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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A "United States Citizen"

Chances  Are  That  You  Have  Never  Been  A  "United  States  Citizen"

Wednesday, July 13, 2016
by Anna Von Reitz

Most of us grew up being told that, of course, we were "United States Citizens". 

Well, surprise, surprise, surprise..... 

Chances are that you are not and never were. Except maybe for a stint in the military, which is the most common way that Americans EVER (and temporarily) serve as "citizens of the United States".  

Since you didn't know better, and nothing about "United States Citizenship" was ever explained to you, you  just accepted that you were a "US citizen" without deeply researching the question of whether you were or not.  

How would it be if I told you that the United States (Minor) is a separate foreign nation AND also a private foreign corporation operated by the French-sponsored IMF?   How would it hit you if I told you that when you innocently nod your big dumb head and say, "Yeah, I'm a United States Citizen...."---- you condemn yourself to a life of slavery and assumed debt in a foreign country you were never born in?  

You accepted the office of "Withholding Agent" without deeply questioning what that meant, either, even though it cost you around 40% of your income and many sleepless nights. 

Well, listen up.  Most Americans are not and never have been United States Citizens. They aren't officers in the Merchant Marine Service called "Withholding Agents," either.  

The word "citizen" implies that you accept being a servant of the government, and are obligated to do whatever the government organization promotes.  That is, as a "citizen" you agree to know and obey all 80,000,000 statutory "laws" promulgated by the federal corporation and their franchises known as federated "states" and "counties".  You also agree to be a debtor and a slave and to give the federal corporation a "beneficial interest" in all your private property so that they can borrow against the value of it---- a process known as "hypothecation". 

Think of co-signing for a car loan for Cousin Bubba and you will understand what "hypothecation" means.  As long as Bubba makes his payments, you never hear from the bank, but when Bubba misses a few payments, guess who comes looking for you? 

In this case "Cousin Bubba" is the UNITED STATES (INC.) a private, mostly foreign-owned corporation operated by the IMF, and it just so happens that the leaders of this corporation borrowed up to their hairlines against all your collateral---- your homes, businesses, labor, even your name was copyrighted and sold as something that belonged to them. 

Nice, huh? 

But that wasn't bad enough.  They had to take out a proverbial "second mortgage" on your property and let their subcontractors doing business as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., borrow against your assets, too. And that went bankrupt last year also,  Oh, my, what shall we do?  Both those cheats borrowed themselves up the wazoo using your good name and your credit and your assets as the collateral.  Now the banks are coming after you. 

But of course, all this was done without your knowledge or consent.  You were never told what was going on or given full disclosure, because if you were, you would never have agreed to such an arrangement.  No prudent man would.  Only someone incompetent --- like a small child would do such a thing---- and that's exactly what happened. 

You didn't agree. You were never even told about it.  Your Mother agreed, but she didn't know what she was agreeing to and nobody bothered to tell her, either.  So here you are all these years later and the bill for all Bubba's spending has come due and the banks are coming after you and your home and your business and your patents and everything else that you own and you are confused. 

Brothers, sisters, you should be confused--- because that is what these vermin did and intended and what they have practiced against you. They have lied through their teeth and stolen your identity and jacked your credit cards through the roof and now they are trying to liquidate your assets to pay for their debts. 

That is why it is crucial that you get on the bandwagon and join with me in saying, "No fricking way, Francisco." 

This Gringo wasn't born in San Juan yesterday.  If I am a "United States Citizen" you are a little Green Man from the Moon.  

And if you think that I am a 14th Amendment "citizen of the United States" you had better be prepared to stand ready with proof that I am a Negro seized upon as chattel after the Civil War, a federal civilian employee with a paycheck and hours, an active duty member of the U.S. military receiving a paycheck and assigned duties, a federal welfare seeker on the public dole, a political asylum seeker, or a voluntary and knowing corporate franchisee of Cousin Bubba, because otherwise, I am going to demand to see the proof where I ever complied with the Public Law of the actual United States governing Naturalization and specifically the steps required for a "non-resident alien" and Texan (or Idahoan or Wisconsinite or Floridian) like myself to ever become a "United States Citizen" of any kind. 

1802 - Naturalization Act, Seventh Congress, Session I, Chapter 28, Sections 1-4, April 14, 1802,  sets out the requirements for anyone, including people born in one of the nation states of the Union, to become a United States Citizen.

You have to ask yourself----- do you want to serve the government, or do you want the government to serve you?   Do you want Cousin Bubba to pay off his debts by providing you with Chauffer service, or do you want to be stuck paying off his car and his house and his party bills while he thumbs his nose at you and you are forced into bankruptcy?

These are simple question, but questions that deserve your attention right now.  

Still think that you are a "United States Citizen"?   Or a "citizen of the United States"?  Or has it dawned on you that no, you are not, and no, you have been hoodwinked by con artists who have had a very material interest in making you believe that you are. 

Just say No. 

And make it stick by recording your Act of Expatriation for every name these rats have dreamed up to attach to you:  expatriate your name styled in Upper and Lower Case: James Allen Doe.  

Expatriate your name styled in all caps:  JAMES ALLEN DOE. 

Expatriate your name styled in all caps like this, too:  JAMES A. DOE. 

And, God forbid that they come up with any other variations that start showing up in your postal box---- expatriate those little demons, too.  

And start telling the members of "Congress" and the honchos of the "Vatican" and the rest of the vermin responsible for this situation what you really, truly think of this situation.  

Because even if Bubba is your Cousin, you never, ever owed him anything like this and didn't sign up to be his collateral and actually don't owe him a cent---- actually, he owes you the entire National Debt.

So there you have it.  It's up to you to choose your political status.  Do you want to be considered and operate as an American State National---- a Texan, Coloradan, New Yorker? Or do you want to be misidentified as a "United States Citizen" and abused and taken to the cleaners? 

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