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Monday, December 12, 2016

I watched as they died

My Grandfather watched as his friends died in WWI ...              
My Father watched as his friends died in WWII and  Korea   ....                               
I watched (1st hand) as my friends fought and died in  Vietnam  ...
I watched as our friends and children fought and died in Desert Storm..
I watched and waited while our friends and children fought and died in  Iraq ...              
None of them fought for or died for the Mexican Flag or any other foreign flag...                                  
Everyone fought for and died for the U.S. Flag!
In  Texas , a student raised a Mexican flag on a school flag pole; another student took it down.
Guess who was expelled... The kid who took it down.
Kids in high school in  California  were sent home this year on Cinco de Mayo because they wore T-shirts with  the American flag printed on them.
Enough is enough.              
The e-mail message below needs to be viewed by every American;
And every American needs to stand up for  America . 
We've bent  over to appease the America-haters long enough... 
I'm taking a stand...
I'm standing up because the hundreds of thousands who died fighting in  wars for this country, and for the  U.S.  Flag can't stand up...
And shame on anyone who tries to make this a racist message...            
Let me make this perfectly clear!
And, my making this statement
DOES NOT Mean I'm against immigration!!!
To come through legally:
1.  Get a sponsor!
2.  Get a place to lay your head!
3.  Get a job!
4. Live By OUR Rules!
5. Pay YOUR Taxes!
6. Learn the  LANGUAGE like immigrants have in the past!!
7.  Please don't demand that we hand over our lifetime Savings of
Social  Security Funds   to you.            
If you don't want to forward this for fear of offending someone,
giving away THEIR  RIGHTS ???
We've gone so far the other way...
We’ve bent over backwards
not to offend anyone...
But it seems no one cares about the
AMERICAN CITIZEN   being offended!
WAKE UP  AMERICA !!!                 
If You agree pass this on...
               If You don't agree, Just Delete It -
                    But Shame On You!!!


  1. Amen to that "WE ARE THE PEOPLE"

  2. 100% correct.could not have said it better

  3. dear American friend, it is understood that you as american can be free to use your flag in your country, however it is not good to be proud to participate in such wars (except WWI and wwII) because those was to kill innocent people, in name of the mafia that conduct now your country that does not let to use your own flag in your own country, can you understand now ?, you feeded the mafia with wars (and your own blood) and now they came to eat you.


  4. during the Pearl Harbor attack Adm. Yamamoto said," I am afraid we have awakened a Sleeping Giant and filled him with a terrible resolve. Grass roots America is that Sleeping Giant and our resolve is to defend and protect our constitution and to keep America great. Our country was built on immigrants, but they came in legally with a desire to contribute to our greatness. I applaud you, Gerry for your courage to tell it like it is!

  5. What courage ?

    What you nitwit americaNES need to understand once and for all is the UNITED STATES is not a nation! The UNITED STATES or United States is a private corporation with no authority to do anything. You need to be engaging in outright liquidation of this monstrosity, not acting like you can reform it.

    The UNITED STATES needs to go period, into final default and break up of the system all together. And then the UNITED STATES needs to be arrested, carted off and demolished along with the Federal Reserve alongside it.