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Confirmed Validity of OPPT

this is long, but there is much to say so please bear with me

One person asked me why I was sending out information about OPPT and said that it was a fairytale...Well, I feel I have a responsibility to share with others what I believe God has brought to my attention. I was still in the process of reading and listening for more information regarding OPPT's validity when I had a conversation with a woman who is on my e-mail list who was very excited to share with me..
She sent a letter referencing the OPPT UCC filings to her credit card co. stating basically that she had no debt and that they were foreclosed upon.  They discharged her debt and closed the account--$28,000 worth.  and the 3rd party company she was paying to pay the credit card in payments (whom she had sent a copy also) sent her a letter stating they would refund her last payment.
 Not only that , the credit card co. called her, SPECIFYING that they were not calling to collect any money, they just wanted to know if the account was opened fraudulently by someone else or if it was opened by her because she had mentioned fraud.   She said no, the fraud was on their side....They also warned her that her credit would be bad for 7 years.   but so what?-who wants to pay $28,000 for "good credit" when the people themselves provide the credit with their own signature!     $28,000 debt discharged.... end of story.

 You tell me one process out there that has had this result by one single letter---NONE.

What the Trustees did was a valid process on behalf of all the people. SEE BELOW.
I am not saying that some corporations won't try to avoid, deflect or put up a fight but that is HUGE. SHE DIDN'T EVEN SEND A COURTESY NOTICE.
  Some of the responses that are coming out about this makes me think about the 1933 Bankruptcy that the "government" perpetrated.  The "government"-corporation took our money--our gold and silver.  They did not come out and disclose the remedy to the American people  that all their debt would now be discharged because of no money..all they had to DO was give their signatures which would be monetized and that is how banks/businesses were to make their money--the people would pay by credit-their signature. There is much info on these things I am mentioning in brief if you do some searching.
 Remember the PAYMENT COUPONS?  WHAT IS A COUPON?  IT IS REDEEMABLE. They did NOT disclose this to us ever, in fact, they have changed them to Payment Remittance...where YOU pay what was supposed to be discharged cause there was no money-just FRN's which is fiat currency, IOU's, worth nothing. And by the way, THAT is why we have trillions in debt--because of the use of IOU's instead of real money, but the debt is the "Federal Reserve's system, not ours.
The point is...
 Some people back then may have figured out the truth about the Bankruptcy and tried to educate the people (the movie The Wizard of OZ is an example) but I can imagine that many people were afraid to NOT continue doing what they had always done--NOT KNOWING ANY BETTER AND BEING FEARFUL THAT THE NEW PROCESS WAS ONLY A SCAM OR RUMOR TO BE IGNORED. So they kept paying with checks (you notice they do not want you to send FRNS-then they can't monetize and make money off of your check x 10 or more, with mortgage x30 ) and the corporations got paid twice, basically.  A great deal for them, not for us!!

Let us not do to ourselves and our children what our parents in ignorance or unknowingly did to us.
..continue in the bondage WILLINGLY ...out of fear and not stand up for what God has provided through the work of the trustees filings...FREEDOM FROM THE SLAVERY SYSTEM..It is already done.
Let us remember even further back in time, God designated Moses to go deliver the Israelites from slavery to Egypt's Pharaoh
I can imagine their disbelief at the thought because they had been enslaved for 400 years and their life was engrained with a slave mindset.  Then when Moses put more pressure on Pharaoh through more miracles by God, it looked worse before it got better because God hardened Pharaoh's heart--(He really wanted them to know that they were delivered by God-not chance) for the Israelite's punishment they had to make even more bricks but were no longer given straw, they had to gather it themselves ....THEY WERE FURIOUS AT MOSES, THEIR "DELIVERER", SCARED AND IN TOTAL DOUBT OF ANY IMPENDING DELIVERANCE...all they cared about was the CONSEQUENCES of Moses's interactions with Pharaoh...they had no faith and were in unbelief.They would rather be content with the status quo of slavery the way it was..not wanting it temporarily worse, and couldn't see beyond that into freedom.
but God showed Himself strong and delivered the Israelites out of Egypt and they left with all the wealth of Egypt. Read it for yourself beginning in Exodus 4.

The trustees have the monies from OUR Egypt in trust..Heather is setting up some of the first CVAC's now in order to begin distribution of the wealth that the people created but the corporations help people.
This is just one part of the wealth transfer that has been prophesied in the Bible to come from the wicked and given to the righteous.

I am not trying to convince anyone....but don't sit back and say it must be a fairytale or that OPPT is not valid just because you are scared to move out of your comfort zone of being a slave to the system. There is a price for freedom..You have to stand up and act on it.  Whether you accept it or NOT it has been done on your behalf.
If no one stands up and acts on it, the fraud will continue and the slavery system of debt and greed will continue. The more people that stand up and act, the faster will they realize that they have been undone because the people know and have responded.They are COUNTING ON THE SLAVE MENTALITY TO KEEP THE PEOPLE AS SHEEPLE in their slave system.
As Christians, yes, we are free spiritually in Christ, but we have been slaves to the system.  God has provided a way and we are now free of the system "the beast" as some have called it. It is up to each person to seek the truth and act on it. 

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02/25/2013    Santos deals with the subject of Reclaiming Dominion. Breaking the fictions of Law, Religion and Science. This weeks special guests were Rena Iliades and Ann Bressington.

- Victorian Melton Council Corruption
- Oppt Discussion
Ann Bressington (Australian politician) says she has put the OPPT stuff past a retired corporate lawyer in Australia and he confirms the OPPT UCC FILINGS have legs, the question is whether the people will enforce it! (Courtesy Notices and invoices people! NOW).
Also she says in the courts there are two sets of rules going on: the judicial run on UCC and lawyers run on statutes – hence why the people do not find remedy.

Click on the link below to listen to the archived show:

The link again to save you finding the youtube in the posts!
Ann Bressington exposes ageda 21
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Anonymous said...

My offspring is 13.
I've taught here a lot about the system.
Try to give her a ticket for something bogus and you'll be shocked at her knowledge in the Creator, and with utmost honor.

As for OPPT, I taught here what I could about trustees. I don't know much but what I do know is they control property in a trust for the benefit of the beneficiary. The beneficiary does not have access to the property except through the trustee. So if the trustee was holding my money and it would benefit me to receive payments according to the trust, such that they drag out for years until I die; even if I want it all now, I'll have to wait for the doled out payments.
Ooops. I'm talking about Social has a trustee too.

Okay, okay, well a trustee is supposed to be responsible for paying the debts that are charged against the trust and if the trust goes insolvent, they are to liquidate all of it's assets.
Ooops. I'm talking about a Trustee in bankruptcy.

See, this is just the same system of control packaged in an open form so that you can knowingly, willingly, and intentionally enjoin with the trust.

You don't have to sign anything to be part of a trust. You just be and do as a beneficiary and your paperwork, in the case of the article above, is managed by the trustee.

At what cost has this friend discharged $28,000?
Prior to the OPPT, she could have sent a validation of debt letter and gotten the same discharge of debt. If they took it to court, and if she knew the 'magic words', she could get it discharged there.

I mean, they gave you credit and want real energy labor in return. It takes nothing to say 'you have credit'. That's what we have been purchasing our cars with. Someone looks to see if you'll work to pay off the credits and give you a credit score on your willingness to play the game.

Now this lady, if the trustees decide to liquidate her assets, they don't need a separate bankruptcy contract to hire them as trustee. They are already in control over her property.

Everything is a good deal until it's been in the light long enough to see what it really is.
The markets rose when the Fed res act was initially passed. They had the money, they could increase the activity in the market.

They have the money now. With a major foreclosure you'd think the people holding all our money and the corporations manipulating the market would sell off to get as much assets as they could before they were liquidated.

Ask yourself, isn't one success story the same as one successful case against a foreclosure, one successful athlete who makes it into the professional league? One actress who makes it big time for about 5 years straight. It's the same system of control with different controller.

The Creator in me, will be and do without having a trustee as a God before me.

Michael said...

Thanks John for your honesty and openness. I really don't get all the people that say this is a "scam" or something to lead us to slaughter....we're on THAT path already and OPPT set's us free from that path. If we choose to walk the path. I have every reason to believe OPPT is the real deal and am moving forward with eliminating myself from the "system". Those that choose to stay in the slavery system, well, that's their choice. There will always be those who think it's too good to be true and those that doubt. Remember, the Earth was flat. We're now seeing the "Earth is flat" types coming to condemn their own Freedom.

I'm Grateful for OPPT and those that are getting the word out. We're the only one's that can bring this about. The "news" isn't going to help us. The "public servants" won't either. It's up to us and those like you with the courage to inform and educate the people.

Thanks again, John.

D ... Breaking The Silence said...

Thank you john!

Anonymous said...

Still don't buy this story. It's always some anonymous person that claims they did this or that and got their debt discharged. No one ever comes forward with proof. It's all heresay. Why doesn't D and Heather show proof? If this really worked, it would be all over the internet and MSM would have to report on it. Hell, somone could make a million dollars writing a book on how to do it. This OPPT is exactly the same thing that went on with the A4V secured creditor scam that was floating around several years ago. Most people that tried it wound up in jail. If OPPT is for real, let's get some REAL PROOF from people who have suceeded. Get them on alternative news stations like Alex Jones. Problem is, it'll never happen. My take; it's all Bullshit!

Pete Lysohirka said...

So much gratitude for you BE'ing & DO'ing John!!
What OPPT has done was taken everything back to prime or zero point (no Government, govern man) I believe within the CVAC there is a type of public servant (maybe interm government) until people come together & govern themselves.
What is it that some of these people want by going back to the constitution? (more control?)
Thank you again John & many blessings to you & yours!!
Love you

Anonymous said...

Sounds alot like the A4V stuff, which few got remedy. There also sounds like a debt collector involved so who knows what really happened here. I've had 'discharges' ignored & then end up with a collector trying to sue me for the 'discharged' debt. Sure it wasn't just an accounting charge off at the bank with a 1099C to follow??? So once again all hearsay & no evidence... go ahead folks try it! I've been down these roads & got nothing but trouble! Learning how the court system works has definately changed the game for me. It IS the hard road though... Nothing in life is easy when it comes to debt, real or imagined... better get learned on they're laws... Better get learned on UCC if your gonna play around with it... Best of luck however, any pain in the a** we can give these thieves is worth it...

D ... Breaking The Silence said...

yes yes darlin- the MSM would report on it.... just like they are reporting on the truth of 911, and who killed JFK, and the Truth of the various shootings in the past year or so.....

"Hell, somone could make a million dollars writing a book on how to do it." .... So, what you're saying is that you'd accept it if someone was making a million bucks off of the book sales, but you won't accept it because someone is releasing the information for free?

"This OPPT is exactly the same thing that went on with the A4V secured creditor scam that was floating around several years ago." ...... Not even remotely the same thing- and that assumptions shows that you've not read or understood a single thing that the OPPT and it's Trustees have done.

"If OPPT is for real, let's get some REAL PROOF from people who have suceeded. Get them on alternative news stations like Alex Jones. Problem is, it'll never happen." ..... so speaks the slave that is terrified of freedom and refuses to stand up and be free.

Anonymous said...

Confirmation for you, yes but not really for your readers. Unfortunately, this really doesn't confirm anything. Your readers should know that most of the time the original creditor will sell the junk debt to the 3rd party for pennies on the dollar and they become the new "owner". As I understand it- If the debt was indeed "discharged" it would need to be in writing for documentation and other legal reasons.
If your email contact can provide to you a copy of the letter she sent, a copy of the written discharge letter (obviously with all personal info. blacked out)-and- you did a follow-up post with those copies I would say that would be real confirmation. Here's another part to this that your readers should know.
Your email friend may be looking at a 1099-C wherein she will still have to pay something on the alleged debt. Also, she should be concerned that the credit card co. called her asking if she opened the account etc. she may have admitted to owing the debt and was most likely recorded and may be looking at problems down the road.
I would love to believe this post but until you can prove the confirmation with documentation I and others will have concerns of its validity.
Lets pray that things worked out for her.

Brian Kelly said...

THANK YOU John!! So happy to see this on NESARA News :)

Anonymous said...

BTS- since you brought up the Trustees, what kind of power or control do they have over the "Peoples Trust "? Who was the Settlor of the Trust that appointed them as Trustees? Why are the Trustees not putting that data on the table?

Michael said...

Touche, D!

Geez, if only some would read and understand what OPPT is and ISN'T, this could get done much sooner. Those that always want "proof" will never have enough because nothing is good enough to them....what time is the next mindless reality show, anyway??

Anonymous said...

Ah, but MSM isnt bullshit!! You trust them to tell you the truth? Wow, talk about naive. The internet may have it's problems with trolls, mis info and dis info but they pale in comparison to MSM. You are inducative of thoes whom have relied upon MSM you believe that until it is established there, it is true. They have washed your brain very, very well. I will never trust them ever again because MSM can niether handle the truth much less distribute it.

Anonymous said...

So I just sent a courtesy notice to the IRS. It was actually sent to Ms. Green as she was the person who sent the letter to me. They have been auditing me since last summer. Back and forth. No matter what I send them they still sent letters saying the deductions were not for the taxable year. WTF. So now I got a "Deficiency Notice" from them. This is backing me in the corner saying either pay or take it to court. WHAT? IM NOT GUILTY. Why should I take it to court. Their system is so broken its clearly fraud.

So I just sent them the courtesty notice to Ms. Green "Alleged" Internal Revenue Service.

I can't wait to be FREE of them. I used to get really fearful and scared but now I am starting to feel stronger and save thanks to OPPT one. :).

We can do it. Im so excited. My entire pay checks go to pay the mortgage, food on the table, gas , electric, cell phone, credit card, and car payment, car insurance. Not much left over for me. So this is great. I will send my credit card one next :).

I will keep everyone posted on the results. Wish me luck :).

Anonymous said...

Please do keep us posted. I think has a forum for posting too as soon as they get it up and running. Hope to see you there for updates as well.

Anonymous said...

You can't free yourself from the commerce trap A (birth certificate) by signing onto another commercial/legal instrument called a Trust, trap B. Both A and B are dead legal fictions. Anyone who signs ANY OPPT paperwork is merely signing onto another legal contract. Can't folks get this? The OPPT Trust is an instrument of COMMERCE!!

OPPT isn't the dawn of a new age, it is another entrapment into the old one.

Three narcissists who call themselves "trustees" have absolutely no authority to bring either the "Creator" or the "Creation" into a dead legal fiction called a Trust. It is ALL FICTION of the slavery system.

Anonymous said...

Been down this road with the IRS.... There IS no Mrs. Green, It's a fictious entity that cannot sue you... That won't stop them from robbing you however. I did all the 'Presentments' in the Admin Remedy arena & they just pushed forward ignoring everything. The only thing that stopped them was calling them out on the carpet to sue me & knowing they're rules of procedure under title 26 & 18... They have gone away for the moment, I'm sure the'll try again, they always do... Like I said before, get learned on they're stautes to use against them. they break THIER laws everyday!

Ed said...

....written by some anonymous person :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks as if all (we) has problems of a fear base belief system, which they want!!!! You were not here to believe in FEAR of any kind,(I have too!!) yes they will stomp on you, but you have many lives(plays) and many games to play, they don't, their game, play book, is open up and are dead plays, now they are in FEAR, and sick of their own stink of their own dead plays. (look at the GRAY headed ones) FEAR!!!
JAIL, DEFAME YOU, COURT TRICKERY, ETC. are their plays of FEAR, I'v been there and want give them belief of FEAR, cause they are in FEAR of my belief system.
Keep studying the process, no money means,Trust law (not contract law) and is controlled by inheirent Equity law which is Gods law, not theirs-AT LAW common law FRAUD. Blessings All

Anonymous said...

My husband and I acted 3 weeks ago and sent money orders, using the prescribed format, to the IRS offices identified in the template. It was so exciting to take back our power! We even sent a courtesy notice to a law firm. We are just waiting for the results, which we will share with all!!!

Barbara Pawlowski

Cecille Chan said...

Good luck, Julie. Please keep us all posted.

My love around you,


Anonymous said...

I would love to try this but I guess like most people who are aware of it are afraid to try it until they feel sure that it will work.
According to the amount of interest they charge and the amount that is taken off the principal each month which is only about $8.00 it will take me over 200 years to pay off the card.
There is no way I'll ever live that long so how do they expect it to be paid off ? This is total madness. The way they calculate the interest is criminal.

Anonymous said...

We need more UCC and/or trust lawyers or -ex-lawyers to read all the OPPT filings and give us some feed back. I personally appreciate all of the replies, I read everything I can find for OPPT, we must use our God given critical thinking skills and communicate our concerns. I was so feeling this all to be true and while I entertain the idea often, I wish it, If I really can co-create it, I AM IN. What if...what if...we do create our own reality....wouldn't I regret the opportunity if I did nothing? I must balance the mind and the heart in this one, I agree it could be another system, now we've included the whole of there another hierarchy waiting to control us.. just thinking out loud. What if?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 220 I am with you.. Data on the table, NOW please.

Anonymous said...

can we get physical proof of the "Discharge" on those $28.000? Or should we just believe these stories without any confirmation? Providing paper work wouldn't be as hard as accomplish that kind of goal... Until no one sees hard proof on discharged debt, or straw man redemption and etc, you'll always have people skeptic about it !!!

sonoLght said...

Please- would you be so kind as to share the "Magic Words"?

Thanks- this would be much appreciated by all!

Artist said...

I just don't know why when someone makes a claim they don't have the common courtesy to prove their claim with paperwork, You can't move ahead with you head in the sand so show the paperwork. Step by step. I would just suggest getting out of the system and learn to garden. the system is bankrupt. Everybody better tell the OPPT people not to hyper inflate, that would be a harm just like all the other harms.This will be fun to watch. By the way there is a "founding" guy in jail. What exactly is going on there?

Unknown said...

Oh goody! Julie please keep us informed on the result with the dreaded IRS! Story after story through the years from friends going through hell dealing with these thugs.
Thank you so much Julie, I trust your days are numbered with them.
My embrace....