Sunday, August 6, 2017


WARNING DISGUSTING VIDEO: Muslim Rape Game ‘TAHARRUSH’ Is Spreading Across Europe

This Arabic word describes a group harassment of young women committed by young muslim men during mass gatherings


“I don’t believe in the death penalty, but these men should be executed!”
Just when you think there is nothing more disgusting coming from Islam, the 'Religion of Peace', ‘Taharrush’ shows up. A 'game', they call it, where hundreds or thousands of Muslim men basically isolate a woman and gang rape her repeatedly. A gang rape flash mob of sorts.
It’s true that most Muslims are not war mongering terrorists, but whatever pool this scourge of human sewage is coming from must be stopped. They bomb our buildings, crash our airliners, behead our citizens, abuse their wives, execute homosexuals, burn soldiers alive, bomb our allies, and announce their intent to eliminate us with nuclear weapons . . . and now they gang rape our women.
When Is This Going To Stop?
We invite them in, feed them, give their home land BILLIONS of dollars, tolerate secular demands, accommodate religious peculiarities and defend them as they do so. Where did we get so far off track? 
Now we let them threaten our people and violate our laws in the name of religious freedom? Our crazy women’s rights activists even advocate on their behalf. Haven’t they heard of Sharia Law? Our politicians seem to think this is a minor 'inconvenience', and our past 'president' blew it off like a speck of 'inconvenient' dust and wouldn’t even say the word ISIS or ISLAM!

The troubling video shows incidents in Cologne and other German cities where hundreds of women were harassed by ‘men of foreign origin asylum seekers'. 

Germany has faced a phenomenon of ‘Taharrush Gamea’ since Angela Merkel invited hoards of Syrian refugees into her country. 

Arab Rape Game
What is 'taharrush'?

European Parliment Chamber
Discussion on 'taharrush'

 What is happening in Europe
What you are not being told by the media      

HOW does one female or several females and males who may want to help her counter such rape attacks when they are surrounded by perhaps a hundred or hundreds of crazed muslims he*l bent on having some 'fun'.  Most of Europe, including the police forces, have been 'conveniently' stripped of guns that could be used to put a stop to this tragic nonsense.  America,  NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS!  


    It is time for a new crusade to be sure. This needs to be much bigger than a Christian crusade however. Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews and indigenous tribes around the world must all ally against this common enemy and lethal threat. Islam has declared a Jihad against the entire earth and against all nations, religions and cultures. They have declared this from their own demonic mouths. Islam is now a fourth of the worlds land and population and they fully intend to finish the job. They have invaded Europe in a big way and are invading America as well. In 1970 there were 100,000 Arabs in America. Today there are 10,000,000. They are weaseling into our education, finance and government in every way. Every one of the thousands of Mosques is a Jihad fort of conquest. The Quran is much more than their Bible, it is their ideology constitution and law library of Sharia. They have no intention of blending in with the host cultures and peoples whatsoever. The Quran forbids this. Their own law book declares that we are to be either converted, submitted or killed off (murdered). They are not kidding either. This has been their way and agenda for one thousand four hundred years. Here get some education and have a little research adventure.
    This man, Usama Dakdok from Egypt will lay out the truth without reservation. He is a devout Christian whistleblower doing his best to warn the world of this virulent mortal danger to our lives and cultures. Maybe you can’t handle the horrible truth but we better because we are running out of time very fast.
    In the previous papers I laid out the situation and some strategy for remedy. We need to purge our lands of these people for the most part. There are some of them who are blending well with us and want to enjoy a civilization with peace and harmony. Many have become Christians and fans of common law and democracy. But the rest, the Jihadists need to be expelled back to their homelands at Gods Speed. Everyone will do well to go online and educate themselves about this situation and I am sure most all of you will agree after that. Usama is a good place to start. The satanic Islamist declare they shall rule the whole earth. Well, if they had anything productive to offer humanity that would be one thing. The truth is they do not. They are not qualified to rule anything. They are inbred, satanic thugs who rape ravage pillage and plunder innocent people. They are the rabid dogs of humanity and need to be put to sleep. If you love your children and wish for them to have a free and happy future and inherit the lands of our ancestors who entrusted them to our care, then take the first responsibility of stewardship and intercept and remedy this great danger that faces and threatens us all. The traitors who support the Jihad in our countries should also be jailed and tried for treason. It’s time to join the global crusade and push back with all our collective might. For the sake of out innocent children and in the name of the REAL God we must. Thank you and God bless you and yours. Live long and prosper, be fearless and free.
    In peace and love
    “We can forgive, we never forget, expect us”


    This is a very important message to all those who follow Mohammad. The rest of us are having a tremendous problem with you and your behavior. I, being a long time disciple of God and I mean the “real” God, asked what should be done about you. Well, the real God is never short of answers, resources or solutions. So I have been selected to be a messenger to you. So when you die out of this humanity and your eternal soul moves on, you will then find yourselves on a very special world for your next adventure in incarnation. Yes, this would be monkey world.

    This is the home world of all the various simian life on this planet. All these beings are varieties of primates as are human beings. Now there are strong social protocols among simians of every variety. It’s kind of a boot camp for future human beings where you learn the basic dos and don’t of social behavior. It is a great privilege to be a human being and a great honor that should not be taken lightly. We are designed by the Prime Creator to be loving stewards of the universal life matrix. Now for those who have fallen off the wagon far enough, then it’s going to be back to boot camp for you until you can grasp the basic training. You need to become golden rulers. You know, treat others like you would like to be treated? A few lifetimes on monkey world will do the trick. In fact, this will be the fate of all sociopaths on earth at this time. These are people devoid of conscience. Serial killers, warmongers, murderers, Nazis, Zionist bankers communists and yes avid Islamic terrorists. So you will be in good company there on monkey world and can help each other with the primate protocols. Eventually, after many lifetimes there, you will reach a condition whereby the Prime Creator will restore you to human being status on a probationary basis. Then whatever you do, do not backslide.

    It is recommended that if you find yourselves in a Western society at this time, that you visit the nearest zoo and study the monkey societies there in order to…well…kind of get the “hang” of it.
    A few points to remember. The big monkey rules the tribe. When he shows up, the protocol is to submit on hands and knees with your butt in the air. Well, you Muslims have lots of practice with that maneuver don’t you, what with your prayer rugs and all? You also seem to favor furry faces, so that will be a feature I’m sure you will enjoy. Also regarding those 72 virgins, well they will be on monkey world as well. I mean they are somewhat furry as well and downright stupid but, those are the breaks. Goes with the territory. Next time read the fine print. But you can enjoy hanging with the tribe and picking bugs off each other and have happy little furry babies together. Life does go on in spite of you. Now if you get out of hand in this world, the big monkey will definitely set you straight again. No murdering, raping or suicide bombings here, brother. Oh, no, no, no.

    You see, you fell into a Luciferian satanic trap. You have been worshiping the great Satan and the master deceiver. Now if you’re wondering what happened to Mohammad, well he’s there waiting to welcome you into the monkey tribes. His smiling furry face is eager to help you adjust to the primate protocols .
    So I’m sure you must be understandably a bit horrified by this destiny but there is a way to save yourselves from it. Take the satanic Quran and light it on fire. Seek the real God’s forgiveness and mercy and redemption. You might even want to pray to Jesus for help. Well if that’s going a bit too far at this time, then just praying to the real God will do. You could also become a Hebrew or a Hindu, Buddhist or even just join some kind of spiritual group. The point is to become a golden ruler and a civilized human being again. Learn those protocols and you will be fine from now on. Otherwise, I hope you really like bananas. Happy trails Ahab.

    “We can forgive, we never forget, expect us.”

  3. When USA was in war with Japan, all Japaneese in US were put into camps and vetted. Bush and Obama war in mid-east, and bus "refugees" (mostly terrorists and invaders) into the USA. No vetting. No health checks. No IDs. Unless stopped, the US will follow Sweden, Germany, France and Greece into a take over by Islam.
    btw: Islam is using the same games to take over the governments as does Israel. Israel cries: Antisemitism. Muslims cry: Islamphobe. Both are parochial governments, not just a religion. Both lie like a Bush.