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Monday, February 27, 2012

"More Bank Resignations, Total Now: 81"

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Reader W, link: "More Bank Resignations, Total Now: 81"
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 27-Feb-2012 20:35:07

(Thanks, W. :)
Reader W. writes:
A bunch more resigned today! Current count is 81 Bank executives have resigned!
Details here:


  1. Reader: "Where are they all going?"
    Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail] Date: Monday, 27-Feb-2012 20:51:25.In Response To: Reader W, link: "More Bank Resignations, Total Now: 81" (hobie).;read=231834***(Thanks, T. :)..... Just a guess: They've been "made an offer they can't refuse". :).... And, if we're about to see new currency and new banking,the "old ways" by which bankers could make a fortune,won't be workable any more.ReaderThomas writes: ......///
    Hi Hobie, The saying use to be, follow the money. Now that may have changed to be, follow the bankers. Where are they all going? Anyone know? Is the saying going to hold true? Birds of a feather flock together. I wonder? Blessings of Inspiration Thomas ///
    Articles In This Thread: Reader W, link: "More Bank Resignations, Total Now: 81" (views: 494) hobie -- Monday, 27-Feb-2012 20:35:07///Reader: "Where are they all going?" (views: 239)hobie,- Monday, 27-Feb-2012 20:51:25;read=231836 **********
    A dyslexic bard with compulsive writing disorder. ...for more...

  2. first post: Monday, February 20, 2012. SO IT BEGINS - The Take Down of the International Banking Criminal Cabal. *** Mon, Febr 20,2012, The Final Warning to the Interna-tional Bankers.It is hard to determine who created this..(....)Are world governments or some other po-
    wer behind this message? Read between the lines.... ..8:20..***************
    ... ...for more...***********
    Saturday, February 25, 2012, BANKERS LOOT GREEK GOLD.The other shoe drops in the Greek Debt crisis. All those bogus and double sold derivatives and swaps, were about confiscation of the Greek national gold! 111.6 tonnes of it! Insolvent European banks have amended the Greek constitution, to allow them to confiscate Greek gold! is reporting that "the Greek population is about to lose its gold in a perfectly legitimate fashion, following amendments to the country's constitution, by unelected banker technocrats, who will make it legal for Greek creditors - read insolvent European banks - to plunder the Greek gold, which at last check amounts to 111.6 tonnes according to the WGC. And so we come full circle to what the ultimate goal of banker intervention in the European periphery is - nothing short of full gold confiscation."
    111.6 metric tonnes of gold at $1700/troy ounce is equal to US$ 6,099,639,644. The charts at Zerohedge also shows the other three countries with high gold reserves are Italy, Portugal and Spain. The PIIGS have Gold. Hmmm...shades of FDR's gold confiscation on behalf of the Federal Reserve. update 2/26/12 Another article on this subject: ********* ...for more...