Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Bundy Ranch Defendant is Stronger & More Determined now than before being Imprisoned

I followed radio host/reporter Pete Santilli for a couple of years before actually speaking to him and finally meeting him.  He was definitely a shock jock, but it seemed that he was fearless in his presentation of trying to get the facts in the stories he covered.  For that, I admired him.  Today, he has been sitting in jail for more than a year, a political prisoner of a lawless and tyrannical central government, one that no longer respects the God-given rights acknowledged in our Declaration of Independence and claims to defend while all the while trampling over them.  On Friday, someone very close to Pete decided to write about Pete and I know what she says is true because I've seen it in him as well.  He is stronger now than he has ever been in his life.

Deb Jordan is the co-host of The Pete Santilli Show.  She has been with Pete in the midst of covering several stories, including Bundy Ranch and the Malheur Wildlife Refuge protest.  On Friday, she put some of her own observations about Pete out on Facebook.

"My Name is Deb Jordan and I have my own voice," Jordan began.  "I went to Burns Oregon to cover a rally being held for the Hammond family that quickly turned into something completely different.  I learned many lessons.  I learned that not everything is simple.  I learned that not everyone who says they are your friend is really your friend.  I learned that there are those who will do anything to hang on to power, even if it means destroying another person to get it.  I learned that I am a lot tougher than I should ever have to be.  I saw a lot of terrible things happening to a lot of good people in Burns, and that's why I opted to stay and see it through to end."

Jordan then spoke about the man that she was there with and why he was arrested.

"Believe me when I tell you, Pete Santilli did not get arrested for covering the Malheur Refuge," she wrote.  "Pete was arrested because he pointed his camera at the people of Harney County and he and I allowed them to speak to the world! Finally, someone was listening to them."

Jordan spoke about "unbreakable" bonds that she and Santilli made with the people of Burns simply because they listened to them, and I know for a fact that often many of those people would only come see them at night, under cover of darkness for fear they would be targeted by the police in Burns.  However, Burns was not the only place where they listened and then gave the people's story.  They also were previously in Nevada at Bundy Ranch.

"Pete went to Bundy Ranch because Cliven Bundy came on his show and told the horrific story about what was happening to his family," Jordan wrote.  "It was Pete Santilli who listened to that family and believed them. He turned his camera and focused it squarely on them so they could be heard and the truth was brought to light on April 9th, 2014.  It was Pete Santilli who shot the video of the abuse they were enduring, and it was Pete Santilli's team who got that footage to Fox News.  It was Pete Santilli who recorded Dan Love and faced him like a man should, and called him out for the psychopathic liar he is, and the world heard it."

"Pete Santilli is not sitting in a Pahrump Nevada jail because he did something wrong, he is sitting in jail tonight because he stood for what was right, and the Government doesn't like that," she added.

"Today he is a lot tougher than he should ever have to be," Jordan continued.  "He endures the targeting and abuse.  He endures the strip searches.  He endures the endless days and nights.  He endures the agony of losing the very thing he fought so hard to keep:  His freedom."

However, instead of jail making him submit to tyranny and cause him to be weak in the face of his oppressors, Jordan says that it has neither "stopped him" nor made him weak, but rather "strong" and "determined."

Pete has used his time wisely.  I can attest that he has not only spent a lot of time in the Scriptures, which have certainly had a tremendous impact on him, but he has also pursued the truth when it comes to not only his case but those who face the same charges in the Bundy Ranch case that he does.  As he told me in January when I went to visit him at the Southern Nevada Detention Center, he is confident that God will vindicate them in this matter just as He did in the Oregon trials.

Jordan says that Pete has developed over 2500 exhibits to be used during all the trials for every person being tried.

"He has read every word of the discovery and knows it like the back of his hand," she wrote.  "He has committed to memory every last word in the transcripts of the last trial."

Why does he do all of this?  According to Jordan, "The Government plays a very cruel, twisted, evil game of chess in the courtroom, and they cheat," and Pete "does it because it is the best possible shot we have of getting our guys out of this mess and never having to 'endure' again."

"Pete Santilli is not easily shut-down and neither am I," she added.
Indeed, Pete has spent a lot of time with his attorneys and going over the discovery to know exactly what his case is and what the law is.  On several occasions, he has told me that much of what will be presented exposes not only the corruption of the Bureau of Land Management but of the central government as well as they continue to violate the Constitution.

Pete currently has a motion before the court concerning violating his right to speedy trial, something which federal prosecutors could care less about since they are lawless and have claimed that they could wait up to five years, an arbitrary number for sure, before any consideration would be given to violating the right to a speedy trial. 

In the meantime, Pete, as well as many of the men he is in jail with, are awaiting their trials and are in need of help.  Defense costs are growing, they lack the ability to provide for families and themselves due to incarceration, and their families are suffering, as well.  They are not just doing this for themselves, nor were they taking a stand just for the Bundys or the Hammond family in Oregon.  They took their stand in defense of the American people.  Their stand should be our stand.

If you would like to help stand alongside Pete, the Bundys and the other men who bravely stood against an army of armed federal agents, some of them, like Daniel P. Love, who had a thirst for blood with weapons trained on innocent Americans, then I invite you to write these men, contribute financially to them and pray for them.

If you are able and would like to help these political prisoners win their case against the tyranny of the central government or would like to write them, please click here.  If you would like to support a house in Nevada that is caring for wives and children of these men as they attend the trials, please click here.


  1. This topic is close to my heart. I extensively studied natural resources in college. I agreed on both sides, not knowing at the time of the facts.

    First, the BLM… as a BLM land manager the original complaint was valid as to protect public interest over private interest. There’s been boundary lines, fences and easement issues since the beginning of the department, nothing unusual. This case the farmer was crop burning and it jumped the fence, the fine not reasonable even if intentional as a goal of a resource manager is to seek and find noxious weeds and our tax dollars are funding such evasive weed species programs. IF, this was the premise then the BLM was okay… BUT, uranium and the Clinton/Russian connection changes that premise, right?

    The Group who took refuge… Armed! I watched everyday! Most of us watched and it was only a matter of time before things got bad, screw Obama for that and his lousy intervention! But, a take over of a field office versus actual legal battles in court was not warranted.

    In this case both parties were wrong.

    Roy Livinicum if I spelled his name accurately, did not deserve to die… period! As well, he was part of a group of armed protestors and well, the shooting officer made a decision I would have not of done, but others would have. So again, both parties were wrong as non-lethal weapons one one side versus simply just stopping the vehicle and being just and legal… no winners

    It just stinking sucks.

    And then the Bundy ranch in Nevada… Do they have rights grandfathered? My educated opinion, NO! Because a land manager not only protects noxious weeds and invasive species, but over grazing, antiquities (ancient artifacts like native American pottery as one example) and the actual granting of said grazing land.

    The issue of grazing land, is some ranchers pay literally pennies per acre ($1.25 average per acre allotment grazing fee is seen in Arizona, Nevada and Wyoming) and that is just not right! Graze for free basically. By the way, I am a horseman and I have worked cow/calf operations, I personally know what I’m talking about. I can’t get a permit for nothing because the big guys like the Bundy’s bullied everyone out of the market! And these guys are stealing "our" public land…and our rights to apply for a grazing permit in their backyard!

    Folks don’t understand the simple things like why certain areas get closed to grazing, camping, off-roading and the like. An example, cottonwoods on a river bank must be flooded during high storm water run-off (usually just once per year) and I have seen people cutting them green so that the in the following year when they return to their campsites that they’ll have firewood. So how does the land manager protect both the ecosystem and recreation and which comes first? The results are terrible campgrounds, away from the trees with vehicle barriers and that old campsite is now set for vegetation regrowth.

    The Bundy’s in Nevada bullied the land, "OUR" land with their misconceptions… Why not just have open land homesteading? There may be no forests left today, no cottonwoods in the arid deserts and homes built in your old campsite…

    Multi-use land resource conservation and recreation go hand in hand… I affirm that the Bundy’s are guilty, but not prison guilty, civil education guilty…

    Free the Bundy’s and restore their land to "We the People" and at the same time make their punishment be enrollment for several years in college… Roy didn’t have to die and the Bundy’s are responsible for that even if, clinton/russia was an issue!

    Next time you go fishing, hiking or horseback riding and you see a fence, a private property sign that says no trespassing and you’re in a childhood place where your elders took you too or a place on a map that says BLM of USFS and there’s no access, just say your greetings to the people who are like the Bundy’s…

    There’s no winners in this story and may "Roy" rest in peace…

  2. Is the Trump Administration so isolated and indifferent that it has failed to connect and reach out to the surviving family and friends of shot in cold blood, first degree murdered La Voy Finicum? Shouldn't his case by now have been exhaustively investigated in the Supreme Court of the United States? Is Trey Gowdy or Jason Chaffets familiar with the name La Voy Finicum? Has any attempt been made to investigate such in Common Law Court and bring the USG FBI BLM agencies to trial for its naked abuses and contempt of very basic human rights. Many more questions exist that will not go away and will now haunt and curse the American people for many generations to come. It needs to be put to rest. It needs to stop.