Monday, May 15, 2017

Never Leave Your Pet Alone With The Kids

Photos That Prove You Should Never Leave Your Pet Alone With The Kids

Chris Wharfe
April 27, 2017

Everyone knows that pets and kids are an awesome mix – as long as you’re there to supervise, that is. Because leaving your friendly felines or canine companions alone with your offspring is basically a recipe for disaster. Luckily for the rest of us, however, that disaster is often very funny indeed. It’s not always the kids that are the bad influence, though. If you’re not careful, too much time spent alone with the family pets might cause your child to think that they are one and the same. Case in point – this hilarious photo. Then again, perhaps she just really wanted some milk…

The patience some animals have for the tomfoolery of children is astounding. Then again, perhaps this delightful dog just thinks he’s spending the day on some kind of wild theme-park ride. Especially considering how fast the youngster seems to be toddling…

We’d love to say that this cat was feeling kind to allow itself to be used as a racetrack, but let’s not kid ourselves. We all know that really, it’s just too lazy to get up and do anything about it. Still, it only has itself to blame when Lightning McQueen wins the Piston Cup on its back.

We can only imagine the struggle that it must have been to get this poor pooch into those hideously pink tights. And while he appears to have taken it in his stride, we don’t think the parents will be too keen to leave their kids and pets alone again anytime soon.

Have you ever seen a cat as well behaved as this one? In fact, we might almost believe that he enjoys it, based on how expectantly he seems to be looking at the camera. That face is just asking for a push. Well, if you can’t beat ‘em… 

Who knew children could be so cruel? While his real dog sits outside, looking in pitifully, this kid is feeding his stuffed toy instead. Sure, maybe he’s too young to tell the difference. Somehow, we don’t think that will make the real pup feel any better.
You have to wonder how many times this has happened for the dog to just not care anymore. It’s part of his life now and he accepts that. The kid, meanwhile, could really do with a few sheets of paper. It’s not that much of an ask, is it?
This kitty might not look too happy with her current situation, but she isn’t doing anything to stop it, either. In fact, she’s apparently so at peace with the kid’s decision to push her around like a baby that she’s even allowed herself to be strapped in. Hey, it beats walking…
Every princess needs a steed to transport her around her kingdom. And if there are no horses around, then the dog will just have to do. Luckily for this adorable little girl, her pooch doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, he almost looks like he’s getting into it. It’s a job fit for royalty, after all.
This cat looks totally cheesed off. And while he might be putting up with it for now, that expression just says it’s only a matter of time before he flies off the handle. Just make sure the kids responsible aren’t around when that happens…

This little girl’s pup, on the other hand, certainly looks content with her current standing. After all, who wouldn’t want the honor of carrying around Barbie? We have a feeling these two are going to be best friends for years to come.

This is photographic proof of how dangerous it can be to take a nap as a parent. We’ve all been there. You doze off for half an hour and wake up to find your child has attached a unicorn horn to your cat. It’s a tale as old as time – though not one the cat looks best pleased about.

Someone should probably check to make sure the dog’s still breathing. After all, surely the only thing capable of having this much tolerance for horseplay is a statue or a corpse, right? Then again, some dogs just love the attention – and making their best friends happy, of course. Dogs are awesome.

It doesn’t take long for the damage to be done when you leave a kid with a pet. Indeed, everything in the photo above was the result of just 20 minutes’ alone time between a little girl and a dog. Things went downhill quickly…
If this cat knew what it was being forced to pose as for a Thanksgiving card, we’re pretty sure it would look even less amused than it currently does. Dressing up a predator as its prey does seem like a cruel and unusual punishment, after all – no matter how seasonally appropriate.
Is this the prettiest cat in the known universe? It just might be. Not that it looks too happy with its new outfit, of course – but then, cats are notoriously difficult to please. Next time, maybe try something a little less 19th century?
Traditionally, the tug of war is played using your hands. Of course, a dog isn’t really capable of doing that, so it’s great to see that this toddler has leveled the playing field by using his mouth too. Some kids are so thoughtful.
Kids don’t see in black and white. Indeed, their vision is full of color, so it’s little surprise that this one thought their Dalmatian needed a lick of paint. Thankfully, there was no harmful paint to hand, so they made do with Sharpies instead. You’ve got to admire their creativity.

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