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Birth Certificate: Evidence Every American is Surety for Commercial Artificial Person

Birth Certificate: Evidence Every American is Surety for Commercial Artificial Person

By EJP  /   February 15, 2012  /
Birth Certificate of "ERIC JON PHELPS"
Unbelievable, but True!  Rome’s Jesuit Papacy has done it again, furthering the Great Whore’s damnable Counter-Reformation against us White Anglo-Saxon-Celtic Protestant and Baptist Middle Class peoples struggling within the pope’s “Holy Roman” Fourteenth Amendment, Cartel-Corporate-Fascist, Socialist-Communist, pro-Black/anti-White, pro-Female/anti-Male, pro-Roman Catholic (Joe Biden)/pro-Islamic (Barry Davis Obama) American Empire (1868-Present).
Take note of this diabolical design fitting only for the demented mind of the Jesuit!  Every American citizen born in the United States has both a Birth Certificate and a Social Security Number within eight weeks after his birth, like it or not!  (This is why all government agencies and business corporations want to know your “date of birth” and “social security number.”)  The Birth Certificate, when filed with the state’s Office of Vital Statistics creates an artificial person by operation of law, a quasi-corporation if you please.  No Consent or Intent is necessary!  This artificial person on paper, identical to a corporation created by a paper corporate charter and also filed with the state’s Secretary of State, has its name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!

High School Diploma of Eric Jon Phelps, the Natural Individual and Surety for "ERIC JON PHELPS"
But there is more.  This artificial person is not only commercial, he is martial—a soldier whose name is also in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!  This is why every soldier has his name spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.  This is why every military discharge contains the name of the soldier in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS with his Social Security Number immediately below the name.  Thus, this despicable Birth Certificate (as if by legal “magic” thanks to “operation of law”) created an artificial person which is both martial and commercial.  And you, the natural, living, breathing, bleeding, God-created, body/soul/spirit-possessing individual to spend eternity either in heaven or in the lake of fire, is SURETYa SLAVE—for this paper monster. Yes, YOU, the SURETY, are merely to fight the pope’s crusades and pay the pope’s socialist-communist income/excise tax.  Indeed, King Solomon was right:
“He that is surety for a stranger shall smart [hurt] for it: and he that hateth suretiship is sure.”
Proverbs 11:15
Hence, we now understand why the pope’s IRS treats both individuals and corporations alike save for the income/excise/privilege tax rates.  That’s right.  YOU were never the soldier; YOU were SURETY for that soldier.  YOU, the natural individual, were never income/excise taxed by the pope’s IRS; YOU were SURETY for the excise tax laid upon the income generated by that artificial martial/commercial person in whose ALL CAPITAL-LETTERED name you set up your bank account and for whom you generated income!  YOU, the natural individual, generated income for your artificial martial/commercial person upon whose income, the artificial person’s, the IRS collected the income/excise tax.  YOU, the SURETY for your artificial person,  filed a “tax return” and paid the tax for your artificial person as YOU were doing your job as SURETY.
Military Colors: US Flag; Three-sided Gold Fringe; Flag of Every Federal and State Court exercising IN PERSONAM jurisdiction over Artificial Martial/Commercial Person
Further, did you know the IN PERSONAM jurisdiction of every federal and state court proceeds against your artificial martial/commercial person (evidenced by the name of the defendant always being in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS) for which YOU, the individual created in the image of the One True God, are SURETY?  Did you know that every federal and state court is an “Emergency War Powers” court and has been since March 6, 1933?  (This fact was indirectly admitted to me in open court by a federal judge in Allentown, Pennsylvania!)
Have you had enough?  Well, so has your Editor.  With this understanding and some help from an associate, your Editor has PAID his $164,551.30 personal tax lien.  The Lancaster office of the IRS was demanding payment of the tax on the tenth day of January, 2012, an IRS agent knocking on my door looking for the SURETY of “TAXPAYER ERIC JON PHELPS;” but due to my absence that day, the IRS agent left his calling card attached to my door.  By February 9, the game was over, the Kansas City office of the IRS apologizing for any inconvenience it may have caused.  Additionally, this similar process eliminated over $50,000 credit card “debt” so-called, allegedly owed by your Editor.
Due to this IRS fiasco that has been a thorn in the side of your Editor for thirty years, he will be participating in a seminar describing the three-part process which, in the end, gave him victory over the pope’s Holy Office of “Ignatius’ Revenue Service.”  Further, your Editor will be detailing the diabolical history that led to this SURETY/ARTIFICIAL MARTIAL/COMMERCIAL PERSONA legal relationship and the reasons behind its creation—by the Militia of the Black Pope.  The history will concentrate on the era beginning with the declared ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment (July 28, 1868) and culminating with the Erie decision of FDR’s pro-socialist-communist Supreme Court (April 25, 1938).  Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to do the same as did your Editor.  YES WE CAN!
Therefore, I will extend a private invitation to those of you responding to this post indicating interest in “the process.”  The seminar will be in Dallas from March 22nd to March 24th, an event that may never be repeated.  It will include four other speakers two of which being the foremost authorities on obtaining a “Secured Party Creditor” status, these men having never been prosecuted.  Further, you will learn how to get on the “DO NOT DETAIN” list during the coming martial law, that is if the law is to be obeyed by the coming fascist military dictator.
Enough said.  If you are interested, call the church at 610-340-0734 or email the church at  Your Editor will then extend an invitation that is private and exclusive, not open to the general public.  Seating is limited to thirty, and once the seminar is filled, no other individuals will be admitted.

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  1. That birth certificate won't have much effect when people recognize that it's a representation of the "straw man" and they deny being associated with the "straw man", the straw man being a corporate creation. The corporation has no juridiction in the civil world.

  2. well evil always has 2 sides or legs or branches!
    the one branch is discribed in the WORD as the FALSE prophet. that is the orgaized corporate chruch!!!
    the other side is the anti-christ. that IS the jewsih state of israel and ALL thous who refuse the existance of JESUS CHRISTand HIS TRUTH!! this also includes the coproate churches who signed a501c3 with the beast goverments of the world!so if you think on a world scale it becomes self explanitory.
    but just to give you a few more hints, they are also called serpents and sorpians, death and hell! always 2 and always representative of these groups.
    one last thing though they are not working together, but they both have the same GOALS so they agree to disagree on almost everything!!!

  3. I thought the OPPT took care of this problem.
    No need to obtain a secured party creditor status now.

    The UCC was dissolved along with other corporations.
    The people are no longer slaves.

    Any comments?

    1. Therefore stop paying taxes and being soldiers. Stop using birth certificates, social security numbers, etc and stop doing everything that corporations require of you as a slave. Be a true patriot, be sovereign.

  4. Hiding from the REVENUER and just holding your breathe is not that simple in the real world. Everything since 1933 when "Money" per se was eliminated and voluntary indentured slaves became the collateral and now it is about paperwork and process. For $1500 each or $2500 for a presently married couple I am able to release you from your surety indenture to the Debtor Trust owned by the State of your birth or naturalization done in Washington DC. Read this and put it in the context of the introduction to the "green-Hilton Agreement" of 11-12-63