Tuesday, July 31, 2012


31 July 2012
MESSAGE FROM METATRON ~ through Amuna Ra The Coming of Our Craft

You yourself have realised that our advent is imminent, that it will be at the Olympic Games and that there will not be terrorism as such, except that plotted by the governments and state control forces. There may well be maverick opportunists who utilise the at first chaotic reaction to our coming, the coming of the Star Nations en masse, to terrorise and steal for their own ends. But the Star Councils of Light will ensure that this will not continue, and that order will be restored with the least violence possible.

The Dark Forces are preparing for this event, which is why it has been disseminated on the internet that a fake star landing will be staged, to throw people off the scent that what will happen is in fact real and taking place in the moment. The meditations sending the Love in your Hearts for all humankind with the intent for the best possible outcome are having an effect. Do continue, dear ones, to hold the world events in London in your daily meditations and to call on the assistance of the Star Councils of Light, for it helps greatly to ensure that the events predicted for the 4 August in the Manton Drove crop circle take place in as smooth a way as possible.

We would encourage you to speak with as many people as possible about the coming of the craft of the Star Councils of Light, of the coming of the Star Beings openly to make contact with the peoples of earth and to stabilise the world situation. We will ensure that your ruling bodies are stabilised by the replacement of many of your world leaders with those who work for the light and are dedicated to the wholesome evolution of the earth. These people are already in place behind the scenes or waiting to step into the positions of power. They have necessarily been veiled before the time was come, both for their own safety, and so that the coming of the Star Nations may take place as planned.

We ask you all who are partially aware of these imminent events to stand firm through the apparent chaos which may at first develop and to trust in our good intent and our ability to stabilise the situation in a relatively short time. We need your steadfastness, your love and trust, in order to reassure the people of the planet earth that there are those who understand what is happening and who welcome your star brothers and sisters. For it is true that all earth people are connected at some time in their past to the stars. We are all family, and there has been much interconnection between the star beings and your planet over the ages past. Now the earth has reached a critical stage in its evolution, and it is necessary to work together once more, the people of earth and the star beings who have always supported your development.

For behind the gods of ancient times stood your star families: in all the great early civilisations of your world like Ancient Egypt and the Mesopotamian cultures, India and China and the Mayans, and the Greek and Norse gods, and right through till now in the indigenous peoples of your world, who have retained a direct connection to the star people and the spirits of the living world around them. Many, many of you in the so-called civilised parts of your planet have also re-awakened to your star origins and are establishing your own direct connection once more through expanding your conscious mind to encompass these realities and to come into communication with us through channelling.

We call on you all to speak out fearlessly of what you know in your inner beings, to ease the rapid waking up and acceptance of what will shortly take place upon your planet. People will become aware for the first time that UFOs are real space craft, that 'aliens' are your star family, that the star beings come to help the world and offer the priceless gifts of their advanced light technologies. These people will need the help of those who have had longer to come to an understanding of these matters. Your task, dear ones, is to reassure and to help people comprehend what is happening, to tell people that you have been in communication with these star beings for some time, and that their intent is wholly benign, for they wish only to help the peoples of the earth.

AMUNA RA: Why did Quetzalcoatl-Kukulcan use the words 'cataclysmic' and 'terrorism' about the Olympic Games in the Polar Clock crop circle channelling about 4 August?

METATRON: Oh dear one, it was to rouse you to action. You needed to be stirred sufficiently to give disseminate it widely along with the meditation calling on the Star Councils of Light to assist, which has helped prepare for our coming. There will be some maverick 'terrorism' as I mentioned above, but the major event (which we could not reveal at that early stage for it would have prejudiced the outcome), will be the coming en masse of the Star Nations to the earth. They will come in such numbers that your governments will immediately recognise that resistance by force would be useless. There will be great confusion and initial chaos which some will view as 'cataclysmic', but this will be calmed relatively quickly as the realisation spreads that this meeting with your star brothers and sisters is a most joyous occasion.`
Commentary from The Galactic Free Press` We Found this On Facebook, there is no link to refer too. As a Tea we read this Information and Agreed On the Validity whch is why we have Posted. Thank You for Focusing In on All Possiblities. WE Love You, Love Mother and Father God and The Earth Allies


  1. Changing Your name does not give you credibility.

  2. Doesn't read nor feel like Metatron and I've read older channels from that One, and the Law of One Ra channels, has a way of word formation that is not in tune with this.

    Someone is putting their own interpretation here.
    Research old Metatron channels, one can be found on alienshift site. Compare the message and wording.

    The cabal plays both sides.
    I remember the Pepsi Challenge a long time ago. I can tell the difference between the two easy. But I was surprised how some people had not honed the skills of their taste buds. They would say they were a Coke drinker and then when told to select which was which, they failed every time.

    Is that a pre-cursor to making critical decisions based on what they 'think they know', or 'think they feel', when they haven't honed in on those skills needed by now?

    Interesting times ahead...which road will you choose?
    There is no right or wrong answers, and there IS an experience at the end of each one.

    Much love.

    1. I guess it could go either way!
      But as all channeled material we read, surely the law of average will show that some are correct but many others not.
      Truth is how you feel within oneself so what message we get, if it resonates, then its true.
      Just need to channel so i can have my own truth and by that i mean hearing stuff i don't want to hear.
      Too easy to publish online what we want / don't want to hear.
      Discernment folks