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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Fwd: Muslim Propagation / 1400yr Secret / True Intent / How To . . (2/6/17) - emailed by a reader

"The more a truth is told, the more it is believed."
"Freedom starts in the mind, as does authority."
    "An armed society is a polite society."

1.  MUSLIMS ARE TAKING OVER THE WORLD AT AN ALARMING RATE -  MUSLIM IMMIGRATION  [This was originally made in 2008 and updated in 2009.  The figures are now almost 8 years old.  We have what can be called a catastrophe on our hands unless we prohibit muslim immigration.  The American culture and society otherwise is doomed to extinction in a relatively short period of time.  How do you like that??]

2.  WHY WE ARE AFRAID, A 1400 YEAR SECRET, BY DR. BILL WARNER.   [A MUST watch:  This is an excellent short presentation of the terrible brutal history and current state of Islam, and illustrates why we need to prohibit Muslims from entering our American culture and nation..  It is also amply described in "Slavery, Terrorism and Islam - The historical roots and Contemporary Threat" by Peter Hammond.]

3.  THE TRUE INTENT OF MUSLIMS, THEY HATE US.   THE FACTS.  [A 40min discourse on the current state of affairs with the barbaric Islam cult. EDUCATE YOURSELF and be part of the solution to bar muslims from this country.]

4.  AMERICAN WOMAN;  HOW TO DEAL WITH MUSLIMS!!  CLASSIC!!  [3min of straight talk grounded in truth.]

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  1. This site propagates what Zionists are pushing as an agenda. It doing the job for the USA's masters the Israeli Zionists. They really did an excellent job dumbing down the population. You will believe anything your gov't tells you especially if your hate is directed at a particular group or another. You're so easy to control when you act and think like sheep. USA will never be great as long as you don't wake up to what is really happening.