Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Multiple Shooters in Las Vegas

Multiple Shooters in Las Vegas
Paddock was a patsy (as was Oswald)

Breaking news details from Las Vegas tragedy
Mike Adams
As you are likely aware by now, a horrific mass shooting has taken place in Las Vegas. Today's coverage focuses on this event:
First, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack which has now killed 59 and injured 500+. Read the full story on ISIS claims.
Secondly, there are five things that just don't add up about the official reports on this event. Why did one "lone wolf gunman" have ten rifles? How did he get ahold of a full-auto machine gun?
Lastly, in the interests of public safety, I've posted a practical, lifesaving article that teaches you how to find effective cover in a mass shooting.
More coverage of this horrible tragedy continues at Natural News.


  1. I believe their were more than one shooter! Why were two windows broken out? They need to look at all hall video and see who the people or employees were in the last ten hours before the shooting. House keeping should have noticed something strange. Maybe the house keeping was involved also. Back ground check on all employees for the last ten months. Things just don't add up he was alone.

  2. Earlier today I watched a video of , first an 'AK' fully auto shooting at night. Flames shot out from the barrel, maybe, 12-14 inches, and lit up the shooters body.(plenty of fire light), then they demonstrated same with an 'AR-15'. Same flame, slightly smaller. Point is,... someone want to explain to me why there was no flashes of ???light coming from the hotel.??? during the shooting? Something stinks. Ya know, when I first saw/heard the video of the 'shooting' I thought to myself that the rat tat tat sounded like blanks, but, even if they were blanks,(not saying they were, just that to me it sounded so), there would STILL be flashes from the barrel.