Friday, May 12, 2017

Two Words to the Supporters of James Comey


Director James Comey, oversaw an operation in Oregon, where an old cowboy, who was not armed, was set up for a murderous ambush by Special Agent Gregory Bretzing. We know the facts at the very least that the FBI under Director Comey set the Oregon State Police up to take the fall for that murder, AFTER THE FBI OPENED FIRE FIRST on an unarmed LaVoy Finicum, a wounded occupant, a female passenger and a little girl who was a Christian singer. 

We know for a fact that the FBI covered up their firing at these Americans by picking up their spent cases, and it was only after Oregon State Police examined the crime scene, that it was they who forced the FBI to confess that it was the FBI who started the spraying of bullets around. 

So when an American who witnessed the murder of LaVoy Finicum as an example from Director Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch, that Americans have no rights to peaceful assembly reads of the current FBI leadership praising James Comey and stating how much support inside the FBI that the Director still enjoys, to the point there are now treasonous and criminal leaks coming from the FBI directed as President Trump, an American majority is concerned how worthless, expendable and mutton like LaVoy Finicum was, as apparently all Americans are, because the FBI agents who did this murder have not appeared before Congress, have not been jailed for evidence tampering, Gregory Bretzing has not been fired, and James Comey has not been indicted, but is being championed for this crime and others, it leaves the reality that the FBI under James Comey has become so politicized that they are above the law and that means outlaw. 

I do hope that this is propaganda from the FBI leadership covering for their criminal festering boss who is not turning the other cheek, but plotting apparently retaliation against the President, because the FBI rank and file have not resigned in mass or resigned in one person for James Comey. 

James Comey broke trust with Americans. His FBI is still shattering that trust daily in these attacks against President Trump, and proving that Donald Trump was right in firing Comey and that Americans were right in hiring Donald Trump. 

What about LaVoy Finicum? Two words, but no one seems to care about this old man who was murdered and left to bleed out and die deliberately in the snow as an example to those who buck the deep state.;read=75250

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