Saturday, July 23, 2016

IRS Chief Admits Taxes Are Voluntary

IRS Chief Admits Taxes Are Voluntary….So Why Are People Being Jailed/Penalized?

IRS Chief Admits Taxes Are Voluntary....
So Why Are People Being Jailed/Penalized

IRS Director Admits Taxes Are Voluntary 2013 

Reid "Taxation Is Voluntary"


  1. " why are people still being jailed and penalized?" The answer of course is that the U S corporate gov't is a CRIMINAL organization. They are ABOVE the law. Slaves have no rights,... etc. Do your patriotic duty,... STARVE THE BEAST....

  2. Harry reid is the dumest ass wipe i have ever heard.

  3. Old crapola that never works. They can say whatever they like, but if you so much as sign a contract with the IRS, agency or anything else....any type of contract, they can seize your property.

    They are legally allowed to do this. In other words you have no rights. Unless you remove the jurisdiction, and do not accept their seizure of you the corporation. The inherent rights you are afforded come when you are no longer a part of the corp.