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Oct 30 2017

President Obama's FBI abolished the ability to investigate extreme links and radical Islam - ISIS and Al-Qaeda have broken through left-wing groups of bridges in America and Europe.

The fact that those members of Antifa and ISIS differ almost differently are not a coincidence.

From a secret FBI investigation it has been found that the extremist Antifa movement co-operates with the Islamic terrorist group ISIS. In the violent riots at the G20 summit in Hamburg last summer, American Antifa members, observed with steel bars and molotov cocktails, were known to be members of ISIS. 

This confirms that the great danger to the stability of our society does not come from some extreme right-wing splinter groups, but from the increasingly closer cooperation between the (extreme) left-wing and Islamic anti-Western pact. It says, therefore, much about the true intentions of former US President Obama when he banned the FBI from investigating this cooperation.

The revelations come from the former editor of the New York Times Magazine, Edward Klein, and can be read in his new book 'All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump'. Little is based on FBI sources and messages that speak of "overwhelming evidence of links between left-wing radicals and foreign Islamic terrorists of IS and Al Qaeda, as well as multiple subdivisions and splinter groups."

Last summer, the FBI sent a specialist team to Hamburg, as left-wing action groups like Antifa and the German branch demonstrations against the G20 summit had announced. The FBI concentrated in the German Hanseatic city, especially on an extremist group from Oakland near the famous Berkeley University, and is responsible for numerous violent anti-Trump protests.

Heavy bomb attacks appear

The FBI warns that the ever closer cooperation will lead to even more violence and fatal attacks. ISIS would help Antifa to get heavier weapons, such as bombing materials, toxic chemicals and gas. An Antifa member from Oakland, for this reason, traveled to Syria, not just for tactical training, but also for discussing future devastating terror attacks.

Now that ISIS in Syria and Iraq is being reduced further, the Muslim warriors aim their arrows on Europe and the United States. Before FBI director James Comey was fired by President Trump in May, he had information about the connection of jihadists in the Middle East and European Left Radicals, including American anarchists who joined the anti-Trump movement. The communication between the left-wing activists and ISIS is mainly via the internet.

Obama forbade research on links left with Islam

The FBI is trying to tackle the thread again because president Obama has deprived the federal research agency of the ability to infiltrate in extremist groups, particularly active at universities. Any connection between the radical Islam-one word of which only the Obama government's ruling was forbidden and left-wing groups were ignored by both the White House and the media. With the arrival of Trump, there is a completely different blow in the White House, but not in Western media.

ISIS and Al Qaeda have crossed the bridge head

'It is now clear that the anti-Trump' resistance movement 'does not make any sense of getting rid of it,' said an FBI source. "That's a fertile ground on which ISIS and Al Qaeda managed to hit a bridgehead to America." 

As is well known in Europe, many tens of thousands of displaced Muslim terrorists have often arrived, who are expected to hit massively once our society is under threat of immigration under the ever-increasing pressure of the Islamic mass.


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