Monday, June 30, 2014



    We received several emails of our website being blocked on the Omni Law Loan Program on our website If this happens to you at any time, contact us at our email of We try to be merciful and the Obama White House in utter dumbness won't let us be merciful to them on legal issues. We inspected our website and found our PayPal button on the website sabotaged by damage to the code (HTML) that makes it work. We corrected the code and the pay button now works again fine! It took the software of such as C.I.A. or N.S.A. to put "dirty trick" operations like this as Snowden told us the N.S.A., etc. did to Americans that they want to target.
     For our Mickey Mouse amateurs in law in Wash., D.C., this is a direct violation of the Nuremberg War Trials ruling of 1945-6 on "Crimes Against Humanity" during peacetime in a nation and is a hanging offense under international law for any national government trying this and thinking that they won't be legally punished under international genocide which is a death sentence attached to it for officials and governmental employees thinking that they can get away with criminal acts like this both illegal under national and international law.
      For our legally ignorant goons working for Obama, we are committed by public record seen all over America and the world that we are going to revive and reestablish as a food industry the great trade secret food discovery of my father which was endorsed by Pope Pius XII in various ways including potentially the most important news for mankind since the coming of Christ since this could potentially solve the twin problems of starvation and malnutrition in the world. University tests and later medical lab reports from all over the world predict the pending biological collapse and end of the human race on earth if this great food discovery is not added to the American and world diet before it is too late to save the human race from pending extinction. This hacking attack from federal goons and acting on obvious orders from Obama is a direct attempt to block the finances which will make possible the reestablishment of this Vatican endorsed food process in America and also give America a huge enough world industry to maybe even restore full employment and decent wages to all the citizens of America who want to work in America today!
     We want to post this on Nesara News as we know it will be widely seen across America and in foreign nations including all sorts of foreign intelligence services are right now watching every big national report like this that we post on the internet blogs to learn the real character of Wash., D.C. under Obama and not the propaganda image put out by White House propaganda as to what Obama and Wash., D.C.really stand for in 2014!
      We will be forwarding this to the International Court Of Justice at the Hague as part of a building filing on moves of genocide conspiracy by Obama, federal officials and employees, and members of Congress backing Obama in genocide conspiracy moves like this. With records filed like this, maybe even 200 foreign nations can file genocide charges against Obama and his goons and Congressional allies backing him trying to block the reestablishment of this Vatican endorsed food process in America. I am the only American who was trained by my father and know all the engineering secrets to my father's great food discovery endorsed by the Vatican and some other governments judged the nation ending up with this trade secret food process becomes the leading nation of the world and potentially the richest nation in the world controlling the main food market of the entire world once it spreads to all nations.
      For the filing with the Hague, I repeat follow the money and see how Wash., D.C. stole $525,000 from me to block me from reestablishing this food trade secret process and never returned the money to me when I had witnesses to them stealing the money and how they stole it. They threatened me with murder if I tried to stop them from stealing this money from me and I had this witnessed also! I publicized this $525,000 federal theft from my funds a number of times in national and worldwide reports to show the criminal nature of too much of the national government under Obama today. I had at one time offered I would not file criminal charges over this if they returned the federally stolen money to me and told them under law how to return it to me without admitting guilt to theft of this $525,000 from me as witnesses watched this while they stole the money and had their way of boasting how as federal operatives they couldn't be touched by the law as they were protected from criminal law applying to them!
      This report as part of a much larger collection of reports available to the Hague will now be filed with the Hague and as time goes on many other international sources of law.
      Obama better tell your goons to lie low and no more "dirty tricks" or who knows how far international law goes when they start hanging from the gallows those in Wash., D.C. who performed these "dirty trick" operations or else ordered them from Wash., D.C. to perform these criminal acts in violation of national and international genocide law and other laws as well!
      People pass this report all over America which puts intense legal heat on Obama and all those in government he has turned into criminals in the federal government encouraging and secretly telling them to commit these criminal acts which when done against me are also automatically under law criminal acts against all the American people all 7 billion people on earth as well!
      Obama is trying to stop us from passing the Omni Law posted on our website. It is the key of law which assures that we will be able to reestablish this Vatican endorsed food industry in America and this time turn it into the international food industry that skyrockets the American economy and could well make America the undisputed leader of the entire world. The Omni Law will reestablish good and honest government in Wash., D.C. is why Obama, etc. don't want this law passed which in full legal name is "The Omnibus Civil Rights Act For America!"
      By the way, Hague, we saved copies of the hacking on our website to show you some of the criminal tactics of federal operatives and you can see how they altered our code to our pay button in order to try and cut us off from financing the reestalishment of the Vatican endorsed food process in America or the rest of the world. The passage of the Omni Law neutralizes the criminal elements in government without further threat of trying to block the reestablishment of this overwhelminging important industrial food process in America again and this time not stopped by Wash., D.C. from becoming the world food industry it is necessary to become to save the human race from pending biological extinction on earth.
     It shows that Obama does not care about booming the American economy because he uses criminal tactics to block what might become the greatest industrial blessing seen in 100 years or more of American history!
      Pass this report all over America and abroad and get our Omni Law passed in America this year. People, ask those running for public office if they are for or against passage of the Omni Law and this year! Enough poltical heat and it will be passed in America this year!
       Our website is Our email is  Our mailing address follows for those wanting to back us financially by product orders or else direct support through our Omni Law Loan Program which is directly on our website. NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. Make checks, etc. out to NIFI and tell us what the payment is for whether products from our website or else direct financial support by loan payments to our Omni Law Loan Program on our website. The loan payments are done in units and multiples of $25 for bookkeeping reasons! Easy to give everyone full credit for their loan money especially when the royalties on net profits covered by these $25 loan credit units start paying pay off such as the offered royalty return on net profits before taxes for this Vatican endorsed industrial food process once set up again in America. Talented people from all over America have contacted me and want to work with me in reestablishing this Vatican endorsed industrial food process reestablished in America as soon as the Omni Law is passed and we can start working to set up this colossal size food industry in America. With special engineering tactics, expect to be operational within months of when the Omni Law is passed and ends key federal corruption in the federal government. Among other things, the Omni Law gives the American people the legal right of referendum over the federal government when it does not really want to represent or carry out the will of the American people for what they want done in America! The vote of the people through referendum will restore control of the federal government directly back to the American people who do not control this wildly out of control federal government which does not want to serve the people at this time enjoying being a rebel and master over the people instead of their dedicated servant now!
      Yours For God And Country, Erasmus Of America (pen name for that American who refused to be crushed by the criminal tactics of Wash., D.C. trying every trick they knew trying to block him from reestablishing his father's Vatican endorsed food process crushed once by Wash., D.C. policy paid $20 million in bribes to members of Congress to engineer that federal sources would not enforce the federal laws which required national backing for this Vatican endorsed food process also endorsed by many other promiment sources including Ezra Taft Benson, Secretary of Agriculture, who was an honest man in government when he served in his federal post then! Years ago Senator Everett Dirksen supplied my father the figures for the bribes paid to members of Congress, but said this figure was off the record! But now this figure is on the record with this report!)


  1. Do you mean the same Vatican that is engaged in widespread pedophilia ? THAT Vatican ? That's a piss poor endorsement for any process of any kind.

    1. Well, taking things in context.... Pope Pius Xll who gave this endorsement back in approximately 1950 was actually a good pope. He actually cared about the people of the world and was not a pedophile like the Illuminati and their minions. Also not a child-molester like the ones who work for and support Obama.