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     Sometimes when something is not reported to you, it just means there is more to learn about a subject if you want to know more about it. Sometimes when something is not reported to you, it is deliberate in order to control your thinking and beliefs by not letting you know the entire truth so you can make a fair and honest conclusion in a field the evil want to control you in. In important fields, censorship can be used as a form of lying in order to trick you into the opinions and beliefs the evil want to convince you is the truth. The evil hire highly educated people to tell them how to control the thinking, actions, and beliefs of the common people by censorship of the truth from them. Let's show you some examples how this is done! By the way, the censored news media and the censored history textbooks are two of their ways of controlling your thinking by censoring the truth from you the American people.
      Yesterday is a day the Black slaves were all freed in America by federal law on Dec. 18, 1865! Isn't that wonderful?!! But part of this history how Wash., D.C. "helped" the now freed Black slaves is deliberately censored from the history books of the public schools of America. The Union Army occupied the whole South by Dec. 18, 1865 so they saw this following happening, reported it to Wash., D.C. and Wash., D.C. did nothing to save the lives of the "just freed" Black slaves of the South. From the winter of 1865 into 1866, over 500,00 "just freed" Black slaves starved to death due to federal policy of Wash., D.C.! How wonderful the just freed Black slaves were just "freed" from life to six feet under buried in graves across the South because of federal policy towards them! Wash., D.C. could have shipped food to the South to feed the starving Blacks in the South. Instead, the feds just turned their heads the other way and let the Southern Blacks mass die by starvation as federal genocide policy against the Blacks living in the South. This is one of the legal reasons why I want Blacks living in the South to share in the vast genocide settlements to the South when we collect from Wash., D.C. for a 150 year long genocide policy against the South, but censored from your history books and news media. Dr. Goebbels of Nazi Germany would have been proud of the propaganda arm of the federal government keeping the American people lied to and controlled by federally sponsored censorship across America.
      One of the last reports of Confederate Intelligence in 1865 and I read the secret Confederate reports, they reported that Abraham Lincoln had been assassinated by Northern bankers because he was going to make permanent Lincoln Greenbacks which would block creating massive debts to the big bankers by creating debt-free national money instead. As the London Times reported in London, England, the bankers had to block the permanent establishment of Lincoln Greenbacks as it would make America too prosperous as a nation and the bankers would then lose control of the American economy to keep it in perpetual debt to the banking interests. As a banking memorandum sent to Northern banks during the "Civil War" stated, they wanted Black slavery eliminated as this was only slavery of the Blacks. They wanted to use the "Civil War" as the legal excuse to make all Americans their slaves instead by putting all Americans into perpetual debt to them through debt issued money instead of debt-free Lincoln Greenbacks. This history is censored from your history books as it tells the truth and truth is an orphan in America and not heard when the interests of the evil are at stake.
      Lt. Gen. P.A. del Valle, USMC Ret. told me at his home at Annapolis MD that he was violating his security oath by telling me this, but understood once he was dead, I was free to tell the American people the truth on this. Wall Street bankers financed Hitler into power in Germany in order to start a World War II the big bankers could make big profits off of financing a world war and also create more political power in America using the war as their excuse to design the government the way they wanted to in Wash., D.C. Secret Pentagon intelligence files had copies of the intercepted communications between Wall Street bankers and Adolf Hitler as they financed him into national power. I think the General said it was two payments of $16,000,000 each which put Hitler into national power in Germany. The General said once Hitler won national power in Germany, he contacted Bernard Baruch and asked him to carry out now his promises to Hitler to use his influence in Wash., D.C. to get Germany peacetime financial assistance from Wash., D.C. to get the German economy back on its feet again. No answer back from Bernard Baruch. Hitler contacts him a second time. No answer back from Bernard Baruch. Hitler now mad makes threats to Bernard Baruch. If Bernard Baruch (who had arranged the finances for Hitler to win Germany) did not honor his word to Hitler, then Hitler could get serious about the Jews. He had used the Jews as a scapegoat to win national power with in Germany, but could get serious about going after the Jews in Germany if he decided to. Bernard Baruch finally answered Hitler back. "I am an American Jew, not a German Jew, and do not give a damn what happens to German Jews." With that Hitler knew that he had been set up as a patsy by the banking interests, so planned revenge on them.
     This part the General did not know about. I got this directly confirmed later on from a German captain who personally commanded Hitler's personal bodyguard at his mountain retreat. Nazi intelligence found the plan of Bernard Baruch after heading the U.S. War Industry in World War I as its "industrial czar" in effect under President Woodrow Wilson. He discussed the idea the world war suggested to him how to boom any industrial economy of the world into national prosperity and full employment. The Nazi leadership liked the idea of Bernard Baruch the American people ignored as they were in a party mood after winning the world war and could not be bothered by serious matters. The Nazis set up Bernard Baruch's industrial economic system with a few German touches added to it and codenamed it "The Inverted Inflation." It worked so great and so fast, soon Germany had the fastest growing industrial economy in Europe and probably the world and all of Germany was now employed at good paying jobs. Business was happy as economic times were good in Germany. No one was opposed to Hitler due to the fastest booming national economy in Europe. Austria voted to join with Germany as they wanted to partake of this Nazi prosperity they now envied! I found out about this top economic secret of Nazi Germany when I got curious why Germany financed the rearmament of Germany a decade ahead of what American and European economists said they could. I cracked their economic secret and when challenged by economists I couldn't be right, I got the testimony of this exile German captain Hitler had boasted to of the great economic secret of Nazi Germany codenamed "The Inverted Inflation."
     When this was confirmed that I had been right on the Nazi economic secret, I then got to study under six of the most brilliant economists of America and Europe who each trained me to be their successor to even their most advanced secret economic studies of which some key items could not be taught in the colleges and universities of America and Europe because the evil in secret control would not let the truth be taught in some key aspects of national economics and economic science in general.
      When a history major at a large university, my fellow students used to be fascinated by all the details of history I dug up and showed them why history turned out the way it did in the world. This deep understanding of historical principles was very useful in many aspects of military intelligence where even the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Pentagon once secretly recruited me to work with them in certain aspects of national security, but so secret, even the White House did not know of my connection then to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
      Right now what you don't want to hear, but in top circles of Wash., D.C., secret Satanists and allies have a very good grip over Wash., D.C. They are pulling the secret strings of Wash., D.C. at this time! I think they tried to murder Ronald Reagan because he was too honest as a President of America and they did not like anyone in the White House who was too honest and could not be controlled by them behind the scenes. I was a good friend of Dr. Richard Eby of Victorville, CA who was a good friend of Richard Nixon when in the White House. One day President Nixon called up his friend in Victorville, CA and told him that he had tried to run for the White House to do what was right for the American people. But secret people told him what to do in the White House and he was just their front for them in Wash., D.C. When President Kennedy threatened he was soon going to expose who was secretly running Wash., D.C., he was shot a few days later in Dallas, Texas which a retired C.I.A. official on his deathbed admitted to his nephew that he had been one of the C.I.A. officials who planned the assassination of President Kennedy. They got him before he got them. He had already stated that he would soon abolish C.I.A. And he was going to replace federal reserve money with honest national money. Fatal words for a President of America! He was shot and everyone in Wash., D.C. all coordinated together to hide that C.I.A. had murdered President Kennedy.
      I tripped up the plans of this evil clique to put America under a military takeover in October, 2012, but I got word from two sources in the last 24 hours that they want a fresh start at taking over America. C.I.A. is very thick and heavy in evil events going on in America now. Due to censorship by Wash., D.C., their moves are well hid from you the American people. And it serves no useful purpose if I tell you what I have learned about a number of recent bad events that have now occurred in America and to America. In a land dominated by evil, nothing is more dangerous than telling the truth to the people. When the people are brainwashed one way by censorship, they fiercely resist the truth when shown to them. We needed a Savior of Jesus Christ to love the truth instead of corruption and lies as too many do now in America.
      Changing a bit the direction of censorship in America, let's briefly cover two fields which are religion and national health. In religion, thanks to those already ordering the book "Our Early Roots Of Apostolic Christianity" by Erasmus of America (my pen name). Some are sending in at the regular price of $25.00 while the book is being offered. Others are using the Christmas bonus offer of ordering it for $20.00 if ordered before Dec. 25, 2012. Let's show you some tricks of censorship to control you in religion. Some Protestant scholars wrote that making the sign of the cross was a "pagan" practice "invented" by the Roman Catholic Church during the Middle Ages. I found the early Christian writings of such as Tertullian around 200 A.D. referring to making the sign of the cross over their bodies as an "ancient practice of Christians'  in the Roman Empire. I suspect during the persecutions of the Christians then, this might have been like a Masonic sign would be given in a crowd. A fellow Mason knows the sign but not the non-Masons. This way Christians could identify each other without pagans catching on to what was going on then. Now some scholar had to invent this lie against the Catholic Church for copycat scholars to repeat in order to smear the Catholic Church with a fraudulent issue invented out of thin air. But the gullible believe such lies because they want an excuse for their hatred against their brethren. And the King James Bible had the identical canon of books in its Old Testament as the Catholic Vulgate Bible did. Then some dishonest Christian source removed several books from the King James Bible as originally issued and authorized and so in the late 19th century suddenly we have an abridged version of the Bible passed out as the entire King James Bible, but no longer the version authorized by the King James of England. This has created much division in Christianity invented by planted enemies pretending to be real Christians. In case you think I am picking on some Protestant sources and not the Catholics, I am nearly done with all the chapters of "Our Early Roots Of Apostolic Christianity" and in maybe two or three days prepare the chapter on how the Catholic Church came up with the teaching of Purgatory. I was surprised where early Christian writings led me to. I merely follow the trail of truth and see where it leads me. I get educated myself by the results I find in ancient Christian writings. Did early Christianity teach a Purgatory or not? The answer will startle Roman Catholics, Greek Orthodox Catholics, and Protestants. The answer which no church expected surprises even me! Without stating where I ended up landing, the old saying goes, "Where there is enough smoke, there is usually some fire!" This may be an answer no one expected and all sides forced to agree that it matches Bible teachings.
      I  play no favorites. I criticized very hard the Catholic position of not wanting ordinary Christians to read the Bible around the time of Martin Luther. This was a contradiction of early Apostolic Christianity teaching it wanted all Christians to read Holy Scriptures if possible. This violated Apostolic policy, not formal doctrines. I just completed the chapter on what early Christianity taught was Paradise. No church Catholic or Protestant is teaching what early Christianity taught about Paradise. This is a startling message not heard today as the churches have lost too much of their roots with Apostolic Christianity and no longer know what was taught then as recorded in the first official writings still available to us today if we want to study them.
      Almost all the issues debated now in Christianity were already debated in early Christianity. As the old saying goes, 'Nothing is original under the sun. Everything has already been invented or said before in history!' And I found the early Christian writers to be very brilliant in their facts and logic. Many of the most brilliant scholars of the Roman Empire became Christian scholars. And their writings reflect their brilliance. Both Protestant and Catholic scholars would soon feel great respect for the quality of these early Christian writings if they seriously studied them as I did! They answered the questions of Christianity in our age and very thoroughly!
      I feel that those who back the revival of total Apostolic Christianity should be rewarded for such a noble deed for Christ, humanity, and the advancement of first Apostolic Christianity. So I arranged a surprise for them. I contacted a good friend of mine yesterday who is one of the smartest health brains in America. I arranged through him to line up for readers of my book being released very soon now, probably released middle of January, 2013 if all is on schedule, two of the best God-given answers to heal much to maybe nearly all of the health problems Americans face today. One person having a brother dying of diabetes in a hospital quietly brought to him one small tablet and one small capsule to take. Four hours later, the hospital was stunned into shock when his blood sugar went from a blood sugar count of 1720 down to 120 which is a normal count of a healthy person not having diabetes. The other God-given ingredient as people notice within minutes makes a face suddenly look younger and with repeated treatments appears to even remove wrinkles from their face, Also, people seem to indicate they judge that this is reversing their body to be a younger person and stopping aging in them. Let's be safe and say they feel they are getting younger, not that we know this is happening until firm tests confirm results are this stunning. I  have arranged that readers of my book will be offered ways to make income off of these products if they want to after first testing them personally for themselves. As I will not allow God-given health answers to be suppressed by the evil in power, any incident of any source trying to block or suppress these answers needed by Christians for good health, I will be filing legal charges of genocide against them under international law. President Ronald Reagan signed the Genocide Treaty and might as well make sure all covered in America who would violate it face the actual shock of being legally prosecuted under it in the end! I expect to have various dealings soon with some foreign governments over my father's Vatican endorsed great food discovery! I was always very good at dealing with people of other nations which is why I was on the International Supper Committee dealing with foreign exchange students while a history major at the university. And was very effective with foreign sources when in military intelligence. You don't need to worry if I soon am very involved with UN sources. I can use them in ways serving the interests of the American people, but at no time will I sell out the American people. I can't be bribed, threatened, etc. But all victories are based upon correct timing and correct strategy. Having spent eleven calendar years in military academies, I was trained with a military mind and know how to play to win for God, Country, and the American people. Secret information I just received indicates the evil want to do great harm soon to the American people. But their secret moves signal what  their coming plans are for you the American people.
      Again mentioning it. I arranged for those buying my book that they may be the only ones eligible in America to get special deals on some of these products. And with ways they can set up businesses on these incredible health products, maybe some of the first producing income with these products I lined up for them, the potential exists some of them may become millionaires off of these or else get residue income off of them maybe even for life. I twice took around $1,000 starting funds and created two national markets for products I launched of maybe $100 million or more
in sales the first year I came up with the products and marketing tactics to teach those who went into business as wholesale customers I lined up under my business which went national overnight each time. I showed my wholesale customers how to make mass profits with me is why the market for these products exploded overnight to cover all of America. 
      As I said, I put my Christian backers first as to who gets these special deals from me when I see the angle for a smart new product and how to market it either locally or else nationally. I intend to make the dedicated Christians the leaders of America by the finances I help them make in America and then the world market. As the Rothschilds practiced, he that hath the gold makes the rules of society. Time to give the Christians the money to make them the leaders of America instead of the evil rich pulling all the strings of society as happens today in America. Remember Abraham was both rich and the beloved of God. If used for good and not evil, God has no problem making you rich and blessed in life. The Babylonian Harlot Money System is when money is your god, not the God of the Bible. If used for good and God, not money is your god, it is not wrong to become rich for Christ and to do good in life,
      By the way, the Christmas bonus offer on my book is $20.00 for an order sent in by Dec. 25. After that, it will have to be $25.00 for a copy of this book. Send name, address, email address, etc. to NIFI at NIFI, P.O.. Box 1465,  
Seneca, SC 29679. SC residents add the 6 % sales tax on book orders. If needed, you can email me at . Or say "Add to List" if you want to be on my growing national email list! Tell your friends to see Nesara News right now if they would want my book or find health products that are great and should sell great in America. I will only give honest opinions and for the large quality of outstanding national reports I see on NESARA NEWS and I am not referring to mine as all authors think they have something to say or else they would not post their reports on blogs, I now think NESARA NEWS is now the finest national blog in America. Some others are very fine also, but I  frankly judge the best one in America is NESARA NEWS! You may quote me to your friends, etc.! 
     And I heavily promote NESARA NEWS in my book as I think this blog needs to be heavily publicized both for their quality of reports and also the integrity to promote the truth when others are too cowardly, corrupt, etc. to do what is right for America! So I say God bless NESARA NEWS! You are a model for other blogs to follow!
      The secret is they have this excellent editor both in brains and quality of editing his best blog in America now! So other supporters of NESARA NEWS join with me in saying, John, we love you, and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
     Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name for someone who believes that we celebrate Christmas to honor the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!


  1. What whoppers! Instead of calling himself Erasmus of America he should be Ananias of America.

    Acts 5(KJV)

    1 But a certain man named Ananias, with Sapphira his wife, sold a possession,

    2 And kept back part of the price, his wife also being privy to it, and brought a certain part, and laid it at the apostles' feet.

    3 But Peter said, Ananias, why hath Satan filled thine heart to lie to the Holy Ghost, and to keep back part of the price of the land?

    4 Whiles it remained, was it not thine own? and after it was sold, was it not in thine own power? why hast thou conceived this thing in thine heart? thou hast not lied unto men, but unto God.

    5 And Ananias hearing these words fell down, and gave up the ghost: and great fear came on all them that heard these things.

    6 And the young men arose, wound him up, and carried him out, and buried him.

    1. Jealousy, and for what? I see a manifestation of the fruits of evil from you. When you call works of the holy ghost to be works of the devil, the New Testament calls that blasphemy, and you can damn your soul to hell for all eternity, according to the New Testament.

    2. The Bible (KJV) is the word of God. How can Anonymous 1:33 twist them and call it the works of the devil?

      Spiritual warriors know this trick - use the Word of the Lord as your sword and evil will expose itself!