Monday, May 15, 2017

Seven Kenyans among 71 deported Somali citizens from the US

BREAKING: Trump DEFIES Liberals And Just Deported Dozens Of Somalis And Kenyans Anyway!
Immigration officials deported a second round of Somali illegal immigrants who had been living in the U.S. along with a few Kenyan foreign nationals.
Officials deported a total of 77 illegal immigrants to Somalia this month, according to a report by Midnimo Information Center. 
Of the 77 illegal immigrants, 72 were Somali foreign nationals, while five of the illegal immigrants were from Kenya.

From Breitbart
An unnamed official told Midnimo the group of illegal immigrants were deported generally because of their immigration status.       
“They were deported over immigration issues including lacking papers. We had been informed of their planned arrival,” the anonymous official said. “The Somalis will proceed to Mogadishu while Kenyans will be processed here accordingly.” 
This is the second round of mostly Somali illegal immigrants who are being deported under President Trump’s administration and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  
The first round of deportations for Somalis included 90 illegal immigrant Somalis and two illegal immigrants from Kenya. 
Trump’s focus on deporting Somalis and other foreign nationals from the region is vastly different from the Obama Administration, where only 170 Somalis were deported in his last two years in office. 
These Somalis were deported for either committing crimes or having their asylum requests rejected, as Breitbart Texas reported. 
Somalia’s Ambassador to the U.S. Ahmed Isse Awad said previously the number of Somalis the Trump Administration is looking to deport is at least 4,000, with the vast majority not being currently held in immigration detention centers.
Seven Kenyans among 71
deported Somali citizens from the US


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