Working on a new private non-google affiliated blog for nesaranews

I am totally Microsoft free and working on being Google free.

Google has been screwing with nesaranews and I'm not too happy about it.

Google has been killing links to certain published posts and they

clip the archives for the first half of the month.

Try and find any archives for 3 weeks ago. Not there until after the new month starts.

When John Machaffie was alive, Google screwed him out of money he earned through Google Analyctics.

If I remember right it was around $16,000. Time to get away from the cabal owned platform Blogger.

So, here is the link to the new blog I am working on. It is held on my server.

Please feel free to take a look. It will be developing over the next couple weeks.


Monday, December 5, 2011




  2. A very good read for those who are not "clear" on what NESRA is going to do for humanity.

    Highly suggested that you read this link. Well worth it.

  3. John,
    I am confused!! In one of the aside columns "Full Galactic Disclosure" The statements that Obama is to release Disclosure, and that he is one of the "good" guys. What gives? All of your info has declared that Obama is treasonous and should be impeached among other things!!

  4. Anon 3:12 --- do you own discernment. My views about Obama are based on his actions. Maybe he is a double agent ---!

    I don't buy it!

  5. As John MacHaffie stated "he might be a double agent" but disinformation is a way to divide and conquer. But certain sites say "he is one of the goodguys" while we see Obama dismantaling our country. This is a sure way to confuse the issue with those who read something other than the mainstream news. I feel there is a day coming soon when the fat shall hit the fan. But we must be the ones who get to write the true history insead of the ones who right or wrong history to fit their plans.

  6. What he(Obama) does speaks so loud that what he says I cannot hear. Shape shifter.....I don't get a warmth that resonates from Light and Love. I get a feeling in my gut whenever I read anything that indicates he is a "good" guy. Is this a test for truthseekers?