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Monday, June 4, 2012

SAD TRUTH -- by Judge Dale

By:  Judge Dale

While I’m pointing a figure at the intelligence level of the American public, I wish to add this little FACT:

The Dinar Guru’s are being or have been threatened by the Government or the Federal Reserve System with felony arrest, should they publish the Revaluation of Currency and a Rate, which is premised upon the idea that this can some how be construed as, “INSIDER TRADING”?  REALLY?

This is certainly a sad state of affairs especially since 90% of the American Public has been so horrifically dumbed down by our politicians; educational system and media, that they do not know the difference between Legitimate Investment and Insider Trading? 

So … allow me teach you the difference:

An [Investment] is based upon speculation, as in this case, of a currency revaluation, is not an Inside Trade!  This is a Legitimate Investment!

An [Inside Trade] means that some investor has received [secret corporate information] that two companies are about too merge (or) a company is about to release a new product, which will double the corporate assets and as such, the value of the corporate stock is expected to split or double!  The investor who then purchases a truck load of stock in either company, based solely upon this [secret corporate information] is guilty of felony Insider Trading!

NOTE: It did not take a genius to realize that when the US Military petitioned to “devalue” the Dinar, prior to DESERT STORM, that one day the Dinar would “revalue” once again! 

Currency Devaluation: Is an offensive tactic designed to attack the economy of a country, while attacking them militarily! 

This is speculation and is a “Legitimate Investment” and not some secret corporate information or “Inside Trade”!


1] Maliki has never been a good man and is George W. Bush’s man in Iraq.  The Bush Family, if you remember, is responsible for exporting crude from the Middle East, in order to drive up the price of oil in the United States.  Maliki was appointed to head up the new government of Iraq by George W. Bush, which means that George and his father, get to control what happens with that country as long as Maliki remains in charge! 

Hence, the reason for the recent NO CONFIDENCE VOTE by the new Iraqi Government!

2] Considering the fact that the Middle East consistently votes against the United States on 78% of United Nations proposals, it was important for the Criminal Cabal to gain a foothold in the Middle East! 

Hence, the continual CIA staged Middle Eastern conflicts; the theft of Gold from Iran and the appointment of Maliki!

3] The private corporate Communist Federal Government for the United States; the ad-hoc President, Obama; the Israeli owned private corporate Federal Reserve System and the Bilderberg Group, do not want the World Revaluation of Currency [Basil III] to succeed because it will destroy their FIAT Corporations; their Control and FIAT Currency! 

Hence, the European Union [EURO] is about too collapse and the [US DOLLAR] isn’t far behind!  [i.e.] The US doesn’t need the Dinar or the Dong to revalue, we investors do!  Whenever the US Federal Government needs money, they simply print more [called counterfeit] and add it to the National Debt balance [called debt perpetuation]!

4] The Dinar is already a Basil III currency.  The release of its value is being blocked by the Obama and Maliki on orders from the Cabal!  These people are not your friends.  They will murder you and sell your children in a moment’s notice, if it profits them!  They are the Devil’s Disciples and actually participate in satanic rituals!

5] If the exchange RATE of a revalued Foreign Currency comes in high, it will have a ZERO affect upon that countries economy!  [e.g.]  If [1] Dinar exchanges for [60] Federal Reserve Notes; that means that the US Dollar is completely valueless in comparison to the Dinar!  Basil III does not lie!  Politicians and Governments lie! 

Hence, the EURO and the DOLLAR is only valuable as long as the people can be fooled to believe that they have value and truth is what scares and panics the Criminal Cabal! 

YES…our Federal Government is the military arm of the Cabal; London is the financial arm of the Cabal and the Vatican is the spiritual arm of the Cabal!  All three are separate FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS who have combined together to dominate the WORLD!  They only have power and control as long as they have the funds to facilitate and bribe.  Their demise is more important than you controlling millions of worthless FRN’s!

If you people don’t understand and accept this simple truth, your future; fate and the fate of your children will be sealed in death and slavery!  Love each other and yourselves and not that which is Caesar’s …
If my statements have offended anyone or group of American’s, “suck it up” because that is what I intended!


  1. Ah Judge Dale, great message. It made me think.
    For the insider trading, I think it's closer to what happens when someone pushes penny stocks, and they make out with the proceeds from the purchase even as the stock doesn't move as they had pumped it to the public.

    The public is left holding penny stocks until the company either produces a profit making the stock rise, or the company goes under or they get tired of holding it and dump it for less than they paid for it.

    The second point that made me think was, yes, the value of the investment that people aren't so sure of.

    Just watching gold, if 1 oz used to sell for $400, and now 1 oz sells for $1600, that means the gold is worth more than the money used to purchase it, and at some point you'd have to be crazy to sell your gold for worthless currency.

    1,000,000 dinar for 1170 U.S. dollars, means it takes a lot of Dinars to get 1 U.S. dollar.

    As they post that they can turn in 1 Dinar and get 10 U.S. dollars or that the rate is as high as 1 Dinar for 30 U.S. Dollars; it's clear where the value lies.

    I would give something of value in return for a lot of something that is worthless and worth less every day that progresses because I live in that place where the currency is worth less and I will have to spend that worth less currency and the Dinar would have been my stored value of wealth, just like gold would have been someone else's stored value of wealth.

    As with all investments, some research before entering, and if there is no research materials, it's at the investor's own risk.

    Funny thing is, I don't see any risk in owning Dinar, unless you have the old currency that is out of circulation, you are probably holding a stored value of wealth and when you need the money, you can do the conversion into your currency and purchase what you need.

    This article really made me think.

    Disclosure: I do not have any Dinar.

  2. Well said - the truth is finally being told. The dinar hopium reminds me of the prosperity program hopium we used to read - how much longer are these so called guru's going to believe this BS?

    People invested in the dinar and prosperity programs to make a buck. There is no buck to be made and it is all hype. Be sensible folks - no one is going to give you a million dollars for a small investment. Ain't gonna happen - The bad boys will make sure of that.

    1. Anon 9:50 you do not understand the dinar investmet at all, and you do not understand what the Judge wrote.... you think negitive and you saw negitive...

    2. How can you read the entire article the come out with that slant on it? Hmmmm, troll?

    3. Currencies fluctuate on a daily basis just like stocks and commodities do, enabling those who know the ins-and-out to make a good profit. Many people make a good living on just trading stocks, currencies and/or commodities. Duh! That's why we have stock markets and commodity exchanges, casas de cambio and banks. I have a friend who has done very, very, very well just exchanging the the little old peso! Don't knock it!

    4. Mr anonymous, are you kidding me? You compare everyday trading to this "Dinar thing"? Your friend has never ever made and never ever will make 500,000% profit on one trade, that should tell you how "reliable" this dinar thing info is. You can buy dinars for $40.00 and cash it out for $200,000.00, oh pleeeese. It's possible if US currency is in hyper inflation for a year or two when milk costs $20,000.00/gal.

  3. Anon 9:50, The Judge didn't say the Dinar investment wasn't real. It's because it's real that the Gurus would be charged. If it wasn't real there could be no crime that the government could claim. Ken

  4. All this sounds great, bad, confusing and insane. My question is, when will these bastard financial terrorist of the world be arrested and held accountable?

  5. Judge Dale knows some things not many folks would be privileged to be in the know of, because Judge Dale is familiar with the Admiralty Maritime illegal mafia system of judging you, based upon what you say can and will and is being used against you, throughout your entire life, NOT just in a courtroom. And you don't understand what that means.

    However intellectual, this timeline does not include anything to do with doom and gloom or catastrophic disastrous scenarios.

    This timeline is out of the box of your regular scheduled mind programming going on in your head 24/7 since the time of your birth and before.

    It all turns out absolutely wonderful, but in your mind programming, anything that is presented too good to be true is a foreign affair and is rejected and denied as being anything real.

    You folks are in quite the perplexing circumstances in your minds. You don't know what to believe, that idea was all taken care of for you in the very beginning.

    This whole timeline is a galactic agenda. Period. You cannot begin to wrap your minds around that idea and what it really means. You have been intentionally distracted living in a sea of chaos and confusion and are unable to be certain about anything.

    This is why the best is saved for the last, at the very last minute. To get the attention of your mind where you could never do it before on your own.

    The incredible amount of information that is about to come at you none stop, is designed with the element of surprise with an extreme shock value to it that will command your strict attention from then on.

    The reason for that is so you may learn something new that has been very foreign and unfamiliar.

    You cannot do that right now because the pay is not too good and you would not agree with the circumstances required. It's groundhog day where nothing goes nowhere fast and everything stays the same.

  6. I am very interested in not only your comments but from what you are drawing your information from. It seems to me that you are aware of much more than you divulge. You mentioned the entire timeline being a galactic agenda. This intriques me. Would you mind extrapolating a little on that concept? I thought Judge Dale's comments were very enlightening and informative. My primary drive is always to gain more knowledge of the way things really are and cut out the superfluous confetti that is so abundant in all that I learn from others. Please, I am interested to know what you know about the "out of the box" concepts that you mentioned.

  7. We have all been played for fools. We have all been duped. It turns out that "Judge DALE" is a hoax. All of the online articles that are fraudulently attributed to "Judge DALE" are also hoaxes. The people behind the hoax have already admitted it.

    The online LEGAL author that we think of as "Judge DALE" is actually "Rodney DALE Class", an amateur legal theorist who barely got through high school and who was NEVER a judge anytime at anywhere. (The real online author of the new NON-LEGAL articles, the so-called "DINAR forgeries", is a different fraudulent impersonator, but is likewise not a judge either). Despite never going to college or to law school and despite never actually becoming a lawyer or a judge, "Rodney DALE Class" has simply made-up an entire amateur belief system about the law and the legal system that he teaches to hundreds of other devoted amateurs. Not a single one of "Rodney DALE Class'" amateur legal theories or self-glorifying "war stories" can withstand even the slightest amount of factual or legal verification (ex: "BOMBSHELL!!!! I have just obtained my FOURTH administrative ruling which proves that all governments and government agencies are 'private entities', in fact, corporations!!!!"). All of "Rodney DALE Class'" claims are verifiably false. But, the falsity of "Rodney DALE Class' claims are not our concern here. He is NOT the driving force behind the "Judge DALE Hoax".

    The actual people behind the "Judge DALE Hoax" are professional hoaxers. They do nothing by create fake documents (their specialty) in support of online hoaxes. These people decided to peddle "Rodney DALE Class'" amateur belief system about the law and the legal system to the American people through a series of fake documents that they themselves actually created (their specialty), but which they told the American people were written by "retired federal judge" named, "Judge DALE" (using Rodney DALE Class's Middle name, "DALE", as an inside joke). Among the forgeries that these people fraudulently attributed to this fake "retired federal judge" include: "Lawfully Yours"; "The Matrix And The US Constitution" and "The Great American Adventure: Secrets Of America". Not surprisingly, these people peddle these forgeries form their own personal websites. Almost all of the online articles that are fraudulently attributed to "Judge DALE" are actually re-prints of section five of the final forgery listed above under new names ("Judge Spills The Beans"; "Judge Turns Whistle Blower"; "Legal Advice From Retired Federal Judge", etc.).

    Reach whatever conclusion you wish about the law and the legal system. But, do not base your conclusions on a pathetic internet hoax.

  8. I love Judge Dale, but who is he? is it a pen name? How can I get his bio, is he anonymous? I can't explain this to my readers.

  9. "Judge DALE" is actually "Rodney DALE Class", an amateur legal theorist with barely a high school education who was never a judge anywhere at any time. Simply Google "Rodney DALE Class" or "Rod Class".

    Despite pretending to be a "retired federal judge" and despite pretending to be an expert in the law when posting fake legal articles online, Rodney DALE Class has actually LOST EVERY SINGLE CASE IN WHICH HE HAS EVER BEEN INVOLVED (35 CONSECUTIVE LOSSES AND STILL COUNTING). The reason that Rodney DALE Class ("Judge DALE") consistently LOSSES every single case in which he has ever been involved is because he mistakenly believes in a IMAGINARY legal system that he mistakenly believes is an ALTERNATIVE to the REAL legal system that is actually used by the courts. But, this IMAGINARY ALTERNATIVE to the actual legal system used by the costs is NOT REAL. IT IS ENTIRELY FAKE. So, it doesn't work. It never has. it never will.

    As of today, the most complete information on the "Judge DALE Hoax" is on Go to Go to the "book" there entitled, "The Great American Adventure" allegedly written by "Judge DALE" ("Rodney DALE Class"). Go to the book review by snoop4truth. The footnotes to that book review has information about the "Judge DALE Hoax" and the people behind it that is not yet available anywhere else on the web.