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Monday, March 11, 2013

Knight of Malta Leon Panetta Dispatches USS Enterprise to Persian Gulf—to be Sunk!

Knight of Malta Leon Panetta Dispatches USS Enterprise to Persian Gulf—to be Sunk!

By EJP  /   January 23, 2012 
USS Enterprise: Dispatched to Persian Gulf, January, 2012
As your Editor has stated for over two years, the Order is going to send an old aircraft carrier into the Persian Gulf.  There, it will be sunk “by the Iranians” so as to justify a presidential declaration of war against Shia Iran hosting a large Jewish population.  As US Democratic President Freemason Franklin Delano Roosevelt incited the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor (Freemasons Hirohito and FDR secretly working together), even so will US Democratic President Freemason Barry Davis Obama—the American Empire’s second FDR—will incite Iran to attack a carrier (Freemasons Davis/Obama and A-jad working together!).  That carrier, the 50-year-old USS Enterprise, will be sacrificed, the loss of an expendable, archaic old carrier serving to justify a war on Iran.  This most important move in the game of the Black Pope’s martial international chess (he controlling both sides) will set in motion a scenario the Company of Jesus has been planning for over 100 years!

Knight of Malta Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense, 2011
And who is to dispatch this carrier?  Jesuit-educated at Santa Clara University, Italian-American Roman Catholic Secretary of Defense (i.e., “Secretary of War”) Knight of Malta Leon Panetta!  No doubt Knight of Malta General Martin E. Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will lead the charge of Rome’s American-led Crusade!  As you so stated President George W. Bush, this is indeed a CRUSADE!

Knight of Malta Army General Martin E. Dempsey, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, 2011There will then be an Iranian missile attack into Israel—Rome’s “Revived Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.”  Then Israel will attack Iran so as not to be blamed for initiating the war-crusade of the Vatican.  America must be blamed for inciting the war so that the plotted destruction of the Temple Mount Mosques in Jerusalem can be entirely blamed on America.  Once the Shia Muslims, hated by the Sunni Muslims financing this Anglo-American crusade against the Shia, are exterminated then the entire Sunni Muslim world can be united against America—“the Great Satan.”
For more information, see the article announcing the carrier’s deployment here.

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