Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Insurance claims and problems with the insurance companies

Message sent to us with emergency request for publication by an insurance adjustor in the Houston metroplex

If you can get this information to President Trump without it being hijacked by General Kelly, et al, then please do so.
During a recent speech, President Trump stated he didn't want to see this kind of thing going on with the insurance companies when property owners were attempting to file for claims after the storms and, if we are seeing it, to let him know about it.

This message is to alert Americans of what they may incur when attempting to file insurance claims if/when storms hit their  communities.  After many years of paying insurance premiums to these insurance companies (the money of which is generally placed on platforms bringing these companies millions+ in profit), the people shouldn't even have to continue paying for insurance much less be met with denials and/or ridiculously low payouts on their claims.
Following is a report from boots on the ground of what is actually occurring to the people in Texas when attempting to be paid for damages and losses to their homes and other properties as a result of hurricane Harvey.  
Below is a report from an anonymous claims adjustor:

To those who are concerned:
I have been an Outside Field Adjuster for an insurance company that claims they have their client's best interests at heart. Well, words are not worth very much when you meet with a client that has lost 50 years of memories due to Hurricane Harvey, the worst rain event in history. 
When in training they tell you to go out and write up an estimate to cover the losses suffered by these victims.  When an estimate is written for $100,000+, only to turn in this estimate to have it rejected and forced to pay these victims $5,000 to $10,000 or nothing, such as these victims I just mentioned above and that is it. 
To add insult to injury, these clients are forced to continue to pay their monthly premiums for insurance that is doing nothing for them
These insurance companies bet every month that you will not have a loss, but you still must place your bet every month by law that you will have a loss.  Then, when a loss does occur, the insurance says we deny that they owe you any damages or money because, in the small print in your policy is written that, if you suffer 2 losses from the same event, there is no coverage for your loss, thus we owe you nothing.
These companies should be paying for losses suffered by their clients from roof to floor and/or foundation with no question.  Checks of $5,000 to $10,000 should be handed out to each client just to help get them back on their feet for the loss they have just suffered. 
These insurance companies have billions if not trillions. They could pay these victims $100,000 to rebuild what they have lost without even breaking stride and yet, due to greed and arrogance, they don’t give one care to their victims or so-called 'clients' without a thought or concern, other than when their next martini is going to be served.
I have been sent out to a client’s house where they have suffered hail damage spun off by Hurricane Harvey that produced hail, but the insurance company determined 2 things so they would not have to pay. 
Once a tropical cyclone/hurricane does spin off tornadoes but not the hail and, if hail was produced, it is considered pre-storm and can only be addressed if the client files an additional claim for another deductible on top of a tropical cyclone deductible that is any where from 2% to 5% on top of all the other costs and loss suffered by these victims. Where does the insanity STOP?
Another issue:  If an outside adjuster comes to inspect the loss and they determine there is hail damage to the roof, the insurance company says that hail damage has pre-dated the emergency license of the insurance adjuster and then the adjuster cannot address the roofing loss or anything from the roof line down. 
These are just some of the excuses that insurance companies are using to deny the claims of their clients that have paid them insurance premiums for years and are paying for insurance and expecting that their losses should be covered once they have suffered a loss. 
It is sickening what these insurance companies are doing to their clients with no regard to the losses suffered.  Some will never be fully recovered no matter how much money is paid! To get these clients at least back to pre-storm, which that is what insurance is supposed to do, is to put you back to the position you were in prior to the event.
These insurance companies are telling their clients "Sorry but there is no coverage for the insurance you have paid us for. But you can file with FEMA" and then inform these victims, which adds additional insult, to "Get a loan to repair your damages and, by the way, make sure you continue to pay your monthly premiums" to an insurance company that is doing nothing for you.
Otherwise they will cancel your insurance. 
Then what can these victims do? They can’t get any other insurance until they repair or rebuild their dwelling. They are being victimized by the entire insurance system that they are held to by law but have no re-course to get back to the position they were in pre-storm. 
All they want is what is right and they are not receiving that in any form or fashion!!
One other instance:  I went to a client’s house clearly suffering wind damage.  The entire front of the house was shifted a ½”.  I called for a structural engineer to come inspect the house. The engineer showed up with a 4’ level and a 25’ measuring tape and determined in a 4’ span the structure was out of level a ½” but that it was level ‘enough’, that it was structurally sound and he would put he’s stamp on it certifying that. This so called structural engineer worked for the insurance company. Can you say 'conflict of interest'!?
These clients need protection and HELP!!


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  1. Who has the tallest buildings in any city across this giant slave plantation we call America?
    Need I say more when it comes to the rip off criminal insurance companies and forced compliance?
    When are we going to wake up to these criminal corporations and the criminals who run them?