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Monday, February 6, 2017

Freewill just got a bright idea!

What to do with the pedophiles, satanists, Left Wing criminals, those guilt of treason, and all the global cabal criminals....

Instead of hanging them or sending them to prison, lets give the rakes, shovels, and wheel borrows and send them to Fukushima to clean up the damage and contamination!

What do you think?


  1. Hell no!
    Only for a few of them will get that sentence

  2. And ONLY the rakes, shovels and wheelbarrows...just standard local jail/prison garb, eat whatever food that can be scrounged up, and IF...BIG IF...they are really good little boys and girls...doubt it, though..., they MIGHT get paid a tiny pittance for the day. And what...16 hour workdays? Alternate between days and nights? Eat and sleep when they're told to...can't sleep...tough shit! Yep, I'm all for it! Got my vote! :)

  3. I'm surprised he didn't run for Pres.. Well I guess he's to smart for that.

    My Dad told me that if you were smart enough to be Pres. you would be smart enough not to run. Ken T.

    1. You think trump has 'em wound up, I would break 'em! The corporation UNITED STATES OF AMERICA would no longer exist if I got in there!

  4. No, not for those who f*** little two year old boys....
    Only the lucky ones will be made the janitors of Fukishima.

  5. Freewill -this would be good-for starters!!:)

  6. Damn Good Idea for Some ! But For Most Hanging Is too Good, I Say Dig a Deep Pit And Throw them in It And No Food No Water And Let Them Eat and Kill Each other And Then Fill it In With Concrete! Just My Humble Opinion

    1. Yeah.. the pit under reactor number 2! 53 times the lethal limit of radiation!

  7. Excellent idea - but hey, the deep oceans need cleaning too.
    Tiny raft, sponges & buckets... lotta difficult personalities, contentious situation, Could be boat loads of fun to watch.
    Lets make a list of those most deserving to be lunch for jaws.
    We can take bets like Soros did on 911: Who will be remaining having subsisted off of the others.