God Sends Tornado(s) To District of Criminals, Chops down Babylon's Tree

If you want to find the information previously on the header, it is here, for a couple days while God smashes on Babylon the Great, dividing God's Lambs from Satan's Goats, dividing the nations from each other which were secretly bound together into ONE World Government, called, THE NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME, and thus God is dividing the Wheat from the Tares, because it is HARVEST TIME.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Dear MGJA: A Recommendation POST DECLARATION: "Contract Is Null & Void" = Recommended Verdict(s): FORCE MULTIPLIER PLATFORM

Recommended Action:
Because the U.S. Military is owned by the corporation, "United States Inc," and because it was created using tax dollars taken bu force from We The People, voiding the contract returns the Military to the rightful owners, We The People, of the Republic of the United States of America.  


1)  Instruct the Military to Instruct ALL peoples both inside the metes and bounds of the Republic, "the United States of America," and peoples outside it, that they are now free of their allegiances to the corporation, "United States Inc," and from all her parent corporations, all of those allegiances having been dissolved by the "Contract Being Declared Null & Void."  All properties, assets, monies, commodities and personnel previously belonging to the corporation, "United States Inc," now rightfully is restored to the proper owners, "We The People of the United States of America."

2)  Instruct the Military to Protect; The People, All Commerce, and all national interests of the Republic, "the United States of America."

3)  Instruct the Military to Instruct all former corporate employees of "United States Inc," to continue performing their duties, but under the new directives of, "DO NO HARM,  PREVENT ALL HARM, & to Create Freedom & Abundance in every and all aspects of life, inside the Republic, "the United States of America.

4)  Instruct the Military to Instruct all courts & law enforcement to cease and desist all; fines, arrests, warrants, search & seizure, prosecutions, and all other acts, that either did not arise from a living victim being harmed or that may harm a living victim.

5)  Instruct the Military to Instruct all courts & law enforcement to diligently begin the process of preparing wrongfully incarcerated prisoners for their release, and then release them as expeditiously as humanly possible, while maintaining public safety.

6)  Instruct the Military to remove all known bad actors from public circulation to "protect The People.

7)   Instruct the Military to begin the nationalization of all publicly traded corporations by the Republic, "The United States of America," as "Public Utilities," necessary for preserving Life, Freedom, & Happiness, for all of We The People, as all of these corporations were already owned by the parent corporation, "United States Inc," they now become the property of We The People of the United States of America as purloined assets stolen by pirates still belong to the original owner regardless.

8)  Instruct the Military to instruct all former corporation, "United States Inc," employees that they should from hence forth cease and desist any and all Acts of Treason against the Republic, "The United States of America," and against living peoples who stand within her metes and bounds.

9)  Instruct the Military to Instruct all former corporation, "United States Inc," employees to continue their work in maintaining government services to the public, all employees holding elected offices or appointed offices should hence forth expect new interim replacements and or new elections, but these should be instructed to hold all employee positions in honor and in service to the public without incident until that time.

10)  Instruct the Military to declare to ALL, through private and public communications, and on all available platforms, that henceforth, that We The People are willing to overlook and grant forgiveness, and immunity for the majority against criminal prosecutions, but that in order for that forgiveness to be received, everyone should be on their best behavior moving forward.  We The People do declare that victims shall always be entitled with a means to seek remedy by civilly, regardless.  The aforementioned should not apply to heinous capital crimes, especially not for those masterminds & top level orchestrators.  Cases of blackmailed & threatened, victimized peoples, forced to perform criminal acts should be weighed and measured by We The People, weighing whether they attempted to amend unfortunate circumstances by bringing about Freedom from Slavery found in "The Great Awakening."

11)  Instruct the Military to prepare all things necessary for Tribunals overseen by a Tribunal of We The People, carried out by the Military, at the instructions & behest of We The People.

12)  Instruct the Military to instruct all courts, law enforcement, and ALL peoples, that henceforth all legal definitions shall be found in the Webster's Dictionary until such a time that a better definitions be found.  The Legal Law Dictionary is henceforth abolished as a work of Satan's forked tongue called "Legalese" and shall be kept as a memory for future generations, but shall never again be allowed inside the Republic of "the United States of America," nor anywhere else where Freedom Reigns.

13)  Instruct the Military to make it known through all means and by use of all platforms that all Americans were illegally converted into corporate fictions called, U.S. Citizens, by way of copyright infringement, and now that the corporation, "United States Inc," and all its subsidiaries are dissolved, all U.S. Citizens return to being Native Americans.

Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu say:
"We now have a most wonderful opportunity, given by the ONE, very real, Infinite Creator, to create a beautiful life of abundance, Law, love, peace, & Freedom for not just America, but for every nation on Earth and all her peoples, everywhere.  A golden opportunity presents itself to go out among the stars, to be fruitful and multiply, and to bring Love, Freedom, Freedom from Oppression, & Freedom from Slavery, as far out into the Universe as we can make that Love of the Great Infinite Creator Fly!"

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Form Your Jural Assemblies - For We Are Not a Nation of Laws, But Instead a Nation of Slaves and Statutes - Send the Crime Syndicates and Satan back to the waters from whence they came - written by Sun Tzu


Cease and desist all violent acts!
Cease rioting!
Cease marching!
You give the Crime Syndicate(s) cause to harm you, imprison you, kill you, all while the secret to your freedom is in front of you.


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HOW YOU KNOW YOU ARE OVER THE TARGET - Google Shadow Bans Every Nesara News Community Participant - WE NEVER SEE YOUR COMMENTS ANYMORE = YOU ARE SHADOW BANNED = Nesara News Becomes Another One Way Intercom, Just like Qanon

Below is my Blogger(Google) back end page showing all posts that we have posted recently in the week.  You can see that there are zero comments for each post and if you look at the first article which is always at the top of nesara news, you will notice, it has 40 comments.

Sun Tzu say:
"We have found the secret to set America free from Slavery.  The corporation, "United States Inc," is grossly in breach of The "Service Contract" executed by and between the Republic of the United States of America and the for profit government service provider corporation contractor, "United States Inc."

This gross breach of contract means that all We The People have to do is stand up, announce ourselves as no longer in "Interim" status, and instruct the military to take immediate action.

GOODBYE CORPORATION, "United States Inc," and HELLO BEAUTIFUL REPUBLIC of the United States of America.


MGJA -  It is time to RISE, TIME for Arch Angel Micheal TO STRIKE THE FINAL BLOW!

The above "Over The Target" is why Anna Von Reitz is screaming her head off and why NOW she has disciples, little vermin all over the place trying to pass her crazy dish into mandatory rules for committing suicide by paper self execution.

The above "Over The Target" is why NO OTHER TALKING FACES in the world are talking about this!




= GAME OVER, CHECK MATE...  The corporation, "United States Inc," operating as a crime syndicate is defeated in several moves, they just do not know it yet.

Qanon Assessment: Conversion of 1 Bad Apple per Barrel - BAD APPLES = 7,014,205 U.S. employees = Pirate's Parrot Squawks, "SATANIC CRIMINALS (DANGER) (RED-ALERT)!!!"

"Every barrel has a bad apple," Qanon says.  

Well, using the data provided below, based on a 521 person same space in which humans were measured for their displacement of water, the average displacement of 521 people, was 66.4 Liters per person.

55 Gallon Drum (Barrel):
55 gal = 208.198 Liter
@ 1 Body = 66.4 Liters

We end up with on average 3.13547 Corporate employees from foreign owned "United States Inc fitting inside your standard 55 gallon drum.

At a rate of "ONE SINGLE BAD APPLE per BARREL, we come to:
 1 bad apple out of 3.13547
Giving us a ratio of .3189 

 BAD APPLES =  31.89%

Total Corporate Employees U.S. Inc + Subsidiary:
Employees = 21,995,000

BAD APPLES =  (31.89%)x(21,995,000)
BAD APPLES =  (.3189)x(21,995,000)

7,014,205 U.S. employees (DANGER)

In 2018 according to Prison Policy.Org:
there were 2.3 million incarcerated Americans throughout all jails (all types).  So you can quickly see that there is not enough room for the "BAD APPLES."

The fact that 80% to 90% of all prisoners in U.S. prisons are wrongfully incarcerated for violations of a statute or code and in which there was no actual living victim harmed, others were wrongfully entrapped by the corporation, "United States Inc," as the corporation willfully partakes in all manner of crimes near and far, such as the transport of illegal drugs into America, thereby to entrap those who would do business with the Crime Syndicate or those who would partake in those illegal drugs sold by the Crime Syndicate, "United States Inc."

In all reality, the corporation, "United States Inc," has much more in common with a Crime Syndicate than a Service Provider Contractor.  Most Service Provider Contractors do not seek to profit from murder, theft, rape, genocide, organ harvesting, human/child trafficking, and adrenochrome manufacturing via torture farms, where young children are tortured to death slowly to produce the largest yield of adrenochrome.

Under the circumstances, there is not even enough room for the BAD APPLES with the new three Maximum Security Prisons built with the $500 million dollar upgrade to GITMO.

Which also suggests questionable, "Art of the Deal," and a possible repeat of the post WWII, NAZI Nuremberg NAZI Gestapo RELEASE Party held at Nuremberg, Germany, before sending DEATH and GENOCIDE out to PROSPER among the nations of Earth.
Read the above blue highlighted text... "federal."  There is the poison word, "federal," that lets you know your government was replaced with "foreign corporation, operating for maximum profit," through graft, theft, murder, and worse.

Sun Tzu say:
"We definitely stand together united against Satanists (i hope), but Qanon/Trump still refuse to acknowledge that every man, women, and child, on Earth, has been enslaved by a foreign corporation, all victims of copyright infringement, and unlawful conversion into corporations, a violation of international treaty, and a crime called "personage," whereby a real living native American or other native is unlawfully converted into a corporation in order to attach debt to their good name, and in order to perform all sorts of vile evil crimes against the victim.  

Why is Trump/Qanon not helping all the SLAVES who are rotting in prison, fraudulently.  People are being beaten and murdered, by corporate goons, who fire before being fired upon.  Why should a U.S. military soldier be required to be fired upon before firing, but back home in America, corporate goons for the U.S. corporation, can shoot anyone anytime they want, without having first been fired upon.  These corporate goons are shooting SLAVES and killing them all because the "Black Kid" was holding a cell phone that looked like a gun?!  These corporate goons should receive immediate prosecution & capital punishment for murdering a kid who never fired upon them!!!


Sun Tzu say:
"All of this charade is not even necessary.  Trump/Qanon are just dancing around the symptoms of the disease and failing to recognize to true ROOT CAUSE of all enslavement & slavery committed by, "United Nations Inc," and all its subsidiaries, and owners, at the Vatican.

"They" say, "Enjoy the Show," but I just see SLAVES SUFFERING, corporate mercenaries pretending to be law enforcement running around shooting everyone and getting off SCOTT FREE because the poor bastard's family who got shot does not have enough money to hire a Traitor called a LAWYER (swore allegiance to a foreign entity = B.A.R.) to find the statute allowing for punitive damages, which would be the only time the corporation would get rid of a bad mercenary, is because that mercenary cost the corporation LOST PROFIT.
Read it and weep!  Then get angry and help me do something about it!

Time to Form Up Your Jural Assemblies just as our founding fathers did to kick king george out of America, time for you to kick another foreign entity out of America.

  It is truly an easy process, you just have to do a little bit of reading, "The Handbook," or if you do not like to read, you need to get in touch with your local Patriots busy erecting your Jural Assemblies and then get on "The CALL" every Thursday, IF, you have questions on "How To Set Up Your Jural Assembly!"

go to:

Sun Tzu add:
"For it is truly a godly & most holy endeavor, to free oneself from SLAVERY.
Come and walk with me together on our road to freedom, love, peace, & abundance."

Sun Tzu

This is what life is all supposed to be about! - This is the harmony that we can have with; Earth, Nature, and our fellow Children of Earth once we liberate ourselves from Crime Syndicate Enforced Global Slavery - by Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu say:
"Reminds me of my relationship with my dog.  For those of you who wondered what I looked like, or if I was Chinese."
This is my blue weimaraner, named "Minnie," aka "Princess Minnie," aka "Jessie Jones."  She loves to steal your shit and hold you hostage for treats.

May the Infinite Creator bless you all to find the same love with 

Friday, March 8, 2019

Charter of 1871 Proves the Federal Reserve & The Corporation "United States Inc," are in Violation of UNCHANGEABLE TERMS of "Their" Charter = Violation of "Their" Service Contract = One of the Most Important Historical Documents You Will Ever Read = The 1871 Charter, an Act of the 41st Congress, known as, "An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia - by Sun Tzu (All Rights Reserved/Must Be Copied In Full, Title Included)

Found in the Library of Congress, online at:

Below: First Page, with visible Library of Congress URL:

I believe there will be a lot more high value content hidden in this document, but the paragraph below is like we just hit a 3-pointer swish from the opposite key (full court swish).

What this says above is three-fold:
1)  The corporation, "United States Inc" was required to preserve all the de jure public offices.  This is the original charter for the corporation, it is the "Terms & Conditions" for the "Service Contract" where, "United States Inc" is a foreign corporation providing government services to We The People of the Republic, "The United States of America," and the corporation is LEGALLY BOUND to follow this original 1871 charter at all times, to never breach it, and it cannot legally amend it.

2)  The corporation, "United States Inc," cannot limit its own liability nor the liability of any of its subsidiaries, nor that of any other corporation.  Which makes the "legal definition person" a violation of the above charter/Act of United States Congress.

The above "legal definition person," is a violation of the 41st Congress (The Charter of 1871 = THE SERVICE CONTRACT, "Terms & Conditions") in two ways, the corporation, "United States Inc," is violating its Service Contract by limiting liability for "corporate entities," and by limiting liability for "municipal entities," both are violations of the 1871 Charter (Service Contract) which places the United States Inc in BREACH of that original contract made with, "We The People!!!

3)  The Federal Reserve is a violation of the aforementioned 1871 Charter too, and I quote, "nor shall the legislative assembly have power to establish any bank of circulation, nor to authorize any company or individual to issue notes for circulation as money or currency."

Why did our Founding Fathers and the de jure representatives of the Republic the United States of America ensure these terms of the 1871 Charter?  To protect, "We The People," this 1871 Charter, is IN FACT "THE Service Contract."  

The contractor, "United States Inc," is in breach of contract for not maintaining the Republic's public de jure offices, and in breach of contract for limiting liabilities in whole or in part for; the corporation, "United States Inc," for its subsidiaries, and for corporations in general, and then furthermore in breech of contract for establishing a company to issue notes for circulation as money or currency."  

Now we know why the "Unchangeable Terms & Conditions" were violated, to steal the lawful de jure governance of We The People, to protect the corporate interests, and to steal the fruits of We The People's labor.

The contractor, "United States Inc," is IN BREACH OF CONTRACT, END OF STORY!!!

This above document is NOT ONLY a nail in the coffin for the de facto government(s) in America, but all across Earth.  Fruit of the Poisonous Tree, The Roots of this Poison go up into the parent corporation, "United Nations Inc," and the poison runs up into the the owners of the corporation in the "Vatican," and then the poison flows down into every subsidiary of the "United Nations Inc," the 193 nations, toppled by criminal means, by way of much murder and genocide, which means that almost the entire Earth could be liberated in

Godspeed Patriots,
Jeff Dougherty (Sun Tzu)

Macron has become the laughing stock of the world. Macron imaginary doctor of Europe = Macron est devenu la risée du monde . Macron le médecin imaginaire de l' Europe

I received an email today written in french regarding what is going on in France, the title of the email:

Macron has become the laughing stock of the world. Macron imaginary doctor of Europe (Macron est devenu la risée du monde. Macron le médecin imaginaire de l' Europe)(translated using Gmail)

Sir, Madam, 

Macron, we do not want your words. We want real and not imaginary acts of propaganda or communication. 

Macron you represent the old world is dying now replaced by the new world we want.

Macron is Europe campaign but what does he want?
In a world where the economic war is everywhere a reality, the industrial policy of the state is necessary. Safran warns lack of state support, the company will build its factories abroad. Ford, Alstom, steel, many battles lost by macronien power multiplies the blunders in the field. The President gives lessons to the rest of Europe, maskless achieve complete isolation.
The macronisme became the laughing stock of the world ...
The floats of the carnival in Cologne, Mainz those of us back image a little pretentious dictator who has taken a long time ridicule the wall.

<Click the little, "Read More,"
to see the original letter in french.>

Thursday, March 7, 2019

A Repeat of the Nuremburg Trials - Qanon Now Says, "Only a bad apple in every barrel." - Sun Tzu say: "Lier Lier Pants on Fire, Shooting at These Apples in the Barrel, There is No Way You Don't Hit a Traitor With Every Shot" (very small number of patriots)


OUR TRUSTED United States government led us to believe that only 10 Nazi's deserved execution after WWII atrocities.

We suffered far more than 500 Million lives genocided (half billion murdered) by that mistake of TRUSTING the U.S. government, and tens of thousands of Nazi's were allowed to proliferate out into the world, safe havens made in every nation's government for them to set up shop and begin the construction of the New World Order.  




FORM your Jural Assemblies and we can all have REAL JUSTICE.

The link below, provided by Q, takes you to photos of the Denver Airport, which many have seen, but there is some good text written here too.

So if Qanon/Trump can point to this website and expose these pictures, why can Qanon NOT point to the National Assembly and the need the form the Jural Assemblies to restore LAW = Do No Harm, ONLY ONE LAW NEEDED. (verses billions of Statutes = Slavery)?

Why does Qanon/Trump NOT EXPOSE the slavery?

Why is Trump now calling for more "Legal IMMIGRATION?"

“We’re going to have a lot of people coming into the country. We want a lot of people coming in. And we need it,” Trump said:

For the fourth time in about a month, Trump suggested increasing legal immigration levels. With Apple CEO Tim Cook sitting next to him at the White House on Wednesday, Trump said he not only wanted more legal immigration but that companies needed an expansion of new arrivals to grow their business.

go to (for full article):

Sun Tzu say:
"Trump exists to make money for "United Nations Inc,"  Trump does not exist to improve the lives of Americans.  Trump exists to confuse the We The People, while the Deep State/Shadow Government (foreign corporation) goes on for another round of confuse and RAPE, We The People.  Just like Obama, if any heads roll, it will only be a magician side show to obfuscate the people and keep them from seeing the truth, "the United States Inc," is a foreign corporation, and it exists for no other purpose then to produce profit for itself.

Wake up folks, Trump/Qanon refuse to liberate you all from slavery.  Trump/Qanon refuse to end, "Maritime Law," on the Land Jurisdiction.

Do you think that it is OKAY for Trump to continue on with all of us having BILLIONS of Statutes, in order to arrest anyone, anywhere, anytime?

Do you think that it is OKAY for Trump to continue on with all those millions of innocent Americans rotting in prison who were kidnapped and wrongfully imprisoned for violations of statutes, but for which there was no ACTUAL LIVING VICTIM HARMED?

Your choice peoples, SLAVERY or Freedom?

Trump refuses to achknowledge the ROOT CAUSE OF ALL SUFFERING = STATUTES = SLAVERY

You only need THREE LAWS:
1)  Do not counterfeit money.
2)  Do No Harm.
3)  Do Not Commit Treason

THOSE THREE "LAWS" Cover everything and ensure both JUSTICE and FREEDOM.


Lawyer = TRAITOR = British Accredited Registry (BAR).

B.A.R. = Lawyer swears an oath to the B.A.R. which is a foreign entity, which then makes the lawyer a British Citizen, and all lawyers are required to carry their "Green Card," and their "Coast Guard Medical Card (Lists Diseases/Medical Conditions).

No lawyers carry them, but they are required to.  A day of reckoning is fast approaching.

That day of reckoning has now been moved into the near future as we have discovered the silver bullet in order to end THIS GREAT FRAUD.

The People Have The Power = EMPLOYER

However, The People are Missing = ABSENTIA (MISSING)

So the corporation, "United States Inc," is a runaway contractor racking up UNLIMITED invoices against the EMPLOYER, We The People, who's MISSING.

All we have to do is show up though, and tell them who's boss.  How is that done you ask?

The Jural Assemblies are the ANSWER.

There is one more silver bullet, the STAKE THROUGH THE HEART, form your jural assemblies and we WILL TELL YOU!

FORM YOUR JURAL ASSEMBLIES, you have the power to save your life, and the lives of the all Americans, and the lives of the entire Earth.

Want to be A HERO?  

You too can Inscribe Your Name in the Annuls of History, by following in the footsteps of the American Forefathers, and the American Framers, you can be the Hero that you are waiting for.  

Did you know that it only took 2% of the population to overthrow Great Britain and to KICK king george's ASS out the country?

IT WILL TAKE many LESS this time, there are no soldiers to fight.  All we have to do is get 15 people from each state.

15 people x 50 states = 750 people for a total lockdown of America = VICTORY

However, we only need 2/3's = QUORUM.

So we actually only need 500 PATRIOTS in order to end Vatican rule, the de facto United States Inc enslavement over the populace of America will be ended by 500 patriots distributed across 2/3 of the States.

You do not know how close we already are!!!



Follow, "The Handbook" 

Be on THE CALL (every Thursday)

Sun Tzu say:
 "The call is only for if you have questions to ask about how to FORM your Jural Assemblies!"  Questions only!!  This is not a platform for yip and ya and gab.  Provocateurs will be deleted from the call = MUTED.

And we should take the word of a bunch of Murderers who want to maintain Slavery and Billions of Statutes?

True Freedom would be the end of "Maritime Law" operating on the Land.

It is supposed to be restricted to navigable waterways.

If there are SO FEW BAD APPLES, then why are you still enslaving 90% of the prison population who's been arrested and wrongfully incarcerated for crime that do not have a living breathing victim?

Why are your gestapo police still shooting us dead in the streets?

Why are your gestapo police < 89 I.Q. Intelligence?

Why are your gestapo police still arresting men and women for crimes that do not have an actual living breathing victim?

I appears that you are trying to retain power to prevent yourselves.

We will have our freedom from tyranny and the our freedom from the Jurisdiction of the Sea, "Maritime Law."

Sun Tzu

About the assemblies and something to be aware of. A plan of attack?

There is a safe way and a dangerous way to reseat the original jurisdiction assemblies. The safe way is to follow the footsteps of the founding fathers. The dangerous way is to create something different or new. Creating something different or new can be considered a coup. Creating a coup can attract the attention of the corporation in a seriously negative way. Our actions and workings must reflect our founding documents and the language used within. Words are defined using the 1828 Webster's Dictionary because it is the closest dictionary to the time of our country's founding. The experience and due diligence of tracing history has been done and blueprinted. The MGJA did this over a decade of experience and research in assembly.

Here is a taste of the works done by the MGJA over the years.

Now a project for the readers of this article. The cabal and the deep state can smell their end coming. If you think they will ignore the assemblies, you are in for a surprise. The project is to sit down and write on a piece of paper what the assemblies are, who is behind them, and who is doing the teaching to the other states. Now you want to obstruct and destroy the assemblies so the people do not lawfully return to self governing. You need to review your resources and abilities.

1. Who has big influence over the people that can be turned against them?
2. How can we use our resources of the combined agencies to pull a psyop?
3. How about the proven CIA operation Dismantle?
4. Do we have any Illuminati or Masons involved anywhere?
5. Do we have anyone that has been involved with the Pope or has a Catholic background that we can force to do our bidding?
6. Do we have the ability to use any directed energy weapons to force compliance?
7. Any silver tongues available who can inject rhetoric without proof and make people believe it?
8. Do we have a team of lawyers that can do some creative writing to inject Roman Admiralty words and phrases into the assemblies through an inside agent?
9. Can we sway the states coordinators from a proven system with bad information that seems appealing?
10. Can we get the Italian mafia involved?
11. Can we interrupt their communications?
12. Can we attack their websites?
13. Can we train provocateurs with the Rules For Radicals book?
14. Can we demonize the MGJA and those with knowledge who did it right?
15. How far can we push them before they catch on?
16. Can anyone think of anything else to inject?

Now with all this in mind, what would you do to stop the states assemblies or get them outside of the lawful path they are on? How can you kill a movement that is unrebutted for 7 years and stop the other states from duplicating it? What would the plan be? Are the people stupid enough to fall for it? Can it already be in play?

Dear heavenly father, please forgive them for they know not what they do.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Unanswered Questions for Anna Why do these remain unanswered?

 These questions have been asked of Anna by some white hat feds some time ago and she has failed to answer them. These questions are valid and remain unanswered. Passed to me through a couple acquaintances. Will she answer? Will she provide the actual documents? Anna has answered with no documentation. Hearsay does not work!

Who swore you in as Judge? - please provide doc 

What oath did you take? and please provide a copy 

By what authority has made your husband Head of State?

What impact did the 1783 Treaty of Peace have for We the People being recognized as sovereign people?

What impact did the 1st Act of Congress 1789 have on the oath of office?

What have you accomplished for the people of your home state Alaska?

Originally posted 3.4.19

DEATH THREAT - Loud and Clear Buddies!

My wife received two letters, addressed to "Bonebrake, Al" or you might say Al Bonebrake.

One of the letters was a letter from State Farm Insurance.

The other, a post card invitation to an "Award Assembly" hosted by the secret society of the OWLS, women lawyers, or better referred to as, members of the British Accredited Registry.

The likelihood that I(my wife & I) would receive two such documents, when we are in fact fighting against the British Accredited Registry and fighting against the de facto corporation, "United States Inc," is mathematically impossible.  

The message is clear, "Your Wife Should Purchase Life Insurance On You, Because We Are Going To Break All Your Bones Before We Sacrifice You."

"The Time For Honoring Yourselves Shall Soon Be At An End." 

The Entity worshipped by the Crime Syndicate is Moloch, or Satan, often represented by either a horned beast or an giant OWL.
1) Moloch:
 2) Moloch at Bohemian Grove, during a sacrificial burning of an innocent person, in the sacrifice known as, "The Burning of Care."

 A hanging at the Bohemian Grove:
 Preparation for "Burning of Care" human sacrifice:
 Another likeness of Satan:
 Obama Bears His True Self for All To See:

Form Your Jural Assemblies!  
THE ENEMY IS TERRIFIED of the Assemblies being formed, that is why they are running Psy-Ops everywhere at all times, the secret to PEACE & JUSTICE is buried right inside the BILL of RIGHTS, and you do not need to fill out ANY PAPERWORK TO PUT AN END TO THE INSATIABLE GREED AND EVIL of "United States Inc," foreign owned Crime Syndicate Corporation.

Just go to:
Follow The Handbook

For all natives born upon other soils in other nations of the world, the founding fathers did it, YOU CAN TOO.

Form your Jural Assemblies!!!

Sun Tzu

ALLEGED Member of Oregon Jural Assembly Demands "Anna Von Reitz" be left alone, and claims to speak for the Oregon Jural Assembly - I Sun Tzu, one of the people forming Oregon's Grand Jural Assemblies, do respond AND CHALLENGE YOUR STATEMENTS

Sun Tzu:
Dear Bobby,
Thank you for posting on the forums at National-Assembly.net
I discovered your post on the forum and I am responding to you and it.

I agree with some of what you said, Anna Von Reitz is in fact the individual who's writings first WOKE ME UP to the situation at hand.  I began working with the Michigan Jural Assembly members as soon as Anna DECLARED, "Michigan Jural Assembly did everything right!"  -  Those were her exact words.

So I worked with members of the MGJA(Michigan Grand Jural Assembly) to discover what it meant to "Peaceably assemble, to redress grievances, and to self represent," the MGJA members helped me understand all of these things.  The MGJA members informed me that I did not have to "repudiate my U.S. citizenship," as it would bring great hardship upon my life.  MGJA members did however tell me that if I chose to do so (repudiate citizenship) that I WAS WITHIN MY RIGHT to do so.  

However, the MGJA members then put me in touch with other Michigan Grand Jural Members who HAD REPUDIATED THEIR U.S. CITIZENSHIP and the information I learned from them WAS OF GREAT IMPORTANCE.

Just as Anna Von Reitz has advised, in order to repudiate your citizenship, you send them back your Social Security Card, if you do it proper, you send them back all other U.S. government provided identification too (driver's license).  Then the MGJA members informed me of what happens when you get pulled over without a driver's license, how the intentionally low IQ hired law enforcement officers do not give a rats butt about any papers you have on you to prove that you have the right to drive without a driver's license.  The very presenting of "Documents" to the officer, has in many times alerted that officer that you are a threat, a domestic terrorist known as a sovereign citizen, and anyone paying attention knows that the government has declared sovereign citizens as "Domestic Terrorists."  

The Michigan Grand Jury members I spoke with who had repudiated their U.S. citizenship informed me that upon the law enforcement officer realizing that they had just traffic stopped a "Domestic Terrorist," the MGJA member was then cuffed and stuffed.  

Upon refusing to sign the corporation, "United States Inc," paperwork at the local jail, the MGJA members sat in jail for 60 days, which is as long as the U.S. corporation can legally hold someone for driving without a license.  Please bare in mind that these were 60 days in jail for FIRST OFFENSE.

So, I present you the following evidence.

1)  Is a U.S. Citizen protected by the Bill of Rights?

Answer: YES

2)  Does the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights guarantee the right to, "Peaceably Assemble, to Redress Grievances, and to Self Represent?"

Answer: YES, IT DOES

3)  Yet Anna says that in order to EXERCISE that right, you need to repudiate your U.S. Citizenship!


A)  Why would Anna Von Reitz knowingly provide false statements?

B)  Anna originally used the title of Judge in her name.

Answer:  The Alaska Government HAS NO RECORD of any variations of Anna Von Reitz, aka Anna Reitzinger, aka Anna Von Reitzinger EVER BEING A JUDGE in the State of Alaska.

C)  Anna originally stated that she was a COMMON LAW JUDGE.

Answer:  In order to be a Common Law Judge, Anna Von Reitz would of been required to submit her name for candidacy in a local election in her county of the State of Alaska and she would have been required to get 60 signatures to get her name on the ballot, and then if there was no incumbent, she would have obtained the seat of "JUSTICE OF THE PEACE."

She did not run for election, nor did she obtain the seat.

That is why when the FBI visited her, they asked her the following questions:
1)  What Oath did you swear to become a Common Law Judge?
2) What is the significance of the 1783 Treat of Peace?

Upon the FBI leaving, she IMMEDIATELY removed her title as "Judge."

She however did not inform 9 of her students in Colorado to do the same.  They were all days later arrested, some of whom are still in jail.

Now I present the final evidence:
An Interview Anna Von Reitz gave:
The above interview given by Anna Von Reitz exposes the true nature of this PSY-OP.

Anna says"You have to go through all this process and all of this development of a public paper trail in order to reestablish who you are."

Answer:  FALSE

Anna is attempting to make it difficult for you to represent yourself, she is trying to make you think that it is difficult to exercise your GOD given rights, when all you have to do is pull out your BILL of RIGHTS, dust it off, and read the FIRST AMENDMENT.

Anna says you have to repudiate your U.S. Citizenship.

Answer:  FALSE

Anna is very effectively performing several tasks:
1)  Obviate 
define Obviate:

Anna is "Obviating" threats, to "Remove threats who would pose a challenge to Corporate United States Inc's RECKLESS OPERATIONS and ENDLESS felony OVER BILLING, there is trillions of dollars more to steal coupled with vast underground resources to steal from the people, vast resources of public lands to SELL, which is a theft against the people as the public lands were constitutionally granted to the people forever, and could not be withheld, sold, or multiple use permit denied.

Anna Von Reitz is protecting the ability to continue THE THEFT via THE GREAT FRAUD, as people rotting in jail cells for driving without a driver's license can hardly be capable of challenging the corporation, "United States Inc," let alone living under a bridge, with no job, because they have no Social Security card, so no one will hire them, and even if they did find work, they have no bank account, and cannot get one, as I said, a person living under a bridge does not pose a threat to the corporation United States.

2)  Obfuscate
Anna is making the necessary path "Unintelligible, unclear, or obscured."
define Obfuscate:

Anna is "Obfuscating," making the path forward unclear and full of; doubt, worry, and concern, for personal well being.  

Anyone with reason knows that they are putting themselves in harms way when they "Repudiate their U.S. Citizenship."

Anna "Obfuscates" when she makes up a WHOLE BUNCH OF THINGS that you NEED TO DO, in order to exercise these God given rights, when all you really had to do was DUST OFF YOUR BILL of RIGHTS.

3)  Injure
define Injure:
Anna is attempting to "Injure" any fully motivated person who would move against the United States Inc corporation.  

It is difficult for injured prey to mount an efficient, intelligent, and calculated attack against a seemingly all powerful corporation, "United States Inc."

4) Deter
Anna is "Deterring" anyone from joining up with other Grand Jury Assembly Members whether it be the Michigan Grand Jury Assembly or any others.  

Anna is sewing devision between Patriots who are looking for a solution.

And THE ANSWER is that our Founding American Forefathers knew that this day would come!  They knew the enemy; in the Vatican,  the enemy in England, and any other Royal Power that would seek to weaken or destroy the greatest threat to continued world domination would eventually come to steal America from We The People.  Thus the Founding American Forefathers ensured that any Constitution coming after the First Constitution, would have to contain all of the original constitution.  Although the Bill of Rights is the greatest weapon against the forces of Evil that our Founding Fathers & the Framers gave us to destroy the enemy even in the midst of the DARKEST LONG NIGHT.  The weapon, the SILVER BULLET, has been discovered.

All you need to do is follow "The Handbook" as provided by the Michigan Jural Assembly.  The Patriots operating the National Assembly and the Michigan Jural Assembly, many of them are former special forces Patriots who served long and hard to protect the people of this nation, and once they discovered the plot and how far the rabbit hole of death and suffering was dug, they set out to correct the wrongs and liberate We The People from the Evil of a foreign power that had overtaken us.

All you need, you will find here:

Follow The Handbook - 

All other Handbooks, like the one Anna stole and is selling on Amazon, will put you living under a bridge, in jail for 60 days at a time, without a bank account, without the ability to leave the country and gain RE-ENTRY.

However Bobby, I suspect you are also working for the Cabal.  Because if you were listening on that National Assembly call when we were discussing Anna Von Reitz, you would have heard the testimony that both I and Others gave, revealing both Anna Von Reitz, and Soaring Spirit as being Crime Syndicate operatives to Obviate, Obfuscate, Deter, and Injure

Have a nice day.  If you end up being a provocateur, the people will simply vote to remove you from their presence.

As a member of the forming Oregon Grand Jural Assemblies, I reject your statements, I reject your logic, and I reject anyone who would knowingly provide people with incorrect information which will CAUSE MANY VICTIMS.

Good luck to you though.

Sun Tzu