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Sunday, February 12, 2017

"What To Do’ Guide for Illegals if ICE Comes to Their Door…

INSANE:  Publication  Pushes  ‘What  To  Do’  Guide  for  Illegals  if  ICE  Comes  to  Their  Door…

ACLU PROVES ONCE AGAIN they are on the 'enemy list' for all America


  1. Pedogate (often referred 2 as pizza-gate) is real:
    High level corruption throughout all of West Virginia and Virginia with the two sides finally in open civil war. Robert Byrd should have been hung by the state of Virginia.

    Virginia is the home of Harry Byrd Jr and the now deceased Senator Robert Byrd, a pedophile King with equal prominence to George Bush Senior back in the day as both are obvious democrats.

    Ninety percent of the judges in the Virginia region should be fired tomorrow, all are active surrogates of pedophiles.

  2. This shows how evil Obama and Hillary were...
    Trump Rushes CIA Medal To Saudi Prince Who Exposed US State Department Islamic Spy Ring ...

  3. Walt Disney was a phedophile... HELLO????