Friday, May 19, 2017

Trump shared intelligence with Russia

If you think that President Trump sharing intelligence information with Russia on ISIS and other terrorist organizations was wrong, let me share something with you.
The information that he shared was the following....
"We now know that ISIS had developed new ways to place explosives in laptops and other electronic devices to evade airport security screening methods.
US intelligence suggested that terrorists had obtained sophisticated airport security equipment that allowed them to test how to effectively conceal explosives in electronic devices."
In the early morning hours of April 19th, I was taken into a vision where I saw a Russian commercial plane explode in air. The Lord spoke to me to pray against a terror attack on a Russian Airline. He said, "The plans are being formed by ISIS right now. Pray for Russian intelligence to get the inside information to stop the attack."
What President Trump shared in that meeting helped the Russians to save hundreds of lives and avoid a massive tragedy in the nation.
He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying! (Rev 2:29; Rec 3:6 and 13)
Remember what individuals and nations formulated ISIS, fund and direct them - pray for them, too.  The likes of Clinton, McCain, Lindsey Graham and many others should be arrested and tried for treason, murder, etc


  1. When the Lord tells you in a vision what is needed to avoid a tragedy, one would question why the Lord would wait for you to pray right back to Him to ask for the very thing He suggested. Isn't it assumed when the Light must win this battle?

    1. Assume nothing. The Lord seeks a people who will seek Him and obey Him. He will allow to come upon a people what they allow. He does not rule or reign over us or, like a dictatorial government, demand we do something but gives us the exercise of our free will. If we desire a tragedy to be averted, should we not seek the Lord to avert that tragedy in His great mercy? Or do we sit back and wait to see what happens - like in WW2 with the mass slaughter of innocents, or in Syria and other nations. And when we are warned about things in this nation, should we not seek Him for His help and mercy? He may give us the vision, but He waits to see what we will do with the warnings. When a tsunami is coming, are you going to test God by standing there to see if it swallows you up - or not? Or if a warning about the planning of an assassination, are you going to stand there and test the Lord to see if He is lying to you or not? Foolish. I guess this is the kind of thinking that people saw when they came up with the statement "You deserve what you get."

  2. 790 screw you MSM!!!May 21, 2017 at 4:34 AM

    President Trump has my permission to talk to the Russian President. Seriously the mainstream media wants us to believe dialog is a crime??? Can you feel the fake news yet? I can it feels like cnn up my ass...

  3. What part of the word Obey has to do with GOD? When man is given freewill?