Thursday, April 13, 2017

Public Notice to the United States/UNITED STATES

By Anna Von Reitz

We, the American states and people, are not dead, not slaves, and not donating our estates, our names, our copyrights, our land, or anything else to you and your corporations.  We are not standing as sureties for the debts of the United States (Territorial United States) nor the UNITED STATES (Municipal United States) and we are giving full, fair, and public Notice of the facts. 
We are disgusted by and estranged from the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States and the members of Congress representing these foreign entities which have encroached and usurped upon us by means of fraud, hypothecation of debt, and unlawful conversion of assets. 
With respect to us and as commercial corporations the Territorial United States and Municipal United States have no sovereignty, no immunity, no delegated authorization to seize upon the American states nor the American people nor any asset rightfully belonging to us.  
The Territorial United States and the Municipal United States must cease and desist all presumptions against the American states and people and must observe and obey the limitations stated in the contracts and treaties allowing your existence on our shores.  
Failure to respect our paramount claim to our lives, souls, bodies, land, names, copyrights, trademarks, all other intellectual property and  material rights, free will and all else that rightfully and naturally belongs to us, will result in the international liquidation of your corporations, the removal of your officials from our shores, and the international prosecution of the offenders. 
The United States of America and all member land jurisdiction states are alive and well.  The people of this country have reclaimed the land jurisdiction and returned to their native domicile on the land.  This is your Notice that we have done so and that we first made this announcement and these claims in 1998. 

We are posting this Public Notice via email on Bulletin Boards, Blogs, Chat Rooms, News Services, and Cyber Publications worldwide.  
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  1. Kudos to you Anna Von Reitz! We Agree With You!

  2. She's correct...if we can keep it.

  3. Part 1
    My opinion as I LOL.
    The people of this country have reclaimed the land jurisdiction and returned to their native domicile on the land.

    That's not true, Ann.

    How many people of age to make a conscious decision to vote, chose to be governed by the corporation in the last election? How many Ann? Some will call themselves 'Trump Supporters' and they have their eyes tied to the paradigm occurring now.

    Ann, the people were given full disclosure during O's presidency, to the point of him being called illegitimate and the United States being identified as a corporation, the currency of the United States identified as fiat, and the Congress identified as in the pockets of Wall Street.

    The current president ran on a campaign of hate and bigotry, and people looked at the choices they were given, and saw two.

    They chose 'the lesser of two evils'.
    Ann, they chose.
    Ann, of their free will, they stayed and selected a side to align with, within a system of control.

    You cannot speak for them saying the people claim the land jurisdiction.
    Ann, do you know some counties are going to be sued for having more registered voters on their rolls than they have people of age to vote?

    Ann, is it possible those lists are important to truly know those who 'consent to be governed'?

    Ann, people think everyone else is going to be deceived and that if they accept Jesus as their savior they can wallow in their own lack of knowledge and lack of discernment, and Jesus will cover all the decisions they have made, including choosing the 'lesser of two evils' to guide their life.

    That's like accepting Jesus as their savior and choosing between Lucifer and Satan, and selecting the lesser of either, because both revealed their true selves, but one was not as evil as the other, to some degree.

    After choosing, they expect Jesus to have saved them from their decision.

    No people! Jesus does not save you from your decisions.
    He forgives you before you make them, but that doesn't remove the consequences of the choice.

    You wallow as a collective, and have no idea no one needs to take you to a unknown basement to control your mind. And I'm not going to tell you whether it is controlled because it will only make you mad at me.

    You do not know, and you agree with things you have no idea about.
    You are unlearned in much, and as a group you have the strength of the unlearned.

    [your controller will post - must show the masses there is another thought that they agree with to counter this thought that the masses MUST not align with - I don't want your alignment - I don't want your mind either - controller go ahead ]

  4. Part 2

    I know why people with knowledge are ostracized from others. Our knowing exposes your lack of knowing and it brings you discomfort and when you are uncomfortable, you get angry, and your behavior is predictable after that.

    Oops, no. I didn't say it. I didn't say you were mind controlled. Nope..didn't.
    If I did, it would make you angry at me. Who ever takes the time to analyze their own self, and their own behavior? Very few.

    It's called 'The Road Less Traveled', and someone wrote a book about it 'before' the world had their mind programmed over time to not look at how they see things and think about things, but to go after anyone else that sees or thinks different.

    Do you know the Economist magazine had a Pied Piper? Did you ever wonder how so many children could blindly follow the music of a man they did not know, and just walk into his danger without even thinking of what they were doing?

    That was a children's story about mind control. The reverse of this is, this time, it's the adults who are following.

    You have been taught to trend, follow, make viral, thumbs up, and something will happen, and all of you who are 'ready' will be going in the same direction at the same time, and feel good about where you are going as a group cause so many will be going with you, just like those kids in that story of the pied piper.

    All of them felt good the other kids enjoyed the song enough to leave what was reasonable to do, and go where if they were not mind controlled they would not have gone.

    Free will. You have it. You use it. Many will weep and wail, and gnash teeth.

    while you watch the blue birdie,
    While you know it's called 'fake news'; another disclosure

    You watch and get absorbed in it anyway; of your free will.

    You see false flags and know they are not real, and you get absorbed in it, and want to talk about the unreal, the undead people where sarin gas requires hazmat suits and images of people rinsing off children almost naked did not upset you these partially clothed children, because this time it was okay, it was for the gas, that you know is a false flag when the people with the partially naked children, torturing them with water was not wearing gloves.

    They are proving you are ready for their harvest of your souls. Oh, I didn't say that, I know I didn't. This is all opinion, not as a Participant.

    The power is in the participation. As you watch them, they watch back, in your t.v. and smart phone, they know you are looking and paying attention to what they do.

    They got you. You gave them you. Do not be angry when they come to claim you, and Jesus did forgive you, but that's all he's going to do. There is no rescue mission for what you choose to do. When you walk with the Pied Piper as he plays the fake tune that you think is for happy times and it's not, and you go with the music and find out it's not for happy times, there is no one to save you just like those adults could not save the children in that story.

    The Economist magazine has a pied piper next to Trump. The children are hearing the song being played. The adults do not hear it. We have stepped up and out of the mind control.

    You can't help it. You must listen to the music, just like those sailors who would hear the songs of those sea creatures and run their ships right into the rocks and sink.

    The story has been told many ways, but those listening to the music, can't 'un-hear' it.
    Their mind is controlled and the adult is the only one who can not hear it and is not affected by it.

    [okay controller - post your dissent so those controlled can see you are in charge and they should think like you tell them]

    I'll start you off controller

    * Don't listen to this anonymous, he's an idiot! Buy gold and silver, it will go up to $50,000 nothing [I mean fiat from nothing]