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"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought 
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Friday, February 17, 2017

Be ENCOURAGED fellow patriots and Christians​...justice will be served!!!

 Be ENCOURAGED fellow patriots and Christians​...justice will be served!!!
Ignore the trolls that say this site does not have reputable, factual news--they just don't want you to hear the TRUTH.
There is no way these kind of details could be known unless they had the inside scoop and shortly, time will tell. there are other interesting, revealing stories on this site as well.
emailed by a reader


  1. AMEN! There have been all manner of reports of trolls and shills being assigned to attack and to attempt to destroy the alternative news blogs - well, we are all wise to them and their plans won't work. These are those who will accept financial bribes to turn in to traitors against their own nation and fellow Americans. They are less than scumbags. IGNORE them. Better yet - don't even publish their ignorant bought and paid for comments. If you don't publish them - what reason for them to continue their paid for trashing of your website? Let them write their crap - but don't publish it - soon their paymasters will get the picture that we are not as stupid as they think we are. This is WAR and there are at least two sides to it - choose to stand on the side of the winners who have wisdom and who exercise their right to choose what they publish.

  2. the shills r everywhere & seem really young because they never say anything intelligent to say & seem to take it personal if u tell them they r uninformed. Then they say reall stupid things and I just tell to, "Go to your safe space".

  3. Everyone that says something you don't agree with is not shill.

    Some of us have learned things that will shock the mind and even when we try to gently reveal it, your mind can't take it so you attack.

    The sad side of this is, there is something much nicer and loving than you, and when you die, you will meet it and cycle right back here to start over because you don't have the heart nor the mind to get past it.

    So call someone a shill and ignore, that's fine
    because the one you pay attention to is the one who keeps you in hell.

    Which is also fine.