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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Questions about the new proposed bank (and foreclosures)


by Anna Von Reitz
Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Questions about the Bank

Hi Paul,

I have been keeping up with your blog regularly for quite some time now... as well as with the writings of Anna Von Reitz that you have so diligently promoted.

The work both of you are doing to expedite the educational process for all of us who are interested is genuinely appreciated.

I am looking forward to the compilation and publishing of the work of the new Living Law Firm that is intended to provide sorely needed guidance toward freedom as they perfect and lay out that information for us.

You have noted the benefits of using that information to create a database of documents and a road map that can be followed by everyone. This will enable the implementation of that accumulated work into documents where and as they are needed in relation to the many various individual cases.

I am aware that Anna has expressed some frustration from time to time with the immense load of cases that people want her to assist them with, because they feel ill equipped to handle these difficult, technical, and confusing matters by themselves. 

She, along with the apparent few knowledgeable enough to be of any significant assistance to her in this effort, have felt the overwhelm of expectations (or at least hopeful anticipation) from all those facing seemingly overpowering court pressures with their individual situations. It is, of course, obviously unrealistic for so few to do the massive amount of work that so many need to have help with in accomplishing.

Hopefully the database of documents referenced above, along with a sufficient amount of accompanying education and procedural training (which is quite a formidable task in and of itself), can be made available as expediently as possible for all those in need of such resources. That seems to be the only pragmatic way to assist as many people as possible in the least amount of time. 

Fortunately, I am not in any immediate need (at least that I am currently aware of) for that kind of assistance. It is my hope and intention to be able to fairly quickly be able to offer at least some financial help toward these efforts. If I can help in other ways (i.e. in assisting with the educational process to help others) I am willing to participate in that as well. I may have some knowledge and skills that could be of some help along these lines as well.

One question that I currently have is... Do you have some approximate idea concerning when the new American States and Nations Bank will become a reality for actually doing business... and what will be required to open an account with the bank when it does become active? 

I realize that you may not be able to provide such an answer yet, but I wanted to inquire regarding that information. I feel sure that there are many others who are anxious to know the same thing.

Again, thanks for all that you are doing to help us all toward our common goal of genuine freedom from oppression of the elite, self appointed, corporate autocrats.

Best regards,
John R

Anna's Answers:

Let me make this clear---- what we are looking for is systemic correction---- which means, not just victory in a case or twenty cases or thirty cases, blah, blah, blah. We are already doing that and more.  What we are after is nothing less than the end of all foreclosures. 

What needs to happen is a complete change in the way the "United States" does business and a recognition by the world business community that what has happened here has happened in fraud and who is actually responsible. 

Hint, hint---- it is not the American People who are actually owed a ton of money/credit and everything else by these cretins. 

We want our jurisdiction of the soil of this country fully honored.  We want those who "borrowed" it to return it, together with the profits realized from it.  We are the heirs and beneficiaries----and that is all there is to that. 

So, no more mortgages, period, at all.  No more foreclosures.  No more Americans mistaken-on-purpose as "United States Citizens" and no more funny money.  

We want what is ours and that is all there is to that, which means that there is a giant correction in our favor owed all the way back to 1860. 

For now, we are asking for a correction back to the beginning of 2008, so that anyone who has lost a home or otherwise suffered gets made good. 

The banks and the Bar Association are going to get it in the shorts and the Vatican, too, if they don't do what is right by the American people and everyone on this planet is going to know FOR SURE who the bad guys are with no doubt whatsoever about it.
And then, maybe, we can clean out this nest of vipers once and for all and enjoy some peace and prosperity on this planet. 

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