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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Social Security Checks Aug. 3rd.

Social Security Checks Aug. 3rd.

Just heard Mark Levine on WGST talk radio. He is a Constitutional lawyer. He quoted from a U.S. House committee investigative session where it was discovered that the U. S. Treasury will have sufficient funds to pay Social Security and Veterans benefits for the month of August 2011.

So the head of the Social Security Administration was questioned as to how these benefits would not be paid (Obama had threatened to stop Social Security payments on 3 Aug.).

The committee found that Social Security does not have the authority to issue checks.

The Social Security checks are issued by the Treasury Department headed by Timothy Geithner.

Even Geithner does not have the authority to not issue Social Security unless he is directed by President Obama to not issue the checks.

Pres.Obama alone will be responsible if Social Security checks are not issued starting on August 3, 2011.

Every senior citizen and every American should work to remove this tyrant from the White House in 2012.


  1. Social Security is ours and the Government has no business to withhold it. People need to start educating themselves as to how the thieves are ripping us off. We are to be free people and not slaves to the government in which we elected. They forget, we are their boss!

  2. this site sucks

    1. If you are going to say something, at least explain yourself. "This site sucks" means very little if you don't explain your position . In what way? Is the alternative format not to your liking? Do you find that the comments require too much research to understand what is being said? Is the site fraught with comments that are not covered in the governemnt controlled media and you are having difficulty connecting the dots? Or is it you just have a strong aversion to being informed on what is really happening around you and you don't like being kept in the dark? Perhaps, reading a little more would reduce your aversion to being informed and reminded at how well conditioned we are to not question anything we are taught. Realizing that we have been duped by our government, institutions of learning, etc and being made aware of it does indeed suck but the site that makes us aware of thses crimes against humanity is not the cause of our frustration.