Sunday, April 16, 2017

Please sign petition to stop the Internal Revenue Service


April 14 2017

Over the 8 years of Obama’s reign, the IRS became a liberal political machine. The IRS targeted innocent conservatives, even if Obama lackey John Koskinen denies it.

Unfortunately, the IRS’ illegal activity didn’t stop there. They ILLEGALLY hired corporate mercenaries to conduct audits. Then, to cover their tracks, they passed a new regulation to make this practice legal after the fact.

This corruption must end! Sign this petition right now. Ask President Trump to drain the IRS swamp. Urge him to repeal this crooked regulation today!


This regulation lets even more corruption take root at the IRS. Letting the IRS use corporate mercenaries to conduct audits is asking for trouble. It only makes it easier to use the tax code as a weapon. President Trump can stop this from happening by repealing this regulation. 

Please sign this petition right now. Urge President Trump to put a stop to IRS corruption. Ask him to repeal this regulation today!

For Freedom,
Adam Brandon@adam_Brandon




    it doesn't stop there

  2. Has a petition ever stopped anything in the last 20 years?

    1. Because most Americans are too lazy to DO anything. Most, just like you, would only question if a petition has even accomplished anything. That's why. Instead of questioning whether a petition has worked - which some have because they have brought issues to the forefront - WHY THE HECK NOT DO SOMETHING INSTEAD OF CRITICIZE THE EFFORTS OF OTHERS WHO ARE TRYING TO GET IMPROVEMENTS MADE FOR THIS NATION - EVEN IF BY PETITION?

  3. We should stop referencing / petitioning tyrants or the systems they support or represent, raison d'ĂȘtre (re: self-rule) follows:

  4. They stole over $100,000.00 of my dad's pension after he made a $50 donation to the Tea Party that was solicited over the phone. The Courts and the attorneys were absolutely no help and actually just took thousands of dollars of his money and then said they could not do anything. The IRS has done illegal SFR's on my parents repeatedly for the same tax years. How does a 74 year old woman that only gets $7,965.00 a year from Social Security owe over $38,000.00 in taxes for a three year period on less than $24,000.00 in Social Security for that three year period? The IRS now has a lien on their house, which is paid for. A petition won't work. They need to be hunted down and executed along with the judges and attorneys that support this fraud. Anything else is just false hope and a waste of time. A MOAB on every IRS facility in America will suffice. How bout it President Trump? Wipe out all the IRS facilities and then watch how high your ratings go!

    1. tea party may have gotten recognition for their situation by filing a complaint with an oversight power of the IRS.

      A search, we do those all the time to find things.

      A search using IRS complaint

      two words

      Did you know besides a petition there is a bona-fide agency inside the IRS for civil rights violations? Would illegal SFRs and false claims that rob someone of their Social Security (property) and their home (property) using the color of office be a civil rights violtion?

      Maybe a search for two words
      civil rights


      will tell some that may not know what that means.

      Have you ever heard of an inspector general?

      Their office is all over the place from dealing with manipulation of markets, to tax matters, and many others. There's one for many areas of government including the IRS.

      What I'm saying is, people complain on the internet, they want to sue, they want to fight.

      No one is ever a witness and filing complaints and naming the people by their living name that they go to work and are called or their friends call them...their name.
      IRS didn't do anything...that's the programming.
      It is a name, created, some buildings holding employees who say they work for 'it', but it's the people.

      All men (people) are created equal.

      Lawyers control the words man/men/person/woman/child/children/ etc.
      These social changes that are uprooting the words we use, also remove us from the control of they lawyers. If we can't use them, they can't either to force their word majic on us and control us on paper.

      You'll wake up, and it's okay if you are asleep. No one likes to be jarred awake out of a dep sleep anyway.

  5. I am so sorry to learn this and, in fact, extremely angry. Through the years, in particular since the late 1970s, I have heard and myself experienced atrocities against the American people that should anger each one of us to the point of demanding the total dismantling of this corporation. This rogue foreign corporation has caused divorces, suicides and bankruptcies of hard working honest people. Then come along the lawyers with offers to help - for large fees, of course, when they should be spending their time and efforts to get this agency off the soil of the united States. James Trafficant, a former Democrat in the House, read several times before the Congress the truth about the IRS. The IRS had this man set up on false charges and sent him to prison for years.
    Like Scalia and Roberts who were murdered by those in 'power' in this rogue government, and also Harry Reid whose 'exercise equipment fell on him', giving him some serious physical injuries, the time came that the traitors in power had had enough of the exposure of the IRS in Congress and to the American people. He met a tragic death in a 'tractor accident' on his farm in Ohio. The IRS agents get commissions from all funds they successfully extort from defenseless Americans. It is nothing more than a mob collection agency for the VatiCON and the City of London, and the proceeds never benefit the Americans people but are, instead, used against them. IF the Republic is EVER brought forth, perhaps then there will come forth some HONEST 'politicians' who will insure that the KNOWN TRAITORS currently in power positions in the corporation 'government' crime syndicate running this nation, and their sister corporations in crime rogue 'government agencies' are arrested, tried by military tribunal and subsequently executed for all Americans to see - WITH NO CLONES AND DOUBLES TO SURVIVE THEM. IT IS PAST TIME FOR THE American PEOPLE TO BE FREE OF THE SATANIC HOLD ON OUR NATION.

    1. There is a solution to all of this and Anna Von Reitz has been stressing this all along as I have been! reform our county assemblies and state assemblies and remove these criminals with the power of the body politic of We THE People in assembly! Nothing else will work or it would have already happened!

  6. ; ;; Watch, listen and learn. This is what a REAL American politician looks like and sounds like, unlike the TRAITORS who smirk and give side glances to co-TRAITORS in the House while the President speaks

  7. A friend of mine shut down a 26 year tax evasion case simply by using U.S.C. title 31 section 724. They have since moved that section to 3124.
    They commit a felony for accepting any bond or trust for payment punishable under title 18. That includes Federal Reserve Notes.

  8. Why can't we do a petition to a complaint about the Chemtrails / geoengineering? We are being bombed again in Michigan now the thing is being done to stop it

    1. Marie - great idea. We have contacts to get a Petition delivered to the top. Anyone out there know or have time to put a petition together - and how we can get the most signatures on it - regarding the outlawing of the chemtrails - both nationally and statewide? Perhaps including the hazardous chemicals being included in the mixtures, and a method for going against the United Nations for their continued spraying, as well as the Governors of the states and the Federal government for allowing this genocide to continue to be committed against the people and providing the legal steps to be taken to shut them down? Contact Popeye and/or me if anyone can help with this. Thanks you, and blessings.

  9. The corporation crime syndicate is still in power, largely comprised of REPTILIANS/DRACOS. These need to be identified and executed. The new Republic government to come forth needs to be thoroughly vetted of these monsters - we already know who some of these are - names you would instantly recognize. The entire crime syndicate that has been in power for the past 100 years should be arrested and tried for treason and, where appropriate executed. All Reps and Dracos must be removed from this planet, and NONE should be able to sneak into ANY government position.

  10. See article/tribute to former Congressman James A Traficant, Jr. who fought bravely for years to free the nation and its people from the rogue IRS as well as other illegal measures freely taken by those 'elected' to positions within the House and the Senate.