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Monday, February 6, 2017

Donald Trump is about to Do Something

Donald Trump is about to Do Something 
We've Never Seen! 

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  1. This comment refers on Feb. 6th 2017 Donald Trump is about to do something: Check for the following link:
    In this link you find among strange files the Shocking Documentary: Space Time Travel: Strange forbidden files information on Stargate which in recent history traces to Iraq while Saddam Hussain was in charge as their Leader and the US Government learned that hidden in the desert were ancient stone tablets which included among artifacts the stargate for time travel.Is this why the US Government declared war on Iraq ? You be your own judge after you have viewed the Documentary.You will also learn that at El Segundo, there is a Jump Room located for Time Travel. Andrew Basiago who plans to become in the near future President of the USA who is a top Attorney in the State of Washington was with this stargate teleported to Planet Mars and also encountered President Obama when he was younger in the 1980's on Planet Mars.