Monday, February 13, 2017

Pray to make it through what has come to your shores


With CREDIT appropriately assigned to the prior and current TRAITOROUS crime syndicate cabal corporation 'administrations', our nation has been sufficiently INVADED by muslim jihadis for the united States to SOON begin to experience a PLANNED nationwide purging and trauma unlike anything our nation has yet to experience on our soil.  Be ready, for many innocents will be slaughtered, for how can it be any different on our soil than is occurring - by satanic cabal design - on the soil of other nations worldwide?  What is happening on the African continent and in Germany, Sweden, France and  England is being prepared by traitors within our nation to SOON be unleashed on the soil of the united States. God can put a man in a position of power before the people and instruct him what to do to protect the nation and its people, but if the majority of the people have no ears to hear, then the hand of protection of the Lord will be lifted and the nation will reap the terror that has been purposely set before them by their 'leaders'. America, be prepared to defend and to protect, to enter the fight for your very life because, believe it or not, it is now on your door step. 

Following is word from Yashuah Jesus on the matter:

"Pray to make it through 
what has come to your shores"

Stifle- verb. Past tense: stifled; past participle: stifled
1.   Make (someone) unable to breathe properly; suffocate. "those in the streets were stifled by the fumes" 

Synonyms: Suffocate, choke, asphyxiate, smother, gag 
2.   Restrain (a reaction) or stop oneself acting on (an emotion)."she stifled a giggle" 
Synonyms:  Suppress, smother, restrain, fight back, choke back, gulp back, check, swallow, curb, silence

The still small voice... 

"Elegance and beauty have been perverted in this hour by enemy forces.  He seeks to stifle the 5 fold ministry and to pervert what is taught so that those carrying the Man-child do not arise with His presence to save and to heal. But as Peter cried out, "even if you stop us, these rocks would cry out !!" 

In the Armenian revival, as Christians were led out to be slaughtered, they wrote encouragements for one another on the rocks. Their lives were not spared from their murderers!  

You need to understand that many will be stifled and rifled down to shut their testimony down. But just as in that revival, as they carry out their Draconian plans, many more salvations will replace each person executed.  

Pray to make it through what has come to your shores for, indeed, the tribulations of My people will continue until I arise to destroy the (Draconian) planned (NWO) kingdom. That day is not afar off as some think. It is close at hand. I am arising in you to destroy that kingdom, for MY KINGDOM will endure forever.  I have called you to bring down their plans through your WORSHIP, prayers, and declarations! Use My word as your sword, beloveds! Prophesy to the heavens!!!

Do not allow the burden that you see daily of wickedness arising defeat your praises! Shut out the world daily for time in My presence. It is VITAL NOW!  Each person has their own assignments. All have different roles and assignments, so DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELVES ONE TO ANOTHER!  Lean on Your Beloved and ask Me to cast off all the distractions, for the enemy is a busy fellow trying to keep you so busy so you will not be effective in worship or prayer or obeying My assignments. My love, peace and joy inexpressible will see you through! Cling to Me and your path will be enlightened greatly!  

I am "turning on the Light" as you say of your spirit man. You will never be the same. Beauty for ashes, light and truth.  You will shine, shine, shine in the darkness!!  Nothing will be able to extinguish the light within you as I come to make you My habitation!

MY KINGDOM HAS NO END!  MY KINGDOM HAS NO END! Again I say MY KINGDOM HAS NO END!  I will humble the proud and arrogant ones in this hour!"

Jan 29th, 2016    Holy Spirit thru Pris

1Thess 5:3   For when they shall say 'peace and safety',  then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child and they shall not escape.


  1. It is basic understanding that if someone wants to do harm to another, it is as if they want to go to war with them.

    I read daily, these get a rope and keep the powder dry messages, and even for my opinion, which has no bearing on anyone that reads it, [ well maybe it touches their soul if they have one, or reminds them they don't have a soul, if they don't have one ]
    But people have said all kinds of thing about hurting muslims or people they think are ISIS and they believe works for George Soros, or someone else.

    They have decided they want to cause harm, and that harm will include innocents, because who ever REALLY knows who the enemy is, WHEN it should be a known fact, the true controllers are NEVER seen, and only their minions and puppets are shown.

    But no.
    People want to hurt someone else.

    Then when word comes that someone would hurt them, they get all scared and start trying to panic everyone into a 'you better fight or it'll happen to you'.

    your God is in control of everything. Everything.
    If it is time for you to die, you will die.
    The fact that you read this and are here, means, you WILL die.
    How you die is already decided, and alternative ways for you to die is already decided.

    If you want to war with someone in your mind, your heart, or your spirit, on an energy level, that war will come to you.

    You can be in a room full of people who did not want war, and a stray bullet will penetrate that room and hit only you.

    That's why there is no where to hide.
    That's why people should be aware of what they create.

    But again, someone will generate their own karma for whatever the come after me with.

    They forget what you put out, you get back
    They forget what goes around comes around
    They forget judge not lest ye not be judged.

    While they call me names, they don't realize, they create the words that describe their self.
    While they criticize me, they don't realize, you are aware of things that you pay attention to, and if you never met me, then the criticism is not from paying attention to me, it's from paying attention to you.

    So what will happen will happen, and if you really believe in the things your 'great book' then you will let other people guide you, and if you do that, then you are really following the 'One' you said you follow. The one you've been waiting on.

    I have seen videos of people who said they died.
    Some will say a presence showed up, and they'll say 'I know you who are' and the presence will ask, 'who do you think I am', and the one who crosed over will say 'Jesus Christ', and the presence allows them to make that assumption.

    If you don't know what you follow, you will follow anything that looks like what you want to follow.

    Many will be deceived, and many are already deceived.
    Death is but another journey, and we are in HELL already.

    Anyone that says this is Heaven, have really described heaven as a place of pain, killing, suffering, death, scarcity, anger, and where people sacrifice and worship other entities.

    If you want to stay here, and live here forever and have your cancer cured so you can stay here longer.

    So be it. It is your will. Your will be done.

  2. Woe to the enemies of America who would dare to attack us on our own soil, for we are an armed force that the cowardly, lieing "religion" of Islam has never had to face before, as they have only invaded unarmed civilizations. There would be no mercy upon those that we have given our food and shelter and healthcare to should they then turn on us as their enemy. They would be exterminated here in the USA and then we would make sure that they existed nowhere on the planet lest they rebuild and attack again. So, I predct that the heathen Islamists will NOT attack the Republic of the United States of America, ever.

  3. Don't worry, there's a big surprise waiting for the traitors and the opponents who wish us harm...They are the ones who need to pray.

  4. I will comment on something the above anon keeps saying but I will add further context.

    According to this video and many others:

    The New World Order government is a very real thing, it is not a theory by any stretch. It will be led as a type of Zionist control system with all the head Globalists ruling over from sea to sea and during that time there will be no Israel.

    Now of course, this is all proven fact. Every original Bible documents these things. This anonymous and others would say people are to blame for their realities or are evil for hanging this scum, but the truth remains if these scumbags are not hung until death- then they will make life into hell on Earth. In fact they will return for a third time and make a thrid New World Order, if they are not hung right until time of death. Now you can argue all sorts of relativism as to otherwise, but God fearing people will not be judged in anyway near the same way as these Globalists will be judged. So it should not stop anyone from literally hanging them all. With technology moving so fast, they will surely return the favor but will lose so in a very real way what is to come from here in this war is very good compared to the false Utopia that will destroy millions of lives.

    Therefore, it is a good outcome that people are up in arms. They need to be, or otherwise they will be among those who don't survive because this is indeed war that is unending.

  5. You all need to be on your guard and aware of the hidden one.
    People must not be labeled as anti semites for criticizing evil.

    All those against the New World Order are called racists.

    Mark Zuckerberg is no different than Clinton, he should be judged the same way americans. He is not innocent and wants you enslaved as well.

    The edom JEW many of which who are in control of the New World Order must be viciously resisted, as well as their handlers.
    Failure to do so in this era means a quiet death.

  6. This is Anonymous February 13, 2017 at 1:04 PM
    part 1

    **** One proved my point, Anonymous, February 13, 2017 at 6:55 PM, don't read this!!! **** It's crazy.
    and the other raised good issue,
    Anonymous February 13, 2017 at 7:19 PM you raised good issues, and I have some dialogue and will read your response.
    Suppose, I know that's hard for some, but suppose the knowledge they have supasses yours and the people that work for them.

    Suppose they KNOW they can't kill you without consequence, but there is nothing to set things up so that you are given information that they killed people they didn't kill.
    A simple example is the movie, Eraser, with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vanessa Williams, James Caan
    Or suppose they control media and audio entertainment that they allow information to be given that they have performed some act, so you can re-act.[react]

    You, hearing, hearsay, and trusting the source, someone you don't know personally, not vetted by you but by someone on the internet placed in a position of trust using the same control of the media.

    I mean, your perception is based on sensory input. If you hear it you want proof, if you hear it multiple times, you want to know from a source you trust, and that source, a sleeper, tells you and you believe it, and then it's true to you.

    Now you are ready to kill for images you have seen where you don't know the photographer, and didn't see the negatives of the image, nor a digital copy nor is it analyzed for photoshop.
    Any technology we see we are 30- 50 years behind the technology available.
    A computer can generate any image anyone wants to have generated and it can be shown to you as truth.

    The biblical people, either you believe or better yet know your God controls everything or you don't. When you acknowledge that you don't believe your God controls everything, then you can acknowledge your God doesn't know everything, then maybe more people will convert to your religion and not try to fight you, because your messages are mixed. If your God has to build an army of you to fight his creations, then He's not all powerful and Ominipotent, he's just a simple creator who's creations get out of hand, and he needs the help of some of what he created to control others of what he created, and personally to want to be on either side of his decisions is beyond me.

    We are in hell, we are the left behind. Our minds are being used in ways you can't imagine.
    People scheme about the New World Order, there was always, and will always be a New World Order. When the order that is of the Fed goes away, a new order will appear, and if the galactics have their way, a new order will appear, so it is a given, that word will never go away, never.

    The issue is, they claim to only want 500,000 so the mass of you will beg to be the 500,000 that stays.
    The trick is, you don't know who has convinced you to agree of your free will to stay here.

    And when the time comes and the veil is lifted, and the seals are broken, other seals will be revealed, including the seals in your hearts and minds to want to live [here].

    You claim to want to live here and then wait for a galactic to take you away.... smh.

    If they wanted 500,000 dead they have more than than in their militaries around the globe, they can take them underground for a few months mission, kill the rest of us, and surface and clean.

    You have no idea, and you get caught in what THEY give you.
    The wolf within you that they are feeding because you won't let go.

  7. This is Anonymous February 13, 2017 at 1:04 PM
    part 2

    If you have a God that you trust, then you'd leave all the decisions to that God.
    You don't konw if a soul was a child killer and killed their self before justice is served. In Hell, that's how it's done. There is a video of a man that when to hell, and a demon would tear him apart, then he'd be put back together and torn apart again, and his was repeated, over and over and over.
    That's what's going on here, and you can get caught up in this, and repeat your existence here fighting these demons who need you to fight them so you can stay with them, or you can learn something.

    What better justice than to reincarnate them as a child to walk the mile in the shoes they created for HELL.

    We are in HELL.
    When we die, there is an interceptor, that convinces us to come back here to work off supposed KARMA.
    That's why all the lives that ever lived, are still alive today here.
    NO ONE LEAVES.....cause in the ethereal realm, there is an entity more loving than anything here in HELL, that convinces you to come back and not pass.

    SO, listen to these people posting here that you have a duty to fight and kill people you are told are evil, or do your own homework and 'see for your self' the evidence of their evil deeds, speak with your own mouth and listen with your own ears to a witness who stands before you, and is not he product of any video on youtube. You have no idea who is paid to 'act' as an actor, and is given permission to say things that 'in acting' all statements are true for the reality of the play.

    Ever been to court, the jurors are told
    'the role you are playing today is'.
    They are so busy ready to judge, they don't realize they are actors.

    No one has to listen to me.
    The one who proved my point saying, 'you are crazy'. See how easy, repeating that shows what you were paying attention to. Yourself. Because the thought didn't come from you, and if it's not your thought, you perceive it's crazy talk. Well good. I will not interfere with your path and where you go with your life, so keep that mindset and don't read this. Matter of fact, I'll flag it at the top to give you a clue it's me typing this so you can avoid reading crazy.

    This is for those that are seeking, not those that have already found their way.

    Think about what others who are NOT your God are telling you, and go to your God to find out.
    If you God tells you, and I mean tells you in the thundering voice or whatever it is you want to receive, that you must kill, then you'll be like those in other religions who are told by their God to go out and kill.

    If they are told and they do as told, and you are told and do as you are told, then the only one to judge either of you for your action is your God, but if HE told you to do it, I guess you'll not be judged.

    That's what I want to say to those seeking.
    Did your God give you an order, and will you obey it like those who this article is about, where they will claim the order came from their God.

    1. I just needed to drop by and say....
      You are crazy. Those "bad" actors are not redeemed!!

    2. God gave people an order to not only kill, but massacre if it protects the lives of millions of innocents.

      Don't lecture anyone ever, when you are not aware that the entire government you speak of is a false corporation!

  8. This is to the self-righteous sellout anonymous 1:04 and also the anonymous 7:19 as well. Both of you are fools, and you 1:04 are only there to lead the mass astray.

    For what these elites have done, quite a few of them will earn nothing less than the death penalty for their actions. These actions include butchering three year old children to death, with provable circumstances where they were also slaughtered.

    One of them was Nathaniel Rothschild who is finally dead, and right now burning in hell. The next time anyone sees him will be in the world government when that man is some sort of machine or left over consciousness.

    Truth be told when the proper evidence is shown and displayed in court, most of these would already be killed. The only reason they're alive still is there is a certain mass of the public who has NOT awakened to how this corporate government is a all of it is a hoax, and even the ones inside the government who assist are guilty of covering up the crimes.

    Guaranteed, since probably before 1900 there has been no government. Some of the public was deceived into thinking it was a government when it was in fact a corporation that murders others as its absolute mission. Guaranteed still, it will go down with a fight and return again with even worse evil in the machine world....where all involved should be permanently killed. Although not all are equally guilty, there are quite a few who are next to pure evil that will immediately reap judgment.

  9. It's 'that' anonymous again.

    There are some messages that aren't widely received.
    Many are still trying to convert people to their Jesus or their Muhammad.
    Someone said God told them to kill masses of people.
    I do not plan to re-cycle back into this Hell.
    The rest of you, fighting to protect what is perceived to be your 'family', so you can stay together, here, it is your will.
    The eye of the needle.
    There is no war in Heaven. Why do you think some are fallen.
    Heaven would have none of it.
    And the dead may rise, but in the Book of Life, how many pages will be filled with those you killed. If you see the Jihad died and met jesus videos, you'll see they say they believed they are to kill the enemy, and they believe if their good deeds are more than their bad, they will get to heaven, but they don't know until judgment day.

    Many of you, like them, may decide to kill and wait until judgement day to find out if you'll get into Heaven, killing, not fallen angels, but killing people.

    There are many Hells, just as there are many Heavens.
    The Jihad people have said that they are told there are many ways to climb a mountain and reach the top.

    There are is everlasting time for you to 'stay in her' and get caught up in her sins and evils and play God, or 'come out of her' and let judgment be His.

    Only one road leads out of this place, and if you are caught up, you can recycle back here and keep fighting forever because the evil will never go away, and you have no knowledge why a soul is born into an evil environment.

    We are the Left Behind, and many will beg for death and it will flee them, because, only by death do you have a chance to leave this place, and that entity waiting just outside of all of this evil will convince you to come back here, after you see all that you have done, and what someone felt when you killed them.

    1. More moral relativism from the one world religionists!!!

      Don't listen to this whack job people, destroy your enemies in both places.

  10. Don't listen to me.
    I am just posting information.
    I don't know why so many get rawled up about it.
    It is as if there is something that triggers their emotion.
    And I'm curious why?

    We are at different stages.
    Some of us have been through this before.
    There are some that escaped this prison planet and there are others that will just recycle until they figure it out.
    I have no plans to change anyone's mind.

    If you need to kill, then do what you need to do.
    I don't have to ask you What Would Jesus Do, or what will you tell your God on Judgment day, or any of those things.

    You never listen to anyone outside of yourself.
    I posed some things that I became aware of, and I didn't sell it, I just spoke it aloud.

    We have people who are sick, in their bodies and have no idea how what they do has to do with what their body does.

    We have people who are mentally ill, and we have no idea how what they hear or perceive is interpreted when they hear or perceive it.

    I knew someone who 'had' liver cancer, inoperable, til she die, she was told.
    Liver regulates the hormones. She was always drama about everything. It was all, a big deal, no matter what 'it' was. Her cancer is gone, no not from surgery, or medical intervention, and now she sees and perceives things differently.

    Hormones was a factor in her perception of 'everything' going on around her.
    Some people are alcoholic, or on drugs, legal or medicinal.
    The audience we communicate with is vast.

    The devil knows what's in that bible, too, and can quote it better than any Christian.

    If you want to murder, I am not going to create karma and stop you.
    If THEY wanted to murder us, they would have done it.
    They didn't do it, because they know what most do not know.

    And if you think you will kill people and not have the judgment of that done to you, on your trip back to this existence, then you have some awakening to do, and eternity to do it.

    That entity on your way up, will be there showing you what someone felt by everything you did, from being mean in blogs, to calling people names you do not know, to wishing death on people because you heard on the internet they were evil, to killing someone for food, clothing, or shelter, or some perceived threat, or because of their religion , or any other diversity.

    You will see your life in front of this entity that shows more love than any love on this Hell, and you will agree to come back to this Hell to fix what you did.

    Or you can leave that entity with NOTHING to show you, so it can get out of the way so you can go to Heaven and never come back here.

    You always decide.
    And I don't argue with the devil, or demons, or things that walk into bodies that were in comas or that had crossed over into other realms and supposedly came back.
    Insidious is a movie about that.
    When people travel out of body, you don't know what came back into their body when they open their eyes.

    The devil needs as many souls as he can keep, and it will take an extinction level event to allow a lot of us to escape this place, as there may not be enough entities in that ethereal realm to convince us all to come back here.

    Blessed are the children. May they never be told they have to kill others for their God.