Monday, April 2, 2012

Dinar Intel - Global reset of currencies per Bloomberg

[pooka] hi everyone, bloomberg just said there is a global reset of all currencies going on now. that's all they said then went onto the next subject. but i heard it with me own ears. Yeah

[cat-in-the-hat] There is a video from fox business in recaps that interviewed two guys and on this video suggested that we will see a 'global reset of currencies '. This was on FOX BUSINESS.

[Papa Bear] All is done on Rv and are just waiting for the windows. I report you decide..Rates will drop in on huge amount of countries just not Burma which appeared last night

mimi48] [GiveForward] mimi48 ncbizman said he was looking towards the 2:15 alignment which was also a positive statement insight of what his PB said. Don't think our peeps picked up on that! I sure am praying hard and fully believe today could be our RV day!

[mimi48] ncbizman] Ok so my private banker says they don't have updated rate yet but they are 100% expecting anytime so keep faith it could show anytime God Bless u all and know its coming

ncbizman] Bluwolf spoke to my private banker today no rate change yet but they are fully expecting it anytime and on high alert I've been with this PB for years


 [gigi01] bluwolf I heard that....and since it is in the International Basket...would that mean that the "reports" in the news about this already occurring...would be the In Country RV for Myanmar?..or just smoke? Thanks.


ncbizman] I see Bluwolf said burma was not in basket so I assume that's not really tied to our RV but that's ok cause our time is near

 [bluwolf] ncbizman I SAID IT IS

[Studley] wildwes35 my take is simple, this is a process, there are many issues I can't, nor anyone should put out in a public forum, it affects the system, but Moon is still in Iraq overseeing final issues, banks are expecting it anytime, but it is a very complicated system that is unpredictable

 [smoothmoves] Studley, respectfully Secretary Moon is not in Iraq currently. His daily itinerary is listed on the UN website. He is not scheduled to be in Iraq today. Thank You

 [Studley] smoothmoves they cannot let you know exactly where top leaders are, it is a security issue


  1. Bloomberg today ran this article about birth of fiat currency, why today and somebody heard them mention it on TV.

  2. I mentioned this once before. A friend who was owner of a small bank in KY and who was #6 when they gave out numbered receipts in 1992 for their investments into "O", can find nothing about this. Two nieces who I purchased units for in 1998, have been working in a bank for 6 years now. They can't find anything on this rv either. This is all top secret information and yet somehow a select few have access to it ??

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  4. only a few know about the world RV ,? No other country or media or relative in other countries has spilled the information?only the gurus know ,out of millions of people connected to RV ,in 169 countries no one knows about the RV ?, no forums no media , even Russia does not talk about it?
    The 2 countries that are in RV are both countries USA invaded and put sanctions on ,
    A USA marine said he loaded when bush was in office a 40 ft container full and filled completely with Iraqi dinar ?
    Shipped to to USA , receiver George bush ? Trillions of dinar ?it be interesting to find out the dinar sellers were they got there Iraqi dinars from ,George bush money laundering company , we all got bought,paid ,traded for ?.is Iraqi saying it will RV to the world ?has china said any thing ,Vietnam said anything in news or wiki files ?all this RV is guru talk a lot from USA marine sources ,I would like proof ,fact,evidence out side of guru talk,
    I want to believe as others too but ,it's always from sources and 99% is false,people have found doc about Obama but nothing world wide about the RV ?it seems no one knows a thing?it seams it's money laundering stolen Iraqi dinar to me,I got notes with same serial numbers ,mate has 8 notes with same numbers ?
    Prove me wrong ?show me I'm wrong ,give me concrete evidence to believe ?

  5. Why would anyone with billions of dollars of Iraqi money want to sell it when it is going to RV at a very high rate??? Rich guys just don't give their money away. Rich guys usually can't get rich enough and hoard their money. There is so much about this RV debacle that just doesn't add up to be a legitimate thing. The people that are selling the Dinars won't ever be held accountable because it is a risky investment, just like buying stock. You cannot go back to them and sue because the fact is it was a gamble in the first place. But so many hold onto that false hope thinking that hopeing for it will make the red flags go away. It is called denial, gullibility, stupid people ignoring the in your face facts that plainly show the reality and they keep their heads in the sand. Sheeeeeeeeeple.