Thursday, April 20, 2017

American National Mortgage Foreclosure Moratorium

By Anna Von Reitz

American National Mortgage Foreclosure Moratorium

Foreign bankruptcy trustees operating unlawfully on American soil have fronted false claims and have been generating invalid mortgages in this country since 1909.
As a result of this venerable, widespread and pernicious fraud found throughout the mortgage industry and throughout the administrative functions of the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, INC. seeking to mischaracterize millions of Americans as federal Territorial and/or federal Municipal citizens, we are calling for an American National Mortgage Foreclosure Moratorium.

Out of thousands of mortgages we have examined we haven’t found a single enforceable security interest involved in any mortgage floated by any bank or savings and loan institution.   All these claims lack any equitable consideration to back their claim of enforceable security interest.

This means that the Secretary of War /Secretary of Defense and the Generals responsible have failed in their duty under the Lieber Code since 1913 and that America and Americans have been plundered in violation of both national and international law under color of law ever since. 

This gigantic underlying fraud is sufficient cause to void all contracts, all obligations, all deeds, all mortgages, and all titles merely presumed to exist unless it is proven in open court that these same Americans have willingly, knowingly, and under conditions of full disclosure accepted actual and not merely voluntary or symbolic federal employment and have agreed to accept the burdens of federal Territorial and/or Municipal citizenship that result. 

We note that even if Americans have accepted actual federal employment and have accepted the burdens that entails, including citizenship in the foreign delegated jurisdiction of the United States, they are still owed equal civil rights.  We will also note that upon retirement from any federal service presumptions of federal citizenship must cease.  Finally, and importantly, all such federal citizens are still protected from foreclosure and sheriff sales at the state level under the provisions of TARP as of February 2009.

Thus, if you are an American state national or American State Citizen and have a mortgage, you are the victim of international crime and are owed both remedy and recompense from the perpetrators which includes the liquidation of any mortgage held against your NAME and the return of your assets free and clear and the return of the escrow plus interest denominated in lawful money.

Even if you are legitimately a Federal United States or Municipal United States citizen, you are owed equal civil rights and protection, and any property held in your NAME is protected from state level sheriff’s sale by TARP as of February, 2009.  

For all these reasons and more it is time for a Foreclosure Moratorium to be imposed throughout the actual land jurisdiction United States as well as the Territorial and Municipal United States.  The members of Congress and the Trump Administration must be made aware of these facts and held accountable.

We recommend that you print off and send a copy of this letter to every member of Congress and to President Trump and the members of his Administration, the federated State of __________Governors, the local Judges and District Attorneys, federated County Sheriffs and others who need to know.


  1. Anna, my name is Will. I live in Florida. I read your content as much as I can.
    I had recently went through a foreclosure, my attorney was Mark Stopa in Tampa.
    The last thing he verbally said to me was, The Note that the bank presented as evidence did not match the Note in the courthouse records.
    Which he then said I think we got them.
    As it turns out, Florida in the recent past passed legislation to fast track foreclosures. Which until the last court date was heard by the same retired judge.
    The last court date was presided by Andrea Teeves Smith. It took her 30 days to make a decision for the bank to foreclose, even though the notes did not match. I lost my house because I believed that the notes had to match in order to give the bank the right to take it.
    Back story is I fell behind in payment and didn't qualify for the home affordable program. Went to WF to pay up to date. Person called home office to get interest rate lowered. But they said no. So I did ask the bank for help. Thanks for your work.

    1. Did you know that there can be no foreclosures after 2008? The T.A.R.P. act stopped all foreclosures and by law they have to work with you. Go sue their pants off!

    2. Anonymous, you are not dealing with the bank.

      Do you know every corporation has their own in-house attorneys.

      Do you ever wonder why these banks/servicer corporations always hire outside of their business?

      Does it ever occur in anybody's thought that the board of directors or stockholders is not going to just let them give some local law firm power of attorney?

      Does it ever occur in anybody's thought that there is not a single employee of the bank that can give a law firm power of attorney to act for the bank?

      Then when you de-program, you see you are dealing with some employees giving permission and you can't even prove they have permission to give permission.

      Then when you de-program some more you can't even find a power of attorney doc or delegate authority doc, and so the higher ups have plausible deniablity.

      Then you de-program some more and figure out they got you to look at the paper and the stuff on it, when as many times as I post, I say courts are contract.

      But no....someone will call me stupid or ignorant because I don't have the program. I'm not like them. My thoughts are 'waay out there!'

      They have to be, because you can't see unless you get out of the middle of the situation and view it from a distance, which requires letting go of what we think we know and what others tell us to see and do.

      Anyway, beyond that, you have employees of a law firm who use their license and position and behind the scenes they and the judge say
      'Well he's not attacking the contract, so there is some sort of agreement he failed to perform'.

      When in all actuality, you shouldn't be dealing with employees of some law firm who don't have power of attorney to act for that bank or servicer. If they don't have authority, then would you even discuss your 'private agreement' with them. They weren't there at the table, they can't prove anyone knowing anyone knowing the CEO or CFO gave them permission to take you to court in their name and on their behalf.

      Then if someone is gyping you out of your stuff, wouldn't you file a complaint with their BAR agency and show they are acting without authority?

      Yeah, crazy, I know...but that's why I don't post stuff, because people's hearts aren't positive enough for positive things and there is not enough love, and if we can all be homeless and stop attacking each other for being different, that may force us to have the world we claim we want.

      I've seen people with no heart learn something and they make the world worse than it was before they learned something.

      People who love and have a heart, have a duty to not teach the mean people and the heartless people and the get off our land and stay on your side of the river people nothing, because it was created not by was created by a Creator, and if the lines were to be drawn, they'd be drawn like Antarctica is drawn to keep us out.

      I am not going to teach people how to keep their guns and bullets and family safe and discriminate against someone else who is not them.

      I don't tell everything, because people as a whole will attack as a group. I've experienced it here, watching you high five each other for agreeing that I'm ignorant or stupid when it's not me that had issue when I posted here.

  2. I'm wondering if reverse mortgages are also a big scam.