and kindly offered to achieve the final victorious position.
Now you understand why the Maestro has responded so gracefully to the Grey Wolf’s death…
If D5 interpreted as Dec 5 was the real fatidic date for the DS in DC, do you think Q would have started to explicitly advertise it as soon as on May 10 2018 when he said this: Img1
This drop was the start of Q’s advertisement campaign for D5. Several other drops came later to sharpen the black hats’ education on the existence of a link between D5 and the FISA declassification. Then, just to make sure his message was well understood, Q widened the trap by saying this:
Q2494 [D]ec 5 D5 Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.
This is the a4 pawn trap Kaczynski did not see. By equating Dec 5 to D5, Q was making the a4 pawn as shiny as it could get to trigger the response he expected from the DS. Which one? A false flag to occupy the news cycle and bury the declassification. Q knew this would be their move, so he gave them the Dec 5 date to have fun with. The proof is in the following drop made as early as Aug 5 2018:
Q1816 FISA. FISA. FISA. [20] There is a reason why we needed to go mainstream prior to the EVIDENCE being dropped. You have more than you know. D5. WWG1WGA. Q
In this drop, Q is clearly saying he is not counting on MSM to spread the news about the FISA declassification. He already knew a false flag would happen. And indeed, it happened: Bush conveniently chose to die at the exact date causing Dec 5 to be a State Funeral day, for example allowing Fox News execs to force Hannity’s focus on it and the cancelation of his Clinton Foundation guests.
Q2541 FOX execs pulled (3) scheduled guests. Focus: 41 Q
I am sure that with the Q-training you have received, you all caught Comey’s Nov. 14 (mirror of 41) tweet about his dog Benji was about a Skull and Bones dog. Let’s use the Comey template Q provided in Q645 to decipher his tweet. Read carefully: Img2
As you can see, the template Q provided is very powerful if you understand it. Now let’s use the other numeric tools and other techniques Q has given us to know more about this tweet.
The timestamp is 6:44. Really James? You could not come up with anything less obvious? This 644, which is two times 322 Skull and Bones indicates there is an extra instance of 322 floating. We will get back to it. Capital letters add up to OBBHG=34=32+2 which confirms his 322 but also gives us the phrase BOB HG. You all know who BOB is right? Now what is this HG? You have to go very far in Left territory to know these things. Img3 He’s talking about HG Wells, an English writer known for his books The Time Machine, the Island of Doctor Moreau, The Invisible Man and the War of the Worlds. Now you know why a Time Machine was applied to President Bush’s death, why his Doctor Moreau was murdered, why the murderer became the Invisible Man because the first suspect killed himself and that all this is about the War of the Worlds: 23 vs 32, Trump, Q and us against the International Satanic Cabal.
Did you notice BENJI=40? Do you remember that 1 instance of 322 floating? Add it to BENJI and you have 41. He coded POTUS 41 in his tweet using the dog’s name and the mirrored date.
To give full credit to his riddle, I’ll make you notice something else. This OBBHG=34 is a message to BOB and to the secret society network but also means something else: you know from what I told you from the alphabet wheel that the 34th letter of the alphabet is also its 8th letter (the mod26 function-think clock). If you drop the repeated B (repetition rule), you get OBHG and since O=15, if you add it to the 8 we extracted earlier, you get 23 which is W. Therefore, OBHG becomes WBHG or GHWB, the initials for George H. W. Bush. Pretty cool right?
As you can see, as early as Nov. 14 2018, JC informed all his friends they had something in the freezer that could be used for their protection against what they understood to be D5.
Exactly 11 days, 2 hours and 11 minutes later, Q drops Q2501 to which I showed you in my previous post Comey pointed at to activate his Skull and Bones brothers. After talking about the advantages of declassifying after testimonies and reminding us of the beauty of EO 13526 Sec. 1.7, Q ends the drop with this:
Q2501 [Koala] Q
Peruvian Coffee for those who saw this [Koala] is actually Benji! Yes: KOALA=40=BENJI. Do you see it? This [11-2-11] day/hour/minute Q waited to respond to Comey’s Benji tweet was indicating that the Wojtkiewicz’s deadly 11×2=22nd D5 move was played. The 22nd move trap was set and the black hats did not see it. Yet, he has reached out to their intellect several times hinting this 22=11+11 was THE strategic move that would bring him victory:
Q1357 11.11 provided as strategic marker.
Even the Maestro with Sco[T][T] Free and Little Adam Schi[T][T] gave them the hint they had to study 22 and understand what it really meant.
Now do the math. How many days between D5 and 11.11? Yes, 25 days. In how many moves did Wojtkiewicz defeat Kaczynski? 25 moves. Coincidence?
Let’s take a closer look at Trump’s tweet with the statement on the passing of President Bush. img4. Did you notice it starts with December for D and ends with 41 for 5? The last sentence “we honor the life and legacy of 41” kind of gives away that 41 had to be there right? Now let’s draw a vertical line from the beginning of the statement D to its end 41 and gather all the capital letters we stumble upon. We get 2 groups of letters: those which start a paragraph and those which don’t: D-MTPWA-41 and YCNA. Now look at this MTPWA. Look at it carefully. Do you see it’s not far from the anagram of SWAMP? This is the reason why the Maestro separated these capital letters: so we could see the hint SWAMP. Now let’s put them together, we get D-MTPYCWNAA-5 which represents D5 encircling MTPYCWNAA. Value for MTPYCWNAA is 116 and it is confirmed by the mirrored 61=QANON coded in the 12+49 timestamp. Since SWAMP=72, we deduce MTPYCWNAA= SWAMP+44. But since 41 in the statement is G.H.W Bush, who is 44? Yes: Obama. Conclusion: the capital letters of the statement really mean D-OBAMA SWAMP-5. Translation:
With the D5 move, the Maestro has surrounded the Obama swamp!!
Let’s analyze Q2531. Q brings the Q1559 VIVA vs VIVE drop and connects it to Comey and the riots in France. I told you in a previous post about the AE network and that VIV[A] was incorrect and VIV[E] was the right spelling. How many steps do you have to walk from A to E? Yes: 5. I showed you examples in the past where letters are displaced in the alphabet using a key to encode/decode messages. Here the key is 5. Do you see it? D5 is the 5 step Displacement of the alphabet correcting A to E. Hence the current correction in France. While the Forces of Darkness in DC were deceived spending their frozen items to counter an inevitable DECLAS that will surprise them, the Forces of Light were focusing on position: the war is not against dark individuals, it’s against the global satanic cabal they are just a small part of. The Maestro looks at the entire board, not pieces. After Trump’s election, the cabal made this bold countermove: Img5 It needed to be corrected and here is the A to E D5 correction: Img6
Now you know why the vests are yellow and why the next drop is about Hanukkah:
Q2532 Light through Darkness. Do you believe in coincidences? Q
Q2530 Vive la France! Q

ECETI James Gilliand: I Q Test for Democrats and News Anchors & #SpyGate - Collusion Scandal Bigger than Watergate [Part 1/2] Those Involved to Take Down Trump

The Latest From ECETI
& James Gilliland


I Q Test for Democrats and News Anchors & #SpyGate - Collusion Scandal Bigger than Watergate [Part 1/2] Those Involved to Take Down Trump
I Q Test for Democrats and News Anchors
1.     If Trump is part of the Global Elite why do the lame stream media owned by the Global Elite, politicians who sold out to the Global Elite viciously slander and attack him? Is it because he is not one of them, not part of the club? Who’s character and ignorance is being established?
2.     Why did Muller choose all democrats and major donors to the democratic party to be on his team? Are there any Republicans?
3.     Why has Muller ignored extreme Russian Collusion by the democrats, use the false Russian dossier as the bases for the FISA warrants and foundation for the special council. Was this paid for by Hilary? Why has he ignored the extreme bias within the Special Council, FBI and DOJ?  If the Dossier is false, the FISA warrants were based on false information, the Special Council was created based on false information then the whole investigation has no foundation and is false.
4.     Why has he turned a blind eye to Uranium One where the Clinton foundation was paid 145 million and Bill got 500,000 in speaking fees from the very same Russian group that bought the Uranium.
5.     What was Mullers role in Uranium One? Did he take the samples to Russia to seal the deal? Could this be why he won’t address the real Russian collusion by Hilary and company?
6.     What is the role of the corporate sponsored media in refusing to look into the origin of the Russian Dossier, who paid for it, who lied about it to congress, etc. Why wont the corporate sponsored media cover Uranium One where over 20% of our Uranium was sold to Russia with Hilary’s stamp of approval? Who else was involved?
7.     What happened to the Ranchers forced off their land to mine the Uranium? Who was behind that and was murder part of the plan with Levoy Finnican?
8.     Why has the corporate sponsored media ignored the child trafficking, pedophile networks being exposed, who are the major players and why are arrests being made with church officials and increasing political officials even Hollywood not being covered? Is there a pedophile problem within the main stream media, their owners and sponsors? Possibly some strange rituals going on?
9.     What happens when the boarders are secured to the drug and child trafficking? Are there over 600 felons, gang members in the Caravan as Homeland Security has discovered? If so why open the boarder to that possibility?
10.  Why is it anti-Semitic to talk about George Soros who has an admitted history of Nazi collaboration against his own people? How can Antifa claim anti Nazi when being funded by George Soros an admitted Nazi by his own words? Isn’t Fascism not allowing others to speak, express their opinions, resorting to violence? Soros also funds open boarders how did that work out for Europe? Sweden? Germany? How does the race card bring people together? Could the real agenda be chaos, destroy cultures, infrastructures. Does this fit into the Global Elite modes operandi? Create the problem, watch the reaction become the solution, the Hegelian Dialect.
11.  Who funds, owns and chooses the content for the Washington Post, NY Times, CNN, NSMBC etc. Has there been leaking, collaboration against the duly elected President Elect? CNN sounds like Clinton News Network. Have they been fair or extremely bias?
12.  Which major social media platforms have been given massive government contracts? Who gives them their marching orders and should they not be called government media? Are they fair and non-bias? Do they censor groups that do not support their beliefs or their owner’s beliefs?
13.  Last but not least how did socialism work out in the past? Do they teach real History in schools? If everyone wants a free ride who pays for it? If people were all service oriented and had others highest and best good in mind a form of socialism would work. We are not there, those with a sense of entitlement become tyrants, tyrants rise to positions of power. How do they maintain that power? By the suppression of and theft from the people beneath them.
Everything begins in consciousness. An unhealed and ignorant society cannot operate within the rules and regulations of a highly evolved society. We need to heal the wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experience. In short release the past. We need to educate ourselves through other sources other than mainstream academia which has an agenda other than truth. We need to know about our true origins, the origins of religions, and our past so as not to repeat a failed experiment. We need to go back to a divinely inspired document, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution as a step towards Universal Law. First and foremost we need to hold all leaders within, political, religious, and business institutions accountable for transgressions outside of the rule of law, our divine rights as spelled out in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Almost every agency has been infiltrated, usurped and strayed away from its original intent and mandate. They have become weaponized by the power elite and no longer serve the people. All agencies need to go back to their original mandate and intent staying within the Constitution and Bill of Rights or a return to Common Law. It was said we gave you a Republic the question is can you keep it. We didn’t. We are not a democracy or United States Inc.  we are a Republic. The power is with the people in a Republic not within a Hierarchial  Power structure inserted by the Power Elite. It is a patriarchal system based on power and wealth void of the divine feminine.  This is also known as the Deep State and it needs to be dismantled.
Advanced Civilizations
Advanced civilizations operate under Universal Law. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all. They see the Creator in all Creation. They are in service to Creation and assist those less fortunate to evolve to their highest potential. When one reaches their highest potential they give back to the whole understanding the nature of Unity Consciousness. Nature is highly valued and preserved, the quality of their food is also one of the highest priorities.  This creates a quantum leap in consciousness and evolution. If we are going to become an advance civilization we need to adopt these principles.  
#SpyGate - Collusion Scandal Bigger than Watergate [Part 1/2] Those Involved to Take Down Trump


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Parse Syntax, Memes, and Men Anna Von Reitz

Paul Stramer - Lincoln County Watch
Paul Stramer

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Parse Syntax, Memes, and Men

By Anna Von Reitz

Numerous people keep asking me about the late David-Wynn:Miller and about Parse Syntax and related subjects, so here's the long and short of it:

Parse was an ancient attempt by the Parthians (a group of ancient Persians related to the present day Jordanians) to control their contracts with the Babylonians by equating language to mathematical principles and relationships. 

David Wynn-Miller rediscovered that ancient system and attempted to bring it back into use in the modern world for the same basic purpose-- to make it harder for the present day practitioners of Babylonian fakery to weasel out of, over, and around contracts made in the present era.

So far, so good. 

I spent five days with Russell-J:Gould, David-Wynn:Miller's former partner, last year and found him to be an extraordinary man. Very earnest and bright and also one who has suffered a great deal in this entire effort. He is owed a huge debt of gratitude. However, he believes whole-heartedly that Parse is "correct" mathematically and that the interface with math and language is "the" answer. 

I objected on several grounds-- first, because you can lie with math just as well as words-- any symbolic language is prey to that. (Russell knows and admits this, too.)

Second, I have analyzed it mathematically, and in fact, Parse is NOT correct. (This analysis came out of our meeting and we haven't had a chance to sit down and discuss this yet, but I am sure that Russell will bow to what is True and adapt to the new insights when they are shown to him.)

Third, Parse can be abused just as "legalese" has been abused as a "special secret language" only the experts know-- making it a good seed ground to continue the practice of bilking the public by the new Black Robes. (This is a concern Russell shares.)

Fourth, English is now and always has been the official language of this country, not Parse. So those who advocate and insist on the use of Parse are at best a tiny minority complaining about something  that requires more than their opinion to change. 

Russell truly believes that he captured the flag of this country and that he owns it, etc., etc.-- but unavoidably, the "Title IV Flag" he captured in 1999 was just one "officially recognized" version of our flag that was in the possession of pirates-- the Roman Catholic owned and operated "United States of America, Inc." corporation that had itself seized upon our flag by fraud. 

The Maxim of Law in such situations is that possession by pirates does not change ownership.  And fraud, no matter how long-standing, vitiates everything it touches. 

Our flag was seized upon by the Scottish interloper and "ringer" corporation doing business as "The United States of America, Inc." in 1868, seized upon again by the Roman Catholic version doing business as "the" United States of America, Inc. circa 1925, and Russell saved it out of the aftermath of that bankruptcy settlement in 1999. 

So our flag was captured in 1868 under conditions of fraud and held by two generations of pirates before Russell recaptured it.

If Russell claims to own the flag for any purpose other than to return it to the States and People it belongs to, he becomes just another pirate in possession--- and I don't think that that is what he intends to be. 

He did take lawful possession of the vacated land of the Washington DC Municipality.  He lawfully court-martialed the Supreme Court and the senior ranks of the military services. He has a reasonable claim to become the President of the restored Federal Government, assuming that he is elected, and there is really no reason he shouldn't be.  He has done many things that make good sense and which promote peace and provide for a continuance of the Federal Government and the improvement of international business and trade. 

I would certainly recommend Russell-J:Gould as President of a restored Federal Government, assuming that the issues can be clearly stated and free elections can be held.

Russell is a true American and he is very intelligent and moral and has a good heart.  He has done some amazing things for this country and for the world, and he deserves thanks and honor and recognition for it. 

All that said, Russell and I understand the problems involved and the nuances of the history and the law.  It isn't as simple as some of his followers believe and it will all take time to resolve. 

Any Nutter reactions of the "either/or" kind should be chalked up to ignorance and perhaps to foreign agents trying to get control of Russell in the same way that they have sought to control every other aspect of the prior Federal Government structures.

Let me just say that in my experience, Russell is very much a man of his own mind and he will evaluate things for himself and he will recognize it if anyone lies to him or tries to co-opt him.  Those who do so, do so at their own risk.

We have a relationship with Russell that is honest and direct, and barring some unforeseen and insurmountable disagreement, we expect that relationship to continue and see no reason why it should not. 


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