Sunday, August 6, 2017

Please Sign the Petition!

Ask Congress To Call On Barack Obama To Testify 
About His Knowledge Of And Failure To Address 
Russian Hacking During Election

Despite President Barack Obama knowing about the potential for Russia interfering in the presidential election as early as August 2016, he took no action because he didn’t want to rock the boat for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Congress should call the former president in to testify under oath to explain what he was doing and why he was doing it. 

-  Who was doing the investigating? 
-  Who was reporting to the president? 
-  Who did it go through? 
-  What were the meetings like when they decided not to pursue it?

This was an extraordinary failure of national security that must be investigated.

Please Sign the Petition!  Click on the link below:

 We the People Demand that Congress Call Barack Obama To Testify Under Oath About His Knowledge of Russian Hacking

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  1. That would be a huge waste of time and money. Do you think he will have a sudden change of attitude and actually tell the truth? He's been lying since you have heard his name.

  2. Why would you want him to testify. He is a serial liar and would have no problem in twisting the facts to his and his partys agenda. The Koran specifically from what I am told says is is perfectly permissible to lie or steal or cheat to spread their agenda and that is what the muslim liberal immigrant did his whole tenure in office. He needs to be brought on charges of treason and hung for his betrayal of the American people and as an example to the other crooks in our government. But that will never happen as they are all in bed together to maintain their greed and lust for power over we the people.

  3. There was no Russian hacking.

  4. You should know by now that petitions mean nothing to the Corporate Congress ! They work for themselves and don't care squat about you !

    1. Don - YES - I KNOW petitions don't mean much. The CON-gress itself means nothing to the people but trouble - because this is NOT our government and they do NOT work with or for us but for their criminal corporation - which, by the way, is dead in the water. However, putting the issues - even in petition form - in front of the people zeros them in on awareness of what those issues are and what can be done if and when the people unite and speak out. Nothing wrong with that. What are YOU doing to educate the people, and to encourage them to get involved in making our nation 'great again'??

  5. Nothing will every happen to Ovomit, hildybeast,or the bush criminal cartels.